Common Issues that Users Complain About Ruger GP100 22LR

The Ruger GP100 22 LR is a durable, adaptable, and nicely designed rifle. This specific revolver’s features are well-known for being simple to use, and balanced.

However, you may still encounter some issues with the particular revolver. The most common issues with the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver are trigger issues, failure to fire, hard Shooting, case ejection difficulty, and accuracy issues.

This article will cover the potential causes and the likely fixes. Keep reading till the end.

Features & Specifications of Ruger GP100 22LR Revolver

Action  Double-action revolver
Caliber.22 LR
GripBlack Santoprene with Hardwood Inserts
Product weight42 oz.
Product length 11.30″
Capacity10 rounds
Cylinder MaterialStainless Steel
Barrel length    5.50″
Ruger GP100 22LR Revolver problems and Solutions
Ruger GP100 22LR Revolver

Common Ruger GP100 22LR Revolver Problems and Solutions

Your experience with Ruger GP100 22LR revolver may have problems. The reasons behind the issues and the best probable solutions will be discussed below. 

Before we begin, take a quick look at the table below for an overview.

Trigger IssueInterchanging to a new trigger
Fail to FireChecking for rubbing on the sides of the hammer
Hard ShootingScrubbing unburned powder at the ejector star.
Case Ejection DifficultyUpgrading the recoil spring
Accuracy IssueUpgrading the muzzle crown

Trigger Issue

The trigger is functional but feels heavy and unpleasant, especially as more time passes with the gun in range.

Possible Reasons

The revolver becomes dirty after shooting about 1000 rounds through it. It may be hard to slide the cylinder out because of that.

The cylinder comes to a standstill and fails to lower in time.

The Fix

Since the trigger of the GP100 22LR revolver is going wrong even after reassembling it, you may upgrade it to a new one.

The interchanging to a new trigger will cost around $30 that very cheap. You may order it from eBay. They sell original, new, and used trigger systems. 

It is not preferable to reassemble the trigger system on your own.

You should send it to a gunsmith or Ruger, who will examine the probable reason behind the issue and solve it more professionally than your own.

Fail to Fire

The GP100 22LR revolver experiences failure to fire problems after a brief period of use, even when every cylinder is filled.

Possible Reasons

The issue is more likely to be connected with the hammer and cylinder chambers.

This problem occurs with all ammunition types. Clogged springs may be challenging for light trigger pulling and light hammer falling.

The hammer or transfer becomes filthy, which might have been caused by grit or other debris that messed with the firing process.

The Fix

If your Ruger GP100 22LR revolver has shooting failure, check for rubbing on the sides of the hammer.

Due to how GPs are constructed, this can occasionally be a problem and may result in a revolver’s ignition being less than optimal.

Mark the cylinders this time to check whether they are always the same. In addition, you attempt to test many different kinds of ammo to figure out if this occurs or not.

Hard Shooting

The issue mainly occurs in the crane arm, which makes the shooting very difficult.

The Possible Reasons

The crane arm on the Ruger GP100 22LR gets bent, making it difficult to pull the trigger on your revolver.

This Ruger GP100 22LR double-action revolver has a lot of machining grit remaining in it, which is the main cause of the problem with hard shooting.

Many owners of the Ruger GP100 22LR long revolver claim that some gunk or debris powder becomes quite filthy behind the ejector star and damages the spring.

The Fix

By following instructions on YouTube, you may assemble and reassemble your particular revolver model to clean the inside components of it.

If the unburned powder gets beneath the ejector star, scrub that out and always aim the muzzle upward while ejecting so that debris falls out of the revolver.

Clean the interior of the cylinder as well as the crane arm, which was bent.

Case Ejection Difficulty

Users claim that case ejection of Ruger GP100 22LR revolver becomes progressively more challenging after 300–400 rounds.

Possible Reasons

The issue concerns a damaged recoil spring, that can create other irregularities with your particular revolver.

The ammo you are using in your Ruger GP100 22LR revolver will not cycle the slide properly if the powder charge is too small.

Changing to lower-pressure rounds, using faulty factory ammo, or using an inferior hand load might all be the cause of this.

The damaged recoil spring is another frequent factor in case of ejection problems.

The slide will cycle more quickly than the expended case is pushed through the ejection port if shooters employ a recoil spring that is too tight for the ammo they are shooting.

The Fix

To prevent the case ejection problem with the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver, do not shift to the low-pressure rounds.

If ammo is the problem, switch to a better load or stop using the problematic rounds.

You must upgrade the recoil spring of your Ruger GP100 22LR revolver to solve the difficulty. The interchange may cost around 8-10 USD. (Click here to buy)

Accuracy Issue

Many users make allegations against the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver about its accuracy.

This revolver model’s accuracy concerns the part of the throat and the barrel.

The Possible Reasons

The specific revolver’s throat would not match the barrel.

The hammer drags the frame so severely, as a result, that it becomes difficult to cock in a single motion.

Depending on how much the muzzle crown is damaged, users may lose a wide range of accuracy.

The Fix

Send your Ruger GP100 22LR revolver to a gunsmith who can diagnose the relevant reasons behind the issue and solve it more professionally.

You need to contact Ruger to upgrade the muzzle crown that is causing the accuracy issue.

User Feedback on Ruger GP100 22LR

The Ruger GP100 22LR revolver’s user reviews are a mix of favorable and unfavorable assumptions. Most of the evaluations include complaints regarding the specific gun model.

Complaints regarding issues with the trigger of GP100 22LR revolver that is pined by a user on RUGERFORUM.NET.

While another user on RugerForum complains about the issues with the cylinder of the revolver.

Though, a user gives applause to the revolver model in the RIMFIRECENTRAL forum.

Finally, I want to bring up the issue of thin metal at the notch of the Ruger GP 100 22LR that I did not cover in the previous part.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger GP100 22LR

I’ve identified the top 3 Ruger GP 100 22LR alternatives after evaluating their prices, specifications, features, usability, and effectiveness.

S&W Model 17

It is a full-sized, basic, and reliable revolver in 22 LR. The price is around 350 to 450 USD less than the price of Ruger GP 100 22LR.

Smith & Wesson Model 43 C 22LR

A contemporary round rimfire revolver with more capacity as double actions is the Smith & Wesson Model 43 C 22LR. The price of it is $749.99

Taurus 942 22LR

Taurus 942 22LR is lighter in weight than the GP 100 22LR. It has also low recoil. The price is also very reasonable and it is around $359.99  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a Ruger GP100 22LR revolver?


What is the maximum firing range of the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver?

+/− 550 yards (500 m)

What is the effective firing range of the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver?

55–110 yards (50–101 m)

Can you pocket carry the Ruger GP100 22LR revolver?



The Ruger GP100 22LR aims and fires 22 Short, 22 Long, and 22 LR rounds. Even 22 caliber shotshells fire accurately.

Even though it doesn’t have a full length under lug barrel thickness is pretty hefty because of the tiny 22 bores.

All over, it’s a great gun, I would totally suggest you purchase this one!

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