5 Ruger SR1911 Problems That You Should Know

Among 1911 enthusiasts, the SR1911 has a soft spot despite some issues. In this article, I have gathered all known Ruger SR1911 problems for you to consider.

I have seen users’ complaints, and problems regarding trigger, feeding failure, magazine, jamming, and slide are worth your consideration.

For your convenience, I have also explained the possible reasons and solutions to those problems. So, let’s get started.

Common Ruger SR1911 Problems and Solutions

Trigger MalfunctionReplace the trigger, or send it to Ruger.
Feeding FailureTry recommended ammo, polish feed ramp, or replace faulty magazine.
Magazine MalfunctionDon’t slam the magazine while inserting it.
JammingBe careful on the action, widen the mag lip, and dry different ammo.
Slide IssueSend the gun to Ruger.
Common Ruger SR1911 Problems and Solutions
Ruger SR1911 Problems

1. Trigger Problem

A little bit of side-to-side play is normal but too loose and shaky trigger is not acceptable which is the nature of this problem.

Possible Reasons

Most of the time, you may think that it is a Ruger SR1911 loose trigger problem. But in reality, it is not.

Due to having no support parts, the trigger has a certain amount of free play which does not affect the accuracy of shooting.

However, too much movement means that the trigger is problematic.

The Fix

To solve this issue, you may have to replace the whole trigger assembly.

You will still notice some movement but the trigger will have no looseness. And, you will have a smooth and crisp trigger-pressing experience.

In this forum thread, you will notice some modifications that are not recommended as they can void the warranty of the gun.

If you want to try it, you will have to do it at your risk.

2. Feeding Problem

Facing stovepiping and resulting in a feeding problem can happen with your SR1911.

Possible Reasons

Among the complaints about this firearm, the Ruger SR1911 feeding issue is the most common one.

Shooting bullets other than the recommended ones during the breaking-in period is a cause worth considering.

Here, the magazine can cause feeding failure too.

Furthermore, you should suspect the feed ramp as roughness prevents bullets from being fed smoothly.

The Fix

According to Ruger, the SR1911 has a breaking-in period somewhere between 400 to 500 rounds.

During this time, don’t do anything other than the recommended actions described in the owner manual.

Also, you can replace the magazine, and see whether the situation improves or not.

After that, disassemble the gun, inspect the surface of the feed ramp, and polish it if necessary.

3. Magazine Problem

With the magazine, some units of SR1911 do not go into battery. Also, it results in feeding failure.

Possible Reasons

Slamming solves the mag problem for lots of guns but not in a Ruger SR1911 magazine problem.

So, inserting the magazine with lots of force can be the cause.

The Fix

For user-induced causes, gently inserting the magazine often solves the problem.

Don’t push the magazine in a “Rambo” style, and wait for the click sound which ensures that it has been locked into its position.

Now, release the slide normally, and the mechanism will chamber a round automatically.

4. Jamming Problem

All of a sudden, your SR1911 pistol may stop working; the trigger sticks.

Possible Reasons

This kind of Ruger SR1911 jamming problem may occur while changing the grip and accidentally knocking the safety.

Lots of users suggest that it is common to face an occasional jamming problem within the break-in period; usually 400-500 rounds.

After that, measure the magazine lip distance. A too narrow gap can prevent the bullets from chambering.

Certain types or brands of ammunition can cause jamming too.

The Fix

First of all, you have to check your action. Your thumb may be riding on the safety.

Also, be careful while changing the grip, and mind the safety.

Apart from that, you may have found about the narrow opening of the magazine lip.

Before widening the gap, you should try a different magazine to be sure about doing it. Because it will void the warranty.

Lastly, try changing the ammo brand. I hope any of the above fixes would help you a lot.

5. Slide Problem

The slide of an SR1911 can malfunction for some reason.

Possible Reasons

The first and most common cause of this issue is the slide stop pin falling out.

The Fix

After taking apart some parts of the gun, check the mechanism of the slide carefully.

See whether the stop pins move and catch the barrel toggle link, and fix components accordingly.

Otherwise, I suggest you take the help of Ruger or a local gunsmith.

User Feedback on Ruger SR1911

For solid build quality, and reliable handgun features, I like the SR1911. But you should know what users think about this gun.

Reading this forum thread, you will understand how popular this firearm is. Some users like it so much that they own multiple units of the same model.

For the money, SR1911 is a great gun with lots of modification options. Lots of people particularly like the grips.

Indeed, some units are faulty, but most of the reviews are positive. You can even check out this thread on GlockTalk.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger SR1911

Here are the top 3 worthy alternatives to Ruger SR1911 that you can consider.

1. Colt Defender SS

Despite a bit heavier construction, the Defender SS is fairly accurate and easy to shoot. For everyday concealed carry, you can rely on this gun.

2. Kimber America Pro Covert

Strong and durable build quality and lightweight construction are two of the many good features of this firearm.

3. GLOCK G21 Gen4

Glock needs no introduction. I like the G21 because of its long-lasting, reliable, and accurate performance. A left-handed shooter can also choose it for its reversible magazine-release feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger SR1911 a good gun?

Yes; it places among the top 3 in the similar category.

What does SR stand for on a Ruger 1911?

Sturm Ruger is the manufacturer of this gun; hence, the acronym ‘SR’.

When did the Ruger SR1911 come out?


Where is the Ruger 1911 made?

Prescott, Arizona

Do they still make Ruger SR1911?



Despite some Ruger SR1911 problems, the gun’s overall positive reviews and reliable performance have made it very popular among enthusiasts.

It is possible that I have missed any issue with this gun that you have faced.

Feel free to share your experience with your SR1911 in the comment section.

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