Common Problem With Ruger Redhawk 357 8 Shot and Solutions

Ruger Redhawk double-action revolvers were built from the ground up to hunt large and dangerous games. The Redhawk was and continues to be built to withstand the abuse that few other handguns can.

But you may face some Ruger Redhawk 357 8 shot problems too. Like grip issues, cylinder problems, failure to feed, subpar trigger experience, and a few more problems.

In this post, we’ll look at some common Ruger Redhawk issues and discuss how to solve them.

Features & Specifications of Ruger Redhawk 357 8 shot:

Barrel Length4.2” inches
Weight (oz)49 ounces
Capacity8 rounds
Caliber357 Mag
Front SightRamp
Rear SightAdjustable
Ruger Redhawk 357 8 shot Problems and Solutions
Ruger Redhawk 357 8 shot

Common Ruger Redhawk 357 8 Shot Problems and Solutions

Failure to fireChange the ammo/Take it to a gunsmith/ send it to Ruger
Heavy in weightUse a shooting glove and quality holster
Subpar stock triggerTweak the trigger/Replace the trigger
Grip issueInstall your preferred grip/ use a shooting glove
Firing problemChange ammo/firing pin/ hammer spring
Cylinder issueTry adjusting the cylinder gap/Clean the gun/ send it to Ruger

1. Failure to Fire

When the trigger is pulled but the primer or powder in the cartridge doesn’t function properly, the firearm doesn’t fire. It is called an incident of failure to fire.

Possible Reasons:

Usually, the primer is the one that doesn’t ignite. It’s possible that the primer is subpar or that it’s too tough for the hammer to sufficiently dent.

A cartridge that is not fully loaded enough to cause a bullet to exit the barrel. This will cause a barrier and could cause the pistol to explode during the subsequent shot.

a filled cartridge with a bulging primer from being overloaded. You’ll need tools to unlock a revolver after doing this because it will lock up tightly.

The Fix:

There are multiple ways to look at this problem. Firstly, you should try changing the ammo as it will be the most time and cost-effective method.

When this problem happens, often the bullet primer is to blame. So switching to a different set of ammo could solve the problem.

If that does not solve the issue, then there could mechanical failure. It could be in the firing pin, hammer, cylinder, or any other parts.

So, to pinpoint the problem you can take it to a gunsmith. Then depending on the cause, either repair the gun or send it to Ruger for fixing.

2. Heavy in Weight

You will have to keep in mind that this gun weighs almost 50 ounces. Which is a lot by any standard.

Possible Reasons:

Ruger wanted to make a gun that is strong and worthy of the title of the mountain gun. And, I have to say they succeeded.

The metal quality is supreme which accounted for the heavy weight of this gun. In many threads users called in a tank gun as it can take any abuse thrown at it.

A mountain gun is a small, concealable handgun with a caliber large enough to defend against people or large, aggressive animals. It should be weatherproof and capable of acting as a survival weapon.

And Ruger Redhawk can put a checkmark in the requirements on a mountain gun. Hence you have to deal with extra weight.

The Fix:

There is not much you can do to reduce weight. The only thing remaining is how you should handle the weight in an optimal way.

One thing you can do is wear shooting gloves. Because these gloves will give you a better grip which in turn will help to mitigate the extra weight.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you will need a quality holster for this gun. Any other way of carrying it around would be very uncomfortable as it weighs almost 50 ounces.

3. Subpar Stock Trigger

The weak igniting of the Redhawk is its fatal flaw. It is also a major reason why this revolver sometimes fails to fire.

Possible Reasons:

Without a significant portion of that weight resting on the side of the trigger finger, it is challenging to hold the pistol up.

Moving the Ruger Redhawk trigger causes the finger to lurch slightly backward and the muzzle to lurch downward, which has the impression of pulling the trigger away from the trigger finger.

When this happens, a portion of the transfer bar retracts before the hammer strikes the bar or firing pin. The amount that the transfer bar retracts will determine whether you notice a failure to fire.

The Fix:

As it is a double-action revolver you will have to give time for the trigger to reset.

In case the problem still persists, then you can tweak the trigger to your liking. You can try changing the hand, rebound lever, or mainspring to see what works best for you.

On the other hand, you can completely change the stock trigger components and install your preferred trigger.

