Common Problems With Springfield Ronin and Their Fixes

The Ronin 1911 combines a history of service with the characteristics that contemporary shooters expect, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to strength, dependability, and quality.

Users may suffer from jamming issues, slide lock issues, magazine problems, rust problems, and reloading issues.

Features & Specifications of Springfield Ronin

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Color: blued / stainless
  • Barrel: 5″ forged stainless
  • Slide: forged carbon steel, blued
  • Frame: forged stainless steel
  • Recoil system: GI style
  • Grips: crossed cannons checkered
  • Magazines: (1) 8-round
  • Weight: 40 oz
  • Length: 8.6″
  • Height: 5.5″
  • MSRP: $899
Springfield Ronin Problems
Springfield Ronin

Common Springfield Ronin Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssueAvoid limp-wristing, use proper lubricant
Slide Lock IssueRun your side back and forth with the barrel out
Magazine ProblemMaintain the spring pressure
Rust ProblemClean rust, apply gun oil
Reloading IssueRemember the sizing application, no misuse of gunpowder

Jamming Issue

Due to improper ammo choice or the usage of ammo that isn’t appropriate for your rifle.

A fault with your gun’s or magazine’s component, such as a damaged extractor, excessive magazine spring tension, or anything similar, may produce a jam.

The Fix

You must initially try out basic adjustments like switching the ammo brand and avoiding limp-wristing before moving on to more involved ones.

Your next action would be to switch ammo after making sure your magazines are in good operating order. 

You may apply some lubricant to the magazine’s feed lips and the chamber. 

Slide Lock Issue

Your handgun’s slide occasionally locks every time you draw it back.

It should lock on a magazine that is empty. The most frequent reason for it happening while you’re shooting is because your thumb is riding up and pulling up the slide lock.

The Fix

If the pistol is stripped, just run your side back and forth with the barrel out. Test it out with a mag inserted to see if any of them are too high.

Additionally, the safety may be loose; test it out by moving it up and down while the slide is off.

It is an issue of figuring out what catches; the slide rides on the frame. One of Springfield’s greatest pistols is the Ronin. Additionally, while running the slide forward and backward with the barrel out, insert the slide stop.

Magazine Problem

After loading 4-5 rounds into the magazine, the spring pressure is so intense that it will begin to distort the thin material that the magazine is constructed of. 

Some rounds don’t fully about the magazine’s back spacer, which appears to run the length of the magazine. In this situation, the pistol won’t cycle, fully remove the round from the magazine, or fully charge.

The Fix

When magazines are brand-new, it’s typical to be unable to fully load one. The springs need to be broken in because they haven’t had a chance to wear down yet. Until it has had a chance to acclimatize to the pressure, try underloading the magazine.

Cleaning the pistol itself and the magazine’s outside and interior may help to resolve the issue.

By pressing down harder on a magazine until it is sufficiently worn into work as intended, you can fix a magazine that won’t seat. If not, try loading with one round omitted to prevent overloading the magazine spring.

Rust Problem

First and foremost, this kind of issue is primarily caused by poor material quality.

Additionally, a poor finish and a cheap paint job can be to blame for this issue.

I must accept that users also share some of the guilt. One of the main causes of rust is poor maintenance. If the rifle is left in the rain and is not cleaned correctly, rust may form.

The Fix

To stop the corrosion problem, disassemble the weapon. Check each component carefully, setting the damaged ones aside.

Clean the rust with a toothbrush and high-quality gun solvent.

Finally, lightly apply gun oil or grease to the cleaned surface, taking care to avoid any areas where lubricants can cause a problem.

Reloading Issue

Sizing lubricant is one of the many things that can be had in excess. Decreased cartridge capacity brought on by larger dents can increase pressure buildup. Additionally, denting may generate cartridge stress, which in turn may result in case splitting.

It’s not that shooters don’t understand that gunpowder has the potential to be extremely destructive.

Reducing the length of cartridge cases that are too long to match a gun’s specifications. Some shooters will modify these cartridges to fit them without modification.

The Fix

Keep in mind that sizing application that is either too little or too much is

Reloading involves many different steps, each of which must be completed correctly. But handling and misuse of gunpowder are the lone plutonium element of reloading.

Due to this extension, the chamber pressure may increase to potentially hazardous levels. So, a crucial component of reloading is trimming cartridge cases to specification.

User Feedback on Springfield Ronin

The Ronin swiftly locates its target. You will get hits if you combine that excellent trigger with some sound fundamentals.

It was trustworthy, accurate, and expertly put together, to put it bluntly. It may be the greatest 1911 you’ve ever used at this price point and a better handgun than many 1911s costing twice as much.

Jamming is the most common concern that every users are dealing with. Otherwise, the Ronin has a straightforward, simple-to-maintain design, which helped it establish itself as a well-known, long-time service pistol for military and law enforcement around the world.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Springfield Ronin

Glock 19

Although the Glock 19 is not the company’s first pistol, it has grown to be the most popular model and is arguably the best Glock 9mm handgun.

The Glock 19 is a well-built, precise, and incredibly dependable pistol that can perform a variety of tasks.

Browning Hi Power

Due to being much ahead of its time, the Browning Hi Power enters the list. The Hi Power was one of the earliest wonder nines and is currently used in more than 90 nations.

CZ 75

The CZ 75, another top 9mm handgun on our list, was inspired by the Hi Power. The Hi Power is in this list of the best 9mm pistols because it served as the model for dozens of different features on contemporary handguns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the trigger on the Springfield Ronin made of plastic?

The Ronin has a skeletonized and lengthened polymer trigger bow. Stainless steel is used for the mainspring housing, hammer, slide release, magazine release, thumb safety, grip safety, and hammer and sear pins.

Why jam 1911s so frequently?

In any semi-auto pistol, including the 1911, ammunition, defective magazines, or worn or broken internal components are the usual causes of jams.


The Ronin series of pistols provides fans with a highly refined handgun with unmatched durability and strength. They are built to last a lifetime.

Compared to other pistols in its pricing range, the Springfield Armory Ronin is more dependable and accurate. This model, which was evaluated near the conclusion of the test period, is a good choice for accuracy, according to the users.

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