Solutions to 5 Taurus TX22 Competition Problems

The Taurus TX22 Competition is a full-size, semi-auto rimfire pistol. It is quite practical and at the same time decently versatile. There are quite a few quality-of-life features available with the TX22 Competition.

Despite its features, it does have some drawbacks. There are some Taurus TX22 Competition problems that a user must know how to deal with.

These problems include some of the most common issues among others. Such as feeding and jamming issues. Apart from that, some have faced excess leading in the barrel. Alongside a few problems such as squished bullets and tight thread protectors.

Before moving on with how to get your Taurus TX22 Competition problems fixed, these are some of the specifications of the said firearm.

Features & Specifications of the Taurus TX22 Competition:

Taurus TX22 Competition Specs
Cartridge.22 LR
Capacity10/16 Rounds
Barrel Length5.25 Inches
Weight23.00 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length8.15 Inches
Width1.25 Inches
Height5.44 Inches
SafetyStriker Block, Manual Safety, Trigger Safety
SightsFront: Fixed White Dot Rear: Fully Adjustable White Dot
Common taurus tx 22 compatition Problems
taurus tx 22 compatition

Common Taurus TX22 Competition Problems and Solutions

Now let’s take a quick look at some of these problems as well as the steps to Taurus TX22 Competition troubleshooting.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Taurus TX22 Competition ProblemsSolutions
 Feeding IssuesCleaning/lubricating/replacing the magazine
Jamming IssuesBreaking in the gun, cleaning the magazine, changing the ammo
Squished BulletCleaning the gun and mag, polishing the feed ramp, deburring the chamber-mouth
Excess Leading in BarrelPolishing/cleaning the bore
Tight Thread ProtectorsUsing heat to loosen the threads

1. Feeding Issues:

One frustrating issue with the Taurus TX22 Competition is the feeding problems. The rounds may often nose dive. While sometimes the bullets may also get damaged.


Most feeding issues tend to be with the magazine. Hence, the solution is to either clean the magazine or lubricate it if necessary.

If there are visible signs of wear on the magazine, you may need to get it replaced with another factory magazine.

2. Jamming Issues:

Jamming issues in the Taurus TX22 Competition can be due to a variety of reasons. There may be several culprits, such as the magazine, the mag follower, or the ammo.

Based on the issue, the solutions may be different. One may need to address all the factors to pinpoint the accurate cause of the jam.


Let’s clear things off one by one starting with the ammo. Ammo that is known to work well with the Taurus TX22 Competition is the Norma Tac-22 and Aguila .22 Super Extra.

The next step is to make sure that both the gun and the magazine are cleaned properly. As dirt can easily accumulate in the inner parts of these mechanisms and cause problems such as these.

And as a final touch, you may avoid loading the magazine to its full capacity, as some have stated that seems to fix the issue.

3. Squished Bullet:

Squished Bullets from the Taurus TX22 Competition
Squished Bullets from the Taurus TX22 Competition

Fig 1- Squished Bullets from the Taurus TX22 Competition

One common cycling issue is that the bullets get squished inside the gun. And at the same time, the pin on the slide may keep backing out as the user shoots the gun.


The first step is to disassemble the magazine and clean it properly. Pay attention to the edges of the magazine follower. Make sure that it rides up and down the magazine smoothly before you reassemble it and apply some dry lubricant.

The next step is to polish the feed ramp in the same direction as the bullet travel. Preferably by hand with a fine abrasive wrapped around a small dowel. Also gently deburr the mouth of the chamber, to be sure the bullet does not hang up on the chamber mouth.

And finally, you could either polish the magazine feed lips or simply opt for a new magazine to see if that fixes the issue.

4. Excess Leading in Barrel:

Barrel Leading on the Taurus TX22 Competition
Barrel Leading on the Taurus TX22 Competition

Fig 2- Barrel Leading on the Taurus TX22 Competition

The Taurus TX22 Competition barrel has received quite a few user backlashes due to its poor manufacturing quality, not all of them need to be replaced.

If the rifling is poor, then yes, you should contact Taurus to get it replaced, but if the issue is only leading (Fig 2), you can easily clean it with a few tools or even your hands.

Leading can either come with the brand new gun or accumulate as you shoot the gun.


The solution is quite simple; you need to polish the inside of the barrel properly. You may use power tools, or simply your hands.

You may use Iosso or JB. These are some of the bore cleaners known to work pretty well.

The first step should be to clean your bore using a bronze brush run only one way. From the breech to the muzzle. You should repeat the process about a half dozen times with a solvent of your choice.

This should clean out the bore of your barrel of any leading and make your rifling as good as new. Given that they haven’t been damaged.

5. Tight Thread Protectors:

Taurus TX22 Competition Thread Protectors

Fig 3- Taurus TX22 Competition Thread Protectors

Several users have complained about the tight thread protectors (Fig 3) on the Taurus TX22 Competition. Especially on the newer guns. The thread protectors are said to be tightened down so much that it is often quite impossible to remove them with average tools.


Although it might seem a bit drastic or even absurd to some extent, one user used a blowtorch and a light hammer to take off the thread protectors. Once you heat the metal enough, it will expand, making it easier to remove the threads.

Although a blowtorch seems a bit too extreme, I would suggest using a heat gun instead. As it would provide a bit of a sophisticated approach to the problem.

And after you have removed them, you can oil or lube the thread to make future removals easier.

If necessary, you may also buy an extra pair of authentic thread protectors for your Taurus TX22 Competition from the official Taurus shop website.

User Feedback on Taurus TX22 Competition

The Taurus TX22 Competition has a decent reputation among users, similar to its predecessor. Some users have nothing but good things to say about it, while others may have faced an issue or two.

One user mentioned on the SIG Forum that his TX22 Competition has not had a misfire or any sort of feeding problems.

While some users have faced teething issues, where the bullet gets squished into the barrel while chambering. Such as this user demonstrates on this forum on Taurus Armed.

But at the same time, on a different thread on the same website, users have claimed the Taurus TX22 Competition to be extremely accurate and reliable.

One user on Reddit has also faced feeding issues, as can be seen on this thread. This also caused jamming issues for the gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many magazines does the Taurus TX22 Competition come with?

3 Magazines.

Does the Taurus TX22 Competition have multiple mounting options?

Yes. 4 different mounting options.

What is the firing system of the Taurus TX22 Competition?


How many adapter plates does the Taurus TX22 Competition come with?

Two adapter plates.

Is the safety of the Taurus TX22 Competition ambidextrous?



Although there are quite a few Taurus TX22 Competition problems, they can all be fixed by one or many means. And almost all firearms face a few hiccups here and there.

Nevertheless, the Taurus TX22 Competition is an amazing rimfire pistol, with decent reviews from first-hand users all over the internet. In case you unluckily face any of these issues, you may reference this guide to fix your TX2 Competition.

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