4. Grip Issue

On this, you will have to remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to grips.

Possible Reasons:

Everybody’s grip is not equally comfortable with the Redhawks’ stock wood grips. There have been allegations that the left panel’s top strikes a nerve and causes severe discomfort.

Some persons claimed that it was difficult for them to fire more than 20 rounds continuously without pausing.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem is simple, all you have to do is to pick a grip you are comfortable with and install it on your Redhawk.

For people with large hands, the Pachmayer Presentation and a Gripper Decelerator are also excellent options. Although they both function pretty well, the Gripper Decelerator is the sought-after gadget. When blasting the hottest loads, it provides comfort for big cars.

With the least amount of effort, they are made to provide you with the best shooting experience.

5. Firing Problem

Even though it is a rare problem as it seems on the internet, nonetheless you should be aware of it.

Possible Reasons:

Primer light strikes are more frequent than usual in Redhawk revolvers when using factory springs. Redhawk tends to light strike and not discharge shots, especially in double action.

When the hammer does not strike the primer properly, it results. Furthermore, failing to hit the primer properly not only prevents the cartridge from firing but also poses a risk.

The Fix:

You should try changing ammo and firing the pin first. If they don’t resolve the issue then you might have to modify the hammer to get the gun working. Removing a little bit from the face of the hammer is most likely to solve the problem.

But, do not do it yourself if you are not sure what you are getting into. Take help from an experienced gunsmith.

6. Cylinder Issue

There have been occasions where the cylinder of this gun got locked up.

Possible Reasons:

It could be probably locked up by carbon buildup on the cylinder’s face.

Revolvers have to force cones that enable the bullet to line up with the barrel bore and cylinder chamber.

In order to keep the chambers aligned within the forcing cone and to prevent the forward face of the cylinder from striking the barrel tenon, revolvers need to have a tiny enough handshake to maintain their headspace within specifications.

Any mishap at this point could lock the cylinder.

The Fix:

If you keep the gun clean and well-lubed you are not likely to face this problem. You will have to keep up with the regular maintenance schedule.

Also, make sure not to abuse the gun. Because High drop, limp wristing, or any other high-velocity impact could displace internal components and as a result, the cylinder can get locked up.

User Feedback on Ruger Redhawk 357 8 Shot

The accuracy test was conducted from a 25-yard sandbag rest after the Big Butt grips had been mounted. The Redhawk has more than enough accuracy for action pistol competition when fed high-quality ammo. It was a little difficult to keep complete attention during an entire eight-round cylinder.

The double-action revolvers in the Ruger Redhawk series were created specifically for hunting large and hazardous animals. No revolver leaves the factory completely prepared for higher-level competition.

There are other posts online, such as this one on the colt forum, where users have discussed their experiences. The consensus is that this weapon fulfills all of its promises.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger Redhawk 357 8 Shot

Ruger GP100

It will take a lifetime of shooting.22 LR ammunition to wear out this revolver, which features one of the toughest frames available.357 Mag. revolvers. Additionally, because it can contain 10 rounds, it beats the Redhawk.

S&W 500

It’s still a powerful gun, but the design makes shooting it a little bit simpler. The Model 500 series revolvers from S&W are overengineered and made to last. Over a long distance, it is more accurate than the Redhawk.

S&W 642

The 14.4-ounce weight would make this gun a joy to shoot if you are coming over from a red hawk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk?

Instead of the Redhawk’s traditional full-size grip frame, the Super Redhawk has Ruger’s GP-100’s “peg” grip frame.

What calibers does the Ruger Redhawk come in?

It comes in.44 Magnum, 454 Casull, 10mm Auto, and 480 Ruger calibers.

Is the Ruger Redhawk single or double action?

Ruger Redhawk is a double-action revolver.

Can you put a scope on a Ruger Redhawk?

There are scopes that you can put on Ruger Redhawk without having to drill the body.


In every metric, Redhawk outperforms the competition when it comes to revolvers. Of course, it has some flaws, but so do all other guns on the market.

Except for a few Ruger Redhawk 357 8 shot problems, the majority of this gun’s customers appear to be satisfied with it. Hopefully, this post will make your transition easier by providing workarounds for Redhawk’s issues.

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