5 Henry Pump 22 Problems You Should Know

Henry Pump 22 rifle may not have the best magazine capacity, accuracy, or larger calibers. But people like the pump of slide action for its efficiency. It’d be better if you know the common Henry pump 22 problems before buying it.

Problems regarding feeding, misfiring, the accuracy of shooting and trigger jamming are very common in Pump 22LR rifles.

Despite those issues, you would be glad to know that there are solutions. Read this article till the end, and know how to enjoy shooting a Pump 22 to solve its issues.

Features & Specifications of the Henry Pump 22 Rifle

Henry Pump 22 Specs
Barrel Length20″
Overall Length38.5″
Weight6.00 lbs.
Length of Pull14″
Rate of Twist1:16
Stock MaterialAmerican Walnut
Capacity16 LR/21 S
Rear SightAdjustable Semi-Buckhorn with Diamond Insert
Front SightBrass Bead
Safety1/4 Cock
Common HENRY PUMP 22 Problems

5 Common Henry Pump 22 Problems and Solutions

You have got a rough idea about the problems and their respective solutions. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

 Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Ammo Feeding ProblemCheck the magazine and internal parts for failure, and replace rusty components.
MisfiringUse good-quality ammo, clean and lubricate, and inspect internal parts.
Poor Shooting AccuracyUse scopes instead of built-in sights.
Trigger JammingClean the gun regularly.
Stopped Ejecting Empty ShellContact Henry for a solution.

1. Feeding Issue

The ammo feeding problem occurs when the magazine fails to deliver the bullets in the chamber.

It can happen for various reasons. Sometimes, users don’t load the magazine correctly keeping it loose.

Also, rusty spring, dirt, or grime deposit can orchestrate such an issue.

The Fix

First of all, make sure that you have placed the bullets in the magazine correctly and inserted the magazine properly.

Secondly, inspect the chamber and internal parts for any kind of obstruction. Cleaning the parts thoroughly often solves the issue.

Thirdly, you should inspect the health of the gun parts and make sure that they are working properly.

Replacing a faulty spring might be the solution to Henry Pump 22 feeding problem.

2. Misfiring Issue

Another complaint I heard from Pump 22 users was the misfiring problem.

If you are using cheap ammo with dirt or corrosion, you may face this issue.

Sometimes, the rifle fails to eject the shell of a round causing the next one in line to act abnormally.

Also, don’t forget that some parts of the gun can cause misfiring. For example, damaged firing pins, and misaligned magazines are very common.

The Fix

The solutions are very simple. To avoid misfires, you have to clean and lubricate the Pump 22 rifle regularly.

Also, check the internal parts for any wear or tear while cleaning.

Lastly, buy good-quality ammo from reputed companies. Don’t always think about the price because safety comes first.

3. Accuracy Issue

So far, the most complaint about a Pump 22 rifle is the accuracy problem.

Users can’t use the built-in sight to acquire the target properly. Lots of people complain that their gun sights got misaligned for unknown reasons.

Another reason for this problem can be poorly made ammunition.

The Fix

Well, you can probably guess the solution by seeing the reasons for this issue.

The obvious fix is buying a scope for the gun. At the same time, make sure that you are using the right kind of bullets.

And, don’t buy poorly made cheap ammunition as I suggested in the previous point.

4. Trigger Issue

As a pump action gun, it is normal that your Henry Pump 22 feels a bit stiff compared to other rifles.

But the problem arises when it becomes too hard to pull.

Usually, this problem occurs when there is dirt and debris inside the rifle.

The Fix

The only solution to this problem is cleaning the rifle after every use. It will prevent dirt buildup.

When you go out hunting in muddy or dusty areas, it is natural that dirt or grain of sand gets stuck inside.

5. Stopped Ejecting the Spent Round

According to a Henry fan (also a Pump 22 user), his rifle suddenly stopped ejecting the shot round.

Such a problem can occur for various reasons. In this particular case, the user noticed that the screw located in the forearm’s front end fell out.

The Fix

It is better to contact Henry to solve this issue so that you don’t have to face such issues in the future.

Trying to solve it by yourself may cause inappropriate modifications and cause the problem to happen again.

User Feedback on Henry Pump 22

Seeing so many problems with the Pump 22 rifle, you may wonder, is Henry Pump 22 rifle any good?

In short, yes, it is a good reliable gun with better efficiency than a semiautomatic rifle.

People like it because the user’s hands don’t have to switch positions to cycle. And, the action of pulling back decreases some of the recoil energy.

Most importantly, its forward motion helps keep the muzzle locked on the target. With 16LR mag capacity, you can easily hunt down small games.

Indeed, the built-in sights are not much good but using a scope can improve the accuracy dramatically.

Another reason people choose this pump action gun is the ability to use different types of ammunition without the worry of cycling.

If you do the same thing in a semiautomatic rifle, you will face cycling issues.

Henry pump 22 is a reliable gun with less maintenance work. You can read the review of a user, and see how the gun performs in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a Henry 22 pump?

According to Henry, it can cost you around $640.

How many rounds can a Henry 22 lever-action?

15 to 21 rounds

Do they still make 22 pump rifles?


What is the Henry Pump 22 best suited for?

Target practicing and small game hunting

Why are pump-action rifles rare?

Due to the lack of accuracy.


Despite some Henry Pump 22 problems, the cycling rate and acceptance of various types of ammunition have made it a popular gun.

I’m not ignoring some major issues it has. But you now know that those problems have solutions.

So, you can enjoy the benefits of the pump 22 rifle which many modern guns can’t offer.

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