6 Henry Rifle Magazine Tube Problems You Should Know

From Henry’s official website, you can see lots of variations in its rifle lineup. After doing some research, I found 6 Henry Rifle Magazine Tube problems worth mentioning.

It includes issues such as ripping or bending, tube not opening, lost spring tension, stiff knob, faulty O-ring, and limited ammo capacity.

Here, you have to keep in mind that all these problems are not common in all rifle models. I have specified what issues to expect in which Henry rifles. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Henry Rifles

Henry Rifles
Barrel Length20” (Side Gate Lever Action; Golden Boy; American Eagle; Big Boy Steel) 24.5” (Original Henry) 22” (Single Shot Rifle) 18.5” (Classic Lever Action) 16.125” (U.S. Survival AR-7)
Rate of Twist1:18 (Side Gate Lever Action) 1:36 (Original Henry) 1:20 (Single Shot Rifle) 1:16 (Classic Lever Action; Golden Boy; American Eagle; Big Boy Steel; U.S. Survival AR-7)
Overall Length38.3” (Side Gate Lever Action; Golden Boy; American Eagle) 43” (Original Henry) 37.5” (Single Shot Rifle; Big Boy Steel) 36.5” (Classic Lever Action) 35” (U.S. Survival AR-7)
Rear SightAdjustable Semi-Buckhorn with Diamond Insert (Side Gate Lever Action; Golden Boy; American Eagle; Big Boy Steel) Folding Ladder (Original Henry) Adjustable Folding Leaf (Single Shot Rifle) Adjustable Rear Sight (Classic Lever Action) Peep (U.S. Survival AR-7)
Front SightRamp w/ .062″ Ivory Bead (Side Gate Lever Action) Blade (Original Henry; U.S. Survival AR-7) Brass Bead (Single Shot Rifle; Golden Boy; American Eagle; Big Boy Steel) Hooded Blade (Classic Lever Action)
SafetyTransfer Bar (Side Gate Lever Action; Big Boy Steel) Half Cock (Original Henry) Rebounding Hammer (Single Shot Rifle) 1/4 Cock (Classic Lever Action; American Eagle) Switch (U.S. Survival AR-7)
Stock MaterialAmerican Walnut (All rifle models) ABS Plastic (U.S. Survival AR-7)
Length of Pull14” (All rifle models)

Common Henry Rifle Magazine Tube Problems and Solutions

You have got a rough idea about the issues and solutions regarding Henry Rifle magazine tubes. Now, let’s discuss them in detail here.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Ripped or bent magazine tubeContact Henry for a solution.
Magazine tube not openingTake an expert opinion or try a DIY solution by trimming the tube insert pin.
Lost tension on spring while left in the storageBuy a replacement spring for a specific rifle model or contact Henry for the repair.
Stiff knob making loading or reloading difficultUse lubricant and light deburring of the external and inner tube.
Not being able to use the full ammo capacityEnsure that there is no bullet stuck or call Henry for the fixing.
Stiff loading tube due to faulty O-ringReplace the O-ring that is causing this issue.

1. Magazine Tube Ripped/Bent

One user of Big Boy Steel 44 Mag rifle mentioned this problem.

After some time of using it, he took out the gun for an outing when the outer magazine tube ripping/bending happened.

The ripping location was at the pin, a part of the inner magazine tube.

After going through several forum threads, I couldn’t find more problems of the same nature.

So, a few incidents should not be counted as common magazine tube problems of Henry rifles.

Now, the cause of the issue lies in a design or metal thickness fault.

The complainer mentioned that the recoil over time caused stress which bent the metal piece eventually.

The Fix

Your best bet, in this case, is to call Henry and ask for a replacement part.

But there is a very good chance that you will get the new part with the same properties which may or may not be durable in the long run.

Nonetheless, I think that you don’t need to worry much as I have not seen many complaints of this kind.

2. Magazine Tube Not Opening

One Henry rifle user mentioned that he could not open the feeding tube after getting it checked by the Bass Pro shop.

Even after applying some lubricants, the tube did not respond.

The Fix

Before I tell you a possible solution to this problem, let me recommend that it is better to call Henry for a fix.

Or, you can also take it to an experienced gunsmith. But trying to solve it by yourself is a bit risky as you may damage other parts while doing it.

So, follow the steps below at your own risk.

  1. Cloth around the tube nob. Microfiber cloth would be a better choice.
  2. Take compatible pliers and try to open the tube. It will require some force.
  3. Now, use a filer to trim the pin on the tube insert until it gets in place.
  4. Lastly, order a new magazine tube to replace the damaged one.

3. Spring Problem

While cleaning a Henry 22 Lever Action rifle, the user noticed that the plunger of the magazine tube was slightly loose.

He noticed the problem while there was no ammo in the tube. Due to having not enough pressure, there was not enough tension against the action.

However, the situation changed when the user inserted even one bullet in the tube.

I looked for a similar kind of problem in other forum threads.

And, found that one user complained about a loose spring after leaving the gun in storage for a while.

He left the gun loaded making the spring sit there for 3 months in a compressed state.

But it doesn’t mean that leaving a spring in a compressed state makes it lose all the force.

The Fix

If you mail Henry mentioning that the plunger spring is not working correctly, you will get a new part in no time.

Or, you can look for aftermarket parts matching the existing spring’s specs, and replace it by yourself.

It seems that there is no valid reason for this issue. So, trying to solve the problem on your own may be troublesome.

4. Too Much Knob Stiffness

A Henry BB 357 Blued rifle owner mentioned that he couldn’t twist the knob on the magazine tube easily.

For too much stiffness loading and reloading were too difficult for him to handle. But other users of the same gun model didn’t agree with the complaint.

Almost all Henry rifles do not have this issue. It could be a manufacturing issue. But the exact reason is still unknown.

The Fix

Another user of the BB gun suggested polishing the inner tube and external tube with steel wool, and light deburring might solve the issue.

But it turned out that applying some lubricant, and slightly deburring the slot in the magazine tube eased the knob.

The stiffness was still there but it was manageable then.

Or, you can contact Henry if the gun is still under warranty.

5. Allowing Less Ammo than Capacity

I didn’t see this problem in all Henry rifle models. Only some users of Henry 22 Lever Action complained that they couldn’t load more than 7 or 8 bullets.

One particular user used the gun several times when this problem occurred.

The Fix

Another user facing similar problems mentioned that ensuring no bullet stuck in the tube can solve the issue.

This happens on rare occasions but still can happen. If you see that the issue hasn’t been solved yet, you will have to contact Henry for a permanent solution.

6. Faulty O-ring in Loading Tube

Henry Lever Action in .44 Magnum has a problem of this kind. I haven’t seen similar issues in other models or older Henry rifles.

If you ever felt that the loading tube became very stiff to press down, you would have to check the O-ring in the tube.

Usually, the color of the O-ring is black. It can become faulty and stiff. This issue is common according to other 44 Magnum users.

The Fix

The best solution is to remove the O-ring first, and then apply some spray silicone to it.

It reduces the O-ring’s sitting force making it less stiff and ensuring easy loading or unloading.

You may think of using some oils and lubricants but it makes the O-ring swell.


Henry rifle magazine tube problems are very common but there is nothing to worry about.

The company has a loyal customer base because of its world-class customer service.

For any issues, you can contact the company, and they would fix them as soon as they can.

Also, you can find the necessary parts or components from this official link. If you are about to buy a Henry rifle, don’t let those problems puzzle your decision.

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