5 Taurus PT 738 Problems to Deal With

The Taurus PT 738 is the lightest firearm created by Taurus. It is only around 10.2ounces. It is perfect for day-to-day concealed carry. However, it does have a few problems.

Some of the problems regarding the Taurus PT 738 are failure to feed, a tight slide, and a locked slide. There are other issues regarding the trigger and hammer. And sometimes the hammer won’t strike the firing pin.

Before moving on to the steps to get these Taurus PT 738 problems fixed, let’s take a glance at the specs of this gun.

Features & Specifications of the Taurus PT 738:

Taurus PT 738 Specs
Cartridge.380 ACP
Capacity6+1 Rounds
Barrel Length2.84 Inches
Weight10.2 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length5.25 Inches
Width0.87 Inches
Height3.75 Inches
SafetyNo Manual Safety
SightsSmall 3 Dot Fixed Sights
Common Taurus pt 738 Problems
Taurus pt 738

Common Taurus PT 738 Problems and Solutions

Below are a few problems that plague the firearm as well as the basic steps to Taurus PT 738 troubleshooting. I will also discuss solutions in detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Taurus PT 738 ProblemsSolutions
Failure to FeedCleaning the gun, manipulating magazine feed lips
Tight Slide PullBreaking in the gun and mag springs, leaving room in the mag
Trigger/Hammer IssueReplacing the trigger bar, servicing from Taurus
Locked SlideFixing the retainer pin into place
Hammer Won’t Strike Firing PinAdjusting oversized hammer/replacing the hammer

1. Failure to Feed:

Failure to feed is pretty common for the Taurus PT 738. Especially if the gun is brand new.

The issue can be a dirty gun, or that the magazine feed lips are too tight. Or it could be that the gun simply needs to be broken in a little bit to get the appropriate performance.


The first step is to always clean the gun. Especially if it is factory fresh. As there can be a decent amount of factory rubble or grease in the mechanism causing it to malfunction.

Manipulating the Magazine Feed Lips
Manipulating the Magazine Feed Lips

Fig 1- Manipulating the Magazine Feed Lips

The second solution is to manipulate the feed lips of the magazine. As this user demonstrates in his video on YouTube. You simply need a pair of pliers to manipulate the feed lips (Fig 1) to make enough room for the ammo to be fed without interference.

2. Tight Slide Pull:

Several users have commented on the fact that the slide on the Taurus PT 738 seems to be too tight or too hard to be pulled with ease.

This is mostly due to the recoil springs. Although the mag springs and the mag follower may also play a part in this.


Sometimes, the gun just needs a bit of breaking in. After a decent break-in period, the slide will be much easier to pull back or rack compared to before.

The same can be said for the mag springs. Some have mentioned that the issue only occurs when the magazine is filled. Leaving an empty slot does seem to eliminate the issue in some cases.

You may fill the mag and leave it for quite some time to reduce a bit of the spring’s tension and break it in.

3. Trigger/Hammer Issue:

The issue seems to be that the trigger will not grab and cock the hammer. Therefore, even if the trigger is pulled it will only drop from the half-cock.

The issue primarily seems to be with the trigger bar. In such a case replacing it is the best option. As the trigger bar seems to release the hammer too soon.


If your gun is still under warranty, the best course of action is to send it to Taurus to get it properly serviced from them and it will get up a thorough check-up during the procedure as well.

Replacement Trigger Bar
Replacement Trigger Bar

Fig 2- Replacement Trigger Bar

But if you have exceeded the warranty period, or simply choose to deal with the matter yourself, you will find a replacement trigger bar (Fig 2) for the gun online. And after acquiring one, you may install it yourself.

4. Locked Slide:

Another problem that users seem to have with the slide is that it may often get locked and will fail to budge entirely. This is mostly caused by the retainer pin which holds the firing pin in place.

It may often get dropped from its original location and stick out and cause frustrating jams such as this.


First, inspect the top of the slide to check whether the retainer pin for the firing pin has dropped or not.

It can be seen from a little hole on the top of the slide just forward of the rear sights. It should be nearly flush with the top of the slide.

If it is not flush with the slide, it will interfere with the slide’s freedom of movement and lock it in place.

The solution is to first move the slide far back enough so that it could be pushed back through from the bottom. And after that, you may use a small amount of Loctite to secure it in place to remedy further issues.

5. Hammer Won’t Strike Firing Pin:

When the trigger is pulled, the hammer comes back to full cock position and then releases. But the problem is that the sear won’t stay out of the way. Therefore, the hammer only comes back to the pre-cock position and is stopped by the sear.

Or in some other cases, you may hold the trigger all the back but it will not do anything until you release a little tension on the trigger.


One user mentioned that after he faced the same issue, he sent his gun back to Taurus for repairs. And the note that came back with the gun said that the oversized hammer was adjusted.

Taurus PT 738 Hammer, Spring, and Seat
Taurus PT 738 Hammer, Spring, and Seat

Fig 3- Taurus PT 738 Hammer, Spring, and Seat

You may address this issue yourself. However, it is advised to let a professional gunsmith handle the task.

Another solution is to completely replace the hammer assembly. You can find a replacement hammer, spring, and seat (Fig 3) for the Taurus PT 738 online and replace it yourself.

User Feedback on XYZ

The user reviews for the Taurus PT 738 seem to be quite mixed, the majority dabbling on the unfavorable side of the spectrum.

There have been many complaints regarding issues with the hammer and the trigger of the Taurus PT 738. One such issue is showcased by a user on the Taurus Armed forum.

Another Youtuber demonstrates another issue regarding the hammer/trigger on his Taurus PT 738. Where the hammer looked to be worn down, so the trigger bar wouldn’t catch and cock it.

While another user on the Firing Line complained about the tight slide pull. Although this can be a bit of a personal preference issue rather than a problem with the gun.

Another Youtuber who had faced feeding issues demonstrates the problem as well as provides a fix for it in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the action type on the Taurus PT 738?

Double Action Only (DAO).

Is the trigger on the Taurus PT 738 smooth?


Does the Taurus PT 738 come with a trigger lock key in the box?


Is there a manual safety lever on the Taurus PT 738?


Is the Taurus PT 738 striker-fired or hammer-fired?



Although the firearm has quite a few problems to deal with, as you have already noticed, the solutions to these Taurus PT 738 problems are quite simple. Yes, they may be frustrating to the user, but with the help of this guide, you may fix them easily.

In case you are unable to fix the issues yourself or fail to pinpoint the root cause, feel free to contact Taurus regarding the issue.

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