4 Problems with Ruger Security Six Gun that You Should Know

It is said that when you buy a Security Six, an angel gets its wings. They’re both the Police Service Six and have some amazing looks. It’s a stainless gun with wood grips, making it run for the money!

However, the most common problems with Ruger Security Six guns are barrel cylinder alignment issues, inferior Parts issues, broken Front Sight, and gripping Issues.

In this article, you will get to know about the possible reasons and solutions for these issues. Stay tuned till the end!

Features & Specifications of Ruger Security Six

Action  Double-action revolver
Caliber0.357 Magnum/.38 Special
Grip      Service-style wooden grips.
Product weightProduct weight
Product length 10.5″
Capacity              6 rounds
Cylinder MaterialBlue carbon steel finish; stainless steel.
Barrel length    4.0″
Ruger Security Six Gun problems and Solutions
Ruger Security Six Gun

Typical Ruger Security Six Gun Issues and Probable Remedies

Barrel Cylinder Alignment IssuesTroubleshoot the cylinder throats and slugging the bore
Inferior Parts IssuesUse authentic parts, troubleshoot.
Broken Front SightUpgrading the front sight
Gripping IssuesUpgrading to the rubber grip

1. Barrel Cylinder Alignment Issues

It is a severe manufacturing problem for the Ruger company.

The problem with barrel cylinder alignment causes the accuracy issue with the Ruger Security Six gun.

Possible Reasons

At 20 yards, the gun will only group around 4-5″, which is a significant disadvantage for a shooter. Some users have experimented with a variety of ammunition.

The drawback is the barrel cylinder alignment problem. The B/C gap is not visible when the light shines through it.

The Fix

Check the cylinder throats and slug the bore on your Ruger Security Six to address the specific problem. You have a possible reason for this problem if your bore diameter is greater than your cylinder mouths.

If your Ruger firearm has a tight throat, it should be reamed out using cylindersmith.com.

After the throats were reamed down to a consistent size that was marginally bigger than the bore diameter, the gun’s accuracy increased.

A mismatched cylinder throat or bore may undoubtedly affect accuracy. Upgrade the cylinder by matching.

2. Inferior Parts Issues

Many technicians change the inferior parts of the Ruger Security Six gun with the other same gun model.

The interchange may damage your particular gun sometimes if you are unaware of the parts’ failure.  

Possible Reasons

The Ruger Security-Six appears to have been produced using components from previous Ruger Security-Six guns, with the better parts being kept for one and the other being sold. Even if a customer complains that a technician allegedly tried to sell one with a.014 B/C gap!

The customer claims that the method the trigger was loaded made it clear that parts had been switched out, which poses a severe risk to the company’s good reputation.

The Fix

You may encounter the issue of inferior parts with your new Ruger Security Six gun.

To check any poor parts on your Ruger Security Six gun, make sure your B/C gap is between 0.004 and 0.009 by checking it. Additionally, insert a JHP or JSP bullet into each chamber of a cleaned gun.

Try using slightly bigger semi-wadcutter rounds if they fail to pass through in each chamber.

If they fall out, the chamber length is the issue. If the bullets stick, be careful not to force them through because they will enlarge.

Additionally, look at the headspace between the casing and the recoil shield. Accuracy may be affected if the difference exceeds.009, but not always.

3. Broken Front Sight

The front sight may break and either fall off or remain in the housing.

Possible Reasons  

The front sight gets actually moved when you take your fingers and move forward and backward up downsides.

Due to overuse, the sight gets loosened and ultimately the front part gets broken after a while.

The Fix

To prevent the issue, always check the quality of the front sight’s material that is used in your particular Ruger Security Six gun.

The part may crack down sometimes due to not being polished for a long time. So, keep polishing all the parts of your Ruger Security Six gun.

Therefore, you can upgrade the front sight from Smith and Wesson company that offers a sight blade.

They usually put a new sight blade. Though it is not a Ruger factory slide but adjustable for the gun.

4. Gripping Issues

The grip on the first Security-Sixes was terrible. They were rough and difficult on the hands.

Possible Reasons

The Ruger Security Six’s early models were made with hardwood grips.

Therefore, if you had the older model of the specific gun, you could have experienced hand discomfort when clutching it.

The gripping gets slippery sometimes which can reduce your shooting accuracy.

The Fix

The rubber grip is the best alternative for the older versions of Ruger Security Six guns. Later versions produced this feature for the users.

Ruger had introduced the Pachmayr grip during the 1980s. Pachmayr proved the issue irrelevant with its excellent rubber grips, sufficient to improve the gripping experience for the users.

To steal the Compaqs, they rounded the butts of several Ruger Security Six guns, something anybody with a grinder can do and may choose to try.

Not all four of the 6-inches, but the 4- and 2.75-inch versions are what experts advise for the particular guns. 

Top 2 Alternative Guns of Ruger Security Six

I have discovered the top 3 substitutes for the Ruger Security Six double-action revolver based on a comparison of its specifications, features, usability, and effectiveness.

Ruger GP-100

The GP100 provides a rectangular extension with a threaded hole that extends downward from the bottom of the frame. Contrary to Ruger Security Six gun, which has visible metal backstraps and front straps, this permits the gun to utilize one-piece controls.


The Smith & Wesson 442 combines the tried-and-true components of the original with cutting-edge technology. This compact, enclosed-hammer revolver is a popular backup and hidden weapon.

Majority of Users’ Experiences

After little training purposes, you’ll have to confess that the Ruger Security Six gun isn’t really impressive in terms of appearance and accuracy.

But it is the best in its class for close-range shooting.

After using the specific gun for a time, users have a number of issues. Users may identify and resolve problems on their own with the assistance of YouTube videos on the issues.

Even though this gun is far from flawless, it works well enough for its intended purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Price of Ruger Security Six?

$982.54 new and $616.50 used

Is the Ruger Security Six accurate?

Yes, most of the time. 

Is the Ruger Security Six hammer fired?

Yes. In fact, the first gun to have the hammer transfer bar safety device was the Ruger Security Six.

Which finishing metal is used in Ruger Security Six?

Stainless Steel.


The Ruger Security Six is a great gun, highly reliable and well made. Most users regret selling their ones.

Also, Ruger designed them all to be broken down with the rim of the cartridge either 38 or 357. This can be done with no tools. 

The Ruger Security Six pistol is more compact than the other. However, it is still relatively incomplete, and its repair costs are reasonable.

The gun does come with many issues. You may skip on it if its not a must have for you.

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