The Common and Chaotic Glock 43 Problems an Their Solutions

This is the gun that you can flex as the ‘thinnest Glock’ you own to your friends. The G43 is capable of being your go-to 9mm carry. The Glock 43  single-stack 9mm that users always come back to because of the plain and simple features.

Despite this, the major issues exist in Glock 43. The most common problems with the Glock 43 are: chambering problems, FTE and double feed, the magazine not dropping, trigger problems and Polymer 80 issues.

I will give you the solution to these common issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Glock 43:

Barrel Length86,5 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 6
Overall Length159 mm
Caliber9 mm Luger
Twist Rate1:9.84
SightsPlastic Slot Fillers, AmeriGlo
SafetySafe Action
Dimensions Width (Overall): 27 mm Height Incl. Mag.: 108 mm
WeightWith empty magazine 510 g
Trigger Pull24 N (depending on the configuration)
Common Glock 43 Problems and Solutions
Glock 43 Problems

Common Glock 43 Problems and Solutions

Chambering ProblemsTroubleshoot; clean the gun.
FTE and Double FeedTroubleshoot.
Magazine Doesn’t DropBevel the magazine.
Trigger ProblemTroubleshoot.
Polymer 80 IssuesTroubleshoot.

Chambering Problems


It has problems with any ammo. Such as Tulammo FMP, Russian surplus or Corbon + P etc.

Either the subsequent round doesn’t fully chamber or the spent cartridge doesn’t fully eject.

The subsequent round to be chambered advances by between a quarter and a third of an inch when you chamber a round and remove the magazine.

Possible Reasons

The following are a few things that come to mind:

  • Bad ammunition/steel casings
  • A problem with the gun being dirty or not being cleaned. The extractor and chamber are both filthy.
  • Any alterations and a lack of complete detail-strip of the firearm.

The Fix

Clean, lubricate, and detail strip the gun. Search for a broken extractor hook. Replace the extractor if broken.

Check the chamber walls for debris. Stop using steel casings as well.

Steel case ammunition was not intended for use with the 43. Reassemble properly or return to stock.

FTE and Double Feed

On Glock 43, the Failure to Extract problem appears out of nowhere.

A class 3 malfunction results from the fired case extracting only partially while the slide attempts to pick up the next round.

Factory ammunition like the 115-grain Winchester white box, 124-grain Blazer, and 124-grain Gold Dots standard pressure may even cause this.

There are no issues of brass to the face though.

Possible Reasons

This kind of problem is not typically caused by limp-wristing. The extractor could be coming away from the rim.

Where the extractor hook makes contact with the brass, there might be scratches. If the extractor looks good, the spring might be the problem.

The Fix

Examine how the extractor and related components are operating.

The spring-loaded bearing, extractor plunger and spring, extractor, and firing pin safety and spring must all be taken out of the slide after it has been disassembled.

Check these parts for any anomalies. Clean them, their channel, and the slide’s recessed area.

Reassemble and make sure the extractor claw forces itself forcefully and swiftly back inward after being pushed away from the breech face.

Replace the spring if the extractor is working properly.

Trigger Problem

When you rack the slide on the Glock 43, it doesn’t always reset.

It resets 100% of the time when the trigger is dry-fired, the slide is racked, and the trigger is held back.

But it might not always reset if you dry fire it and rack the slide. Additionally, when a round was fed from the magazine, it would not reset.

However, after a few slide operations, it would fire up to four rounds before malfunctioning.

Possible Reasons

One of the trigger springs from the stock is super buggy.

In addition, the Trigger Bar must be beneath the housing; if it is above, the trigger won’t reset.

The Fix

If the trigger reset bar is over the housing, disassemble it and adjust it.

To reduce the trigger pull on the Glock 43 to 4lbs, swap out the stock springs for the ghost springs and trigger bar.

Your spring issue will most likely be resolved as a result, and your trigger will also likely become lighter and smoother.

Polymer 80 Issues

The problem arises when the slide is ridden home slowly but the trigger is fully held back.

Even though the issue (typically) doesn’t arise when the action is correctly adjusted, it can occasionally do so if ammunition is present in the weapon.

When you rack the slide and pull the trigger, nothing happens about 30% of the time.

The slide rides a little too low, which is the problem. The trigger bar’s shark fin makes a little more than usual contact with the firing pin safety.

Possible Reasons

Due to a lack of Glock 43 lower parts, this was a common issue for non-factory complete trigger bars and housing in G43 builds.

Polymer 80 explains it all. A frame that is frequently not even functional and was put together with off-spec, cheap parts.

The Fix

I don’t suggest stripping off the Poly 80 frame with Dremel tool and the usual replacement.

There may have been a buildup of ceramic coat in the slide rail slots, which could have prevented a full lock up, so remove as much of it as you can.

The plunger’s profile should be gently rounded, then polished to a mirror-like finish. Otherwise, get another gun.

User Feedback on Glock 43

Users kind of see this gun as an outdated one. However, some really appreciate how concealable it is. It is simple to draw and light enough to wear comfortably while holstered.

Unlike the MP shield, the slide release is simple. The Glock trigger is standard as you know. And the common sights have three dots.

Considering its small size, the 43’s ergonomics allow for a superior semi-automatic pistol. Particularly in a compact semi-auto.

The hand grip is somewhat unpleasant due to the single stack arrangement. Additionally, the small size causes a noticeable upward snap after each shot.

But it’s still a solid option for a CCW because it’s compact, dependable, and quite accurate. The shorter barrel is more difficult to hit, though. And I do agree that the recoil is somewhat difficult.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 43

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 43. 

Springfield XD

The locking block of the XDs has a partial feed ramp that extends the length of the feed ramp. Due to the tapered casing, it helps prevent nose dive, which is typical in single stack 9mm handguns.

M&P Shield

M&P prevails over the G43 because it can hold one more bullet in both setups (7-8) and, with mag upgrades, nine plus one. It also wins in terms of cost. Additionally, the Shield’s additional weight reduces recoil.

Walther PPS

The G43 is outclassed by the PPS as a pistol. It shoots significantly softer, has numerous high-capacity magazines, a better trigger, and has better capacity. With the 8-round magazine inside, the PPS shoots like a larger handgun and feels almost full size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Glock 43 has been relieved of the magazine release issue?

Glock did redesign magazines for the G43 after some of the initial issues people were having. Buy guns after 2016 by checking the serial number with Glock.

Is an OEM Guide Rod better for a Glock 43?

Not necessarily. The stock rods will give the ability to shoot any ammo, however.

How can you make the lower grip on a Glock 43 beefier?

Adding a Hogue grip will help.

What is the distinguishing feature of a Glock 43?

The slim profile of the gun.

How to stop the thin passive trigger safety of the Glock 43 from biting your finger?

It is pretty normal for a Glock 43. You may try switching the connector.


The Glock 43 is a pocket 9 mm that is slender, petite, strong, and accurate. Glock really put their thought while releasing this.

It’s not the only single-stack 9-millimeter on the market that balances concealability and shootability in this way. Glock has done it as well as anyone else.

This small carry pistol is excellent. What Glock did wrong, is what it always does wrong. They released something mediocre while the market is filled with superior competitors because they simply waited too long.

However, despite its flaws, I do recommend it. It may be mediocre, but it is a good gun.

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