Common Problem With Springfield XDM 10mm and Solutions

The new 3.8 XDM 10mm Elite holding 11 Plus 1 from Springfield is a game-changer for carry. With 12 rounds in a small package, it makes for great shooting. Shoots as well as the Glock 29 and is extremely accurate.

The most common problems of Springfield XDM 10mm are – grip safety failure, cycling issues, trigger issues, extractor problems and failure to return to battery are worth mentioning.

Features & Specifications of XDM 10mm:

ActionStriker-fired Semi-auto.
GripInterchangeable backstraps, Elite mag well.
Frame FinishMelonite
Product weight30.4 oz.
Capacity11, 15 rounds
SightsAdjustable rear, fiber optic front.
Barrel length3.8/ 5.25/4.5inches.                  
Overall length8.3 inches.
Springfield XDM 10mm Problems
XDM 10mm

Common Springfield XDM 10mm Problems and Solutions

Grip Safety FailureSend it to Springfield.
Cycling IssueStay in the range of 200gr shots
Trigger IssuesHave to keep using the gun so it gets better with time.
Extractor ProblemInstall a 22-pound recoil spring.
Failure to Return to BatteryTry a different HP ammo.

Grip Safety Failure

Some claim that the grip safeties specifically frequently fail in the XDM 10mms. Together, the trigger bar and grip safety are most likely to fail subsequently.

When the trigger is pulled without disengaging the grip safety, the firing pin drops. If the safety is not released as it should be, the slide still locks. But the grip safety fails.  

The Fix

Your backstrap safety is likely broken or misaligned. The XDM is built in such a way that the sear is only prevented from moving into the up position when your grip safety is fully depressed.

The solution is either return it to the store where you purchased it or send it to Springfield.

Cycling Issue

This gun’s magazine release is atrociously bad. To release a magazine, you must switch your grip and apply direct pressure with your thumb, frequently with the other hand.

Both fully loaded and empty magazines have this issue. From a normal firing position, releasing a magazine is nearly impossible and leaves a deep imprint of the magazine release on your thumb.

Additionally, when a loaded magazine is inserted, it rattles very loudly. But that seems like a relatively minor (but annoying) issue.

The Fix

Stay in the range of 200gr shots. Like the Underwood 200 gr. The 220 may have numerous cycling issues.

It would probably be better if the button were longer, but the main problem is the amount of force needed to press it.

It is extremely difficult to eject a magazine with rounds in it without significantly changing your grip on the gun. Because any downward pressure on the magazine makes it significantly harder to release.

This is compounded by the short magazine release button. Thankfully, the mag release becomes loosened with time.

Trigger Issues

The trigger reset could be better. It is long but audible and tactile. It feels longer than it actually is due to the somewhat long trigger pull and overtravel.

The trigger reset on the gun frequently fails. It appears as though the raised boss on the disconnector safety release is allowing the trigger bar to slide by.

However, it will always work if you rack the slide and ride it forward. But, it won’t work if you pull the slide back and then let it advance on its own (as if it were firing). Strange quirk!

The Fix

This appears to be a dry firing issue and it only occurs when you rack the slide in a particular way. A little more room is required for the trigger bar to pass the disconnector.

Normally, when you let the slide slam forward, it jars the system enough for it to function. Over time, it might polish itself up. But those parts are difficult to keep from wearing out.

Extractor Problem

On the edge of the ejection port, a brass smear is frequently visible. It is on the very edge where the slide’s side and the ejection port meet. It might not have an impact on how the gun works though.

The Fix

the extractor
the extractor

There is no need to be concerned; the extractor is only mildly aggressive. Installing a 22-pound recoil spring will solve the issue by reducing the slide velocity.

Failure to Return to Battery

The last round in the mag fails to go into the battery often. You may try racking the slide. But that may get it stuck.

The Fix

Try a different HP ammo. Bullets like Hornady Tap might be changed to see if it solves the issue. Gold Dots, HST. PXD, and Ranger T are good ammo. But each XDM is different.

Check the round’s overall length. Some firearms prefer shorter OAL. Grab some Simichrome Polish and give the breech face and the area under the extractor a light polishing. Additionally, give the ramp and the chamber a polish with a tight patch and a q-tip.

User Feedback on Springfield XDM 10mm

The Springfield XDM Elite 10mm is an extremely accurate, beautifully finished, and heavy EAA Witness Elite Match. Additionally, it has more recoil than a standard Glock.

The short fat grip is often disliked by some people. However, the XDM10 5.25 are very accurate, with even better sights, sight radius, and its true weight equalling a 4.5 inch one.

They offer excellent protection against black bears. But if you purchase this firearm, you already sign up for attaching an RDS to it. Because the factory sights are not ideal for a combat weapon.

The recoil spring is crazy heavy! Shooting the hottest Underwood or Double Tap loads from this puppy is no problem. However, there aren’t many holsters available for the 5.3-inch threaded barrel.

Overall, I would definitely suggest you buy this XDM 10mm if you don’t mind a heavy recoil.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Springfield XDM 10mm

Glock 29

The Glock 29 is the most accurate Glock ever. It beats the Springfield XDM any day.


This gun is excellent at shooting and has stellar ergonomics. With the S&W, there are no jams. However, it may have a less favorable trigger than the XDM 10mm.

Sig XTen

Compared to the XTEN, the XDM is easier to use and the slide doesn’t wobble as much. However, this one is still a classic and preferred by many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Springfield XD-M discontinued?


What replaced the XD-M?

The Springfield XDM Elite model in 9mm.

What is the difference between a Springfield XD-M and XD-M elite?

The old XDM has only a single variety of longer barrel than the Elite, a 5.25” barrel.

What does XD mean in Springfield XD?

Extreme duty.


There aren’t many 10mm polymer guns available that’s like this one. Simply put, it doesn’t seem fair to compare the XDM 10mm to the Tanfoglio and Sig guns.

That being said, The XDM 10mm wins almost in all categories. It has better looks, better grip and texture, better mounting system, better factory sights, better factory trigger etc.

All in all, I wholeheartedly suggest this gun to people. It’s a win for the XDM in my book against G20 or the likes of it. So go for it!

All in all, I wholeheartedly suggest this gun to people. It’s a win for the XDM in my book against G20 or the likes of it. So go for it!

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