6 Smith and Wesson 327 Problems that You Should Be Aware of

Compact yet powerful, the Smith & Wesson 327 is a well-known revolver. It includes a scandium frame and a PC trigger with stop. Three different types of materials, including titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum, were used to make the revolver.

This revolver does have a few common issues, though.

The most prevalent issues with Smith & Wesson 327 are cylinder not locking, high recoil, erosion in the cylinders, light primer strikes, loose barrel, and cylinder touching the strap.

I’ll describe a few common Smith & Wesson 327 issues in this article. So let’s start by taking a look at some of this gun’s characteristics and specs.

Features & Specifications of Smith and Wesson 327 Gun:

Smith and Wesson 327 Specs
Cartridge357 Magnum, 38 S&W Special +P
Capacity8 Rounds
Barrel Length2.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)22.60 Ounces or 640.70 Grams
Length7.00 Inches
Action TypeSingle or Double Action
SightsFront – Orange Ramp Rear – Integral U Notch
Common Smith and Wesson 327 Problems and Solutions
Smith and Wesson 327

Common Smith and Wesson 327 Problems and Solutions

Problems with Smith and Wesson 327Solutions
Cylinder Not LockingReplace the old hand.
High RecoilHold the gun firmly and get rid of limp wristing.
Erosion in the CylindersUse light bullets (Less than 120 grains).
Light Primer StrikesInstall a 0.002 inches longer firing pin.
Loose BarrelTighten or replace the barrel.
Cylinder Touching the StrapReassemble correctly or send for a replacement.

1. Cylinder Not Locking:

When you pull the trigger on the Smith and Wesson 327, you might sometimes hear a slight click. The noise will come from the cylinder.

Now, if you notice closely, the cylinder will not lock in position after pulling the trigger. If you ever so slightly rotate it with your hand, you will hear a clicking noise indicating that it has locked itself in place.

This problem occurs when the hand has wearing signs due to heavy shooting or shooting for many years.

The Fix:

All you have to do to fix this issue is to replace the hand. This is fairly an easy process. If you want to do this by yourself, this video can guide you through the whole process.

But if you are not willing to take the risk, you can also send the gun to Smith and Wesson for servicing.

2. High Recoil:

You understand that this compact revolver will have higher recoil than most for shooting the 357 Magnums or 38 special rounds.

The reason for this high recoil might catch some people off guard. Also, people that have the limp wristing problem will have a hard time shooting with the Smith and Wesson 327.

The Fix:

While shooting with the Smith and Wesson 327, be sure to hold the gun very tightly and firmly. Otherwise, the recoil will feel too much.

If you have a limp wristing issue, correct your grip and hold with expert assistance.

3. Erosion in the Cylinders:

Since the cylinder of the Smith and Wesson 327 is built with titanium, it is prohibited by the company not to use bullets weighing less than 120 grains or 7.775 grams.

If you do use lighter bullets than the mentioned weight, erosion will occur. As a result, the cylinder will deteriorate gradually.

The Fix:

You should never use bullets lighter than 120 grains for starters. If you maintain this rule, erosion will be negligible.

Now, if you have already used lighter bullets, you should clean the cylinder. Remember not to use ammonia-based products and metal rods.

4. Light Primer Strikes:

The Smith and Wesson 327 revolver is sometimes known for having a light primer strike issue. When the rear side of the round is not hit hard enough for it to trigger the fire, this situation occurs.

The main reason for this problem is the firing fin fault. After shooting more than 1,000 or 2,000 rounds, this issue may show up.

The Fix:

You should replace the firing pin if you are having light primer strikers. Before you do so, I will highly suggest you get a longer-sized firing pin.

If you install a 0.002 inches longer firing pin on your Smith and Wesson 327, the probability of the issue occurring will lessen by a huge margin.

5. Loose Barrel:

If the barrel of your 327 revolvers becomes loose, you will face many issues such as failure to feed and inaccurate shooting.

This issue can occur due to shooting many rounds or having a faulty barrel from the manufacturing process.

The Fix:

You have to tighten the barrel or replace it as soon as possible. If you shoot with a loose barrel Smith and Wesson 327, you might have an accident.

I will recommend you send the gun back to the company for a thorough inspection and replacement process of the barrel.

6. Cylinder Touching the Strap:

The cylinder of the Smith and Wesson 327 can touch the top portion of the strap while closing it.

This generally happens due to a faulty assembly of the cylinder. If you have disassembled it and didn’t reassemble it correctly, you might also have this issue.

The Fix:

While putting the parts back together after disassembling the gun, be sure to follow the manual.

After executing the procedure accordingly, if the problem still exists, you should send the revolver to Smith and Wesson for a cylinder replacement.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson 327

Although you may face the issues that I have mentioned with this gun, the Smith and Wesson 327 is a great compact revolver for concealed carrying. The build quality and overall finishing are of top-notch quality.

In this post from the 1911 Forum, you will see both positive and negative reviews. One user from the post has said that the gun has a lot of firepowers.

There is some mixed feedback on the trigger of the Smith and Wesson that you will notice on this post in the Smith Wesson Forum.

If you are looking forward to buying a new Smith and Wesson 327, you should look at this post from the Handgun Forum. Many users have expressed their experiences with this revolver on the post.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Smith and Wesson 327

Here are some best alternatives for the Smith and Wesson 327:

Ruger SP 101
– Has 15 different variations to choose from.
– Supports 357 Magnum, 38 special, 22 long-range, 327 fed mag, and 9mm luger.
– Features a transfer bar for extra security.

Kimber K6S
– Built with a stainless steel frame with a brushed stainless serrated back-strap finish.
– Has white 3 dot sights with a radius of 4.1 inches.
– Comes with comfortable black rubber grips.

Colt King Cobra Carry
– Double action only supporting 357 Magnum cartridges.
– Has a capacity of 6 rounds and a 2 inches barrel.
– Costs $899.00.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of material does the Smith and Wesson 327 frame have?

Scandium alloy with a matte black finish.

Does the Smith and Wesson 327 include moon clips?

Yes. The cylinder is also cut for moon clips.

What type of frame is featured in the Smith and Wesson 327?

An N-frame.

Does the Smith and Wesson 327 grip have finger grooves?


What is the build material of the barrel and cylinder of the Smith and Wesson 327?

Titanium alloy and stainless steel.

How many versions of the Smith and Wesson 327 are available in the market?

Although 5 were produced, only 3 are available: 327 Performance Center Carry 327SC, and 327 Performance Center M&P R8.

What is the recoil velocity on the Smith and Wesson 327?

1 foot per second.


The Smith and Wesson 327 may or may not show problems depending on how you maintain it. So, keep your revolver clean, lubricated, and properly maintained to avoid issues.

I have discussed the most common Smith and Wesson 327 problems in this article. Follow the guidelines that I have provided for the best solutions.

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  1. At least two other owners who bought the S-W 327 have had this problem with the barrel bushing coming loose. On mine I took off the nut, the shroud, and the barrel and sent it back to the factory for refit. My son in law and granddaughter fired the gun as yet I have not tested it as I was in”shock” that such an expensive gun had an issue. The cylinder erosion is also a problem and it is most based on the material used, titanium is the material for this part of the gun.

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