3 Taurus Judge Polymer Problems that are Common but Solvable

Indeed, there are some Taurus Judge Polymer problems faced by its users. But the reliable performance of the handgun makes it great for self-defense.

Among several reported ones, the common problems regarding this handgun include jamming, cylinder, and ejection.

The best thing about this article is that you get to know the possible solutions to these problems. So, using Judge Polymer won’t be a nightmare.

Features & Specifications of Taurus Judge Polymer

Barrel Length2.5”
Magazine Capacity5 rounds
Overall Length7.65”
Twist Rate1:12.14”
Rear SightAdjustable
Front SightFiber Optic
SafetyTransfer Bar
Dimensions 4.8” H; 1.5” W
Weight27.00 ounces (Unloaded)
Trigger Pull12 lbs. (Double Action)

Common Taurus Judge Polymer Problems and Solutions

The table above shows a summarized version of the problems and solutions. Here, I have discussed them in detail. Let’s get started.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Few Cylinder ProblemsReplace weak spring, reshape the bolt for proper sizing and sharp edge, inspect front detent ball, and solve any irregularities in internal parts.
Jamming ProblemTry different ammunition brands.
Extraction ProblemDisassemble the gun, clean it, lube it, and ensure zero packing grease in the cylinder.

1. Cylinder Issue

Among a few problems with Taurus Judge Polymer revolver, the most common one is the cylinder issue.

Even if the cylinder is in a locked position, you may notice that it rotates slightly in either direction. Most importantly, it can happen while the gun is loaded.

One of the possible reasons is roughly handling the gun or accidentally dropping it on hard surfaces.

Among other reasons, weak locking springs, improper locking bolt size, and rounded locking bolts failing to keep the cylinder in place are significant ones.

The result of the cylinder problem can end up costing its accuracy of it.

Another kind of cylinder issue occurs in the Judge Polymer where it gets stuck. It doesn’t release and swings out even though the hammer and trigger work.

The reason can either be a faulty front detent ball or a dirt build-up under the extractor. Also, a loose or bent extractor rod can bind the cylinder.

The Fix

For the solution, you first have to take off the cylinder and do a thorough inspection.

I have mentioned a few possible reasons. You should check them one by one.

If the spring is weak, replacing it will solve the issue. Here is a YouTube video that shows how you can do the replacement easily at your home.

Furthermore, check the size of the locking bolt and its edge.

To ensure a proper bolt size, one may have to take the revolver to an expert in case he/she doesn’t have the necessary skills.

Also, the rounded edge of the bolt needs to be addressed and sharpened.

Failing to fix the problem after all those methods will only leave one option which is to send the gun to Taurus and get it fixed.

Lastly, regarding the cylinder stuck problem, you can send it to Taurus for a permanent fix.

Or, check out the front detent ball. If that item is dry, lubricating it properly will probably solve the issue.

Here, you can push the front detent using a small screwdriver. Those who don’t have the necessary tools should take the gun to a gunsmith for the task.

Moreover, check for any kind of debris under the extractor or irregularities in the extractor rod. Finding any, you should take action accordingly.

For debris, clean properly. And for bent rod, replace it with a new one.

2. Jamming

In this particular Taurus Judge jamming issue, I want to warn you about a particular brand of ammunition.

Lots of people complained that their revolver jammed while using Winchester .45 Colt Long bullets.

It seems that Judge Polymer is picky about the ammo. You should know that it happens in the newly manufactured units; not the old ones. 

The Fix

Here, you have already guessed what the solution is. Change the ammo brand, and you will be okay.

Ruger revolvers of a similar kind don’t have this issue.

3. Ejection Problem

For newly purchased Judge revolvers, you may notice that the used shells are getting stuck in the cylinder.

One possible reason is packing grease inside the cylinder.

Manufacturers put grease before shipping to prevent rust. So, it is not the fault of Taurus.

Or, sometimes, some bullets have slightly larger shells than others. It is an anomaly. So, there is no pattern and you should not blame a particular brand.

The Fix

After taking your gun out of the box, it is a mandatory task to clean it thoroughly.

Make sure that no packing grease is left in the cylinder. Clean it, and don’t use oil in the cylinder as it binds the used shells.

User Feedback on Taurus Judge Polymer

No product has 100% positive feedback and Taurus Judge Polymer is not different than others.

So, I have seen some angry negative reviews of the handgun. Also, the problems show that Judge Polymer is not perfect.

Still, it can be a great addition to your home defense system because most units are reliable and accurate.

The double action trigger requires some effort to pull but it is relatively smoother than competitors.

For small distance shooting, you can expect great accuracy from the firearm. And, most defensive situations happen within 4 yards or so.

Due to metal parts, the handgun feels slightly heavier and bulkier than it should be.

But the weight is no more than a service gun that lots of people carry every day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Taurus Judge worth buying?

Yes; great for casual target shooting

Is a Taurus Judge loud?

Slightly, but not as loud as its competitors

Is the Taurus Judge a good self-defense gun?


What states is the Taurus Judge illegal?


Is the Taurus Judge lethal?


Does Taurus Judge have a safety?

Yes; alongside the transfer bar, it has the Taurus Security System.


Despite a few Taurus Judge Polymer problems, I like this revolver due to its good-quality sights, smooth trigger, compact size, and versatility.

I can’t deny some drawbacks of the handgun but the overall performance and reliability beat the downsides.

Nevertheless, the users’ opinion varies from person to person. Do you like it? Or, what problems have you faced with your Judge Polymer?

Let me know in the comments below.

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