Problems with Ruger American Predator Rifle That Are Frequent

The Ruger American Predator Rifle is a low end hunting rifle which you may like it flush but that isn’t super accurate.

In short, the most common issues with the Ruger American Predator rifle are issues with accuracy, bolt, feeding, quality control, and ejection.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss a few common Ruger American problems and offer fixes. Let’s start now!

Features & Specifications of Ruger American Predator

ActionBolt action only
Caliber6.5 Creedmoor
Product weight6.52 pounds
Product length42″
Capacity4 rounds
Cylinder MaterialAlloy Steel
Barrel length    22″
Ruger American Predator problems and Solutions
Ruger American Predator

Most Common Difficulties with Ruger American Predator and the Solutions

Please take a brief glance at the table below for a summary before we continue.

Accuracy ProblemsTroubleshoot iron sights and dovetail.
Bolt IssuesApply penetrating oil to the bolt edge.
Feeding IssuesEpoxying the tab that contacts the stock.
Quality Control IssuesUpgrading to better quality-based stock.
Ejecting IssuesCleaning timely before any issues develop.

Accuracy Problems

Ruger American Predator users have accuracy problems. The best group is more or less around an inch and a half for a five-shot at 100 yards.

Possible Reasons

The majority of the rifles with accuracy concerns have loose sights.

This is probably the issue if your groups are dispersed all over the place with no apparent structure.

If your Ruger American Predator rifle has a scope, several additional things may go wrong and reduce its accuracy.

The Fix

To solve the accuracy issue with your Ruger American Predator, try to move the iron sights with your hand to inspect them.

If there is even the slightest movement, they must be tightened. The alignment of a dovetail sight should be tightened.

This issue may be fixed with a metal shim, a bit of solder, and a minor peening of the dovetail.

Bolt Issues

The bolt is a lot stiffer than it is when they attempt to close it. It is so stiff; they don’t even need to smash it shut.

Possible Reasons

Closing and releasing the bolt seems to cause the bolt to cycle. It features a double lock that is quite recognizable.

It could happen because the ejector is either completely stuck out or is flush with the edge of the bolt head.

A bolt frequently won’t shut on a live round while the ejector is sticking out. The pistol won’t eject if it is flush with the edge of the bolt head.

The Fix

Apply some Kroil penetrating oil to the bolt edge, which is frequently used to remove stuck components.

Replace the parts after using a tiny drill bit to wash the ejector hole and grease it.

Making ensuring your weapon is properly maintained and lubricated is the best method to avoid this issue.

You should check this region if you come across a Ruger American Predator rifle that won’t close on a bullet.

Feeding Issues

When users chamber a round with many ammunitions, the bullet tip will make contact with the head of the breech, shattering the tip.

Possible Reasons

Users attempt longer and shorter hand-loaded rounds, but the problem persists. The rear, closest to the trigger guard, is where the uneven sequence clips in.

The clip bottoms against two tiny tabs on the stock’s top that serve as a stop. On the contrary, the front slopes up and down.

The Fix

To prevent the particular issue, try to fill the longest-reloading clip and insert it into your Ruger American Predator rifle.

Take down the clip’s front safely to ensure proper chambering. Remove all the clips, then epoxy the tab that contacts the stock when installed on the front exterior.

Then the clip will remain level and evenly chamber bullets loaded with at least 2.840″ of OAL of crimped ammunition. 

Quality Control Issues

Some of the parts of Ruger American Predator are very cheap, and inferior. After using the Ruger American Predator rifle model, the stock seems to be bend and sometimes starts to fall while shooting.

The Possible Reasons

It gets bent mostly with the rifle model as the company used very cheap plastic in the region. The rifle’s finish and trigger are of lower quality than those of other rifle variants. Moreoevr, the design of the rifle is unattractive and not user-friendly.

The Fix

Upgrade the part to a better aftermarket one.

The company should upgrade this model by maintaining better quality otherwise the particular rifle model will lose its popularity in the market. 

Ejection Issues

The Ruger American Predator rifle .223 frequently experiences ejection problems.

Most frequently, a cartridge fails to eject when its casing is unable to entirely exit the rifle’s chamber after being shot.

Possible Reasons

Common causes of this include a damaged extractor claw, an overly unclean gun chamber, and a failed case rim.

About half of the time, the empty transparent chamber just flips over and must be tipped out by users.

The problem could develop as a result of jerking and easing the bolt back.

As a result, the case will occasionally simply sort of drop off the extractor and settle on top of the magazine, creating an ejecting difficulty.

The Fix

Make sure your Ruger American Predator rifle is clean before any issues develop to prevent failed round extractions.

Make that none of your gun’s parts are defective, damaged, or broken.

Check your Ruger American Predator rifle’s extractor and extractor spring with a reputable gunsmith.

User Feedback on Ruger American Predator

Although there are a variety of user evaluations for the Ruger American Predator rifle, most of them focus on problems with the specific rifle.

A user in SNIPER’S HIDE forum shares his issues bolt of his Ruger American Predator.

Another user talks about QC and CS irregularities with the Ruger American Predator in RUGERFORUM.NET.

But a user praises the bolt quality of the Ruger American Predator in reddit.

Ultimately, I assumed that the issues of this particular rifle model are mostly related with the magazine difficulties.

Top 2 Substitutes for Ruger American Predator

The 2 best substitutes for the Ruger American Predator have determine based on an evaluation of the requirements, results, and capabilities.


A large bolt handle, a longer barrel, a better trigger, and better accuracy than the Ruger American Predator. The price starts from $710.95


Hunter has a nicer stock and action over the Ruger American Predator. The price starts from $989.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What distinguishes the Ruger American from the predator?

The Ruger American and Predator variants vary most noticeably in that the Predator rifle has a cold hammer-forged slotted barrel that may accept a muzzle brake or a suppression.

What is the price of Ruger American Predator?


Is Ruger American Predator short or long action?

Long action.

Is the Ruger American Predator threaded?

Threaded barrel with a thread guard pre-installed at the manufacturer.

Are Ruger rifles accurate?

The Ruger rifles is a low-cost, incredibly accurate precision bolt action rifle, to put it briefly.


The Ruger American Predator is an accurate, reliable rifle that can be had for a bargain. However, it has cheap plastic stock. The fit and finish are ordinary as well.

The Accutrigger is pretty plain. Moreover, the issues with it scream expenses! So I would suggest you steer clear of it!

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