4 Common SIG P227 Problems and Solutions

This SIG P227 comes in many different variants with different features. It has the features that align with any other larger-capacity .45 ACP guns. It is quite similar to SIG P229.

The gun was adopted to reach the functioning of a P220. It is overall a good performance gun and Indiana state police had adopted it.

Despite being a great gun, it has it’s issues. The most common problems with the SIG P227 are failure to feed, 14-round magazine issues, bulky grip and no adequate aftermarket support.

After reading this article, you will know the solution of all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG P227:

Cartridge.45 ACP
Capacity10+1/14+1 rounds.
Barrel Length3.9/4.4/5.1 inches.
Weight32 oz.
Length7.7 inches.
Width1.5 inches.
Height5.5 inches.
SafetyFour-Point safety system, no external manual safety.
SightsContrast sights and SIGLITE sights.
Common SIG P227 Problems
SIG P227

Common SIG P227 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P227 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Failure to FeedTroubleshoot; clean and lube the gun.
14 Round Magazine IssuesSwitch to 10 rounds; replace the weak spring.
Bulky GripReplace the E2 grip.
No Adequate Aftermarket SupportN/A.

1. Failure to Feed:

You might experience ongoing FTF issues. Not just with the 14-round magazines, well known for FTFs. But also with 10-round ones.

Round loads about one-fourth of the way and stops. The rear slide must be hit to load, or the rear slide must be pulled to eject round and load new.

Some SIG fans claim this is a rare issue. But you will find it to be quite common among users.

The Fix:

One thing to remember with the 45 is to make sure you have a firm grip. There have been reported instances of FTF caused by a soft grip. Especially with shorter 45 pistols.

Inspect the gun. Make sure the extractor can enter and exit easily. Make sure the breech face is smooth and clean.

The round won’t go all the way in if the extractor is stiff or has debris under it. The base of the case may also not slide smoothly on the breech face if it is not nice and smooth.

So clean and lube the pistol very well.

2. 14 Round Magazine Issues:

14 Round Magazine Issues
14 Round Magazine

SIG has discontinued the 14-round (TACOPS) magazines. Customers have had nothing but trouble with them. The rounds “take a nose dive” instead of feeding into the chamber.

Except that, 2 extra rounds are not enough to justify the width of a double stack magazine/grip.

Additionally, the followers may not go all the way to the top of the magazine tube with this magazine. This prevents the slide from reaching the top round in the right spot to consistently take it off and feed it correctly.

The slide pushes the round lower (level) after slipping past the top of the case rim. This causes the “nose-dive” jamming.

The Fix:

The failure of the 14-round mag is just a result of the need for a stronger spring for it to operate properly. If you want to replace the springs, order 14-round Para Ordnance +10% mag springs from Wolff Gunsprings.

Purchase one, three, or a ten-pack is a good idea. You won’t have any issues with the mags, though it does take a little delicacy to install them. Additionally, you’ll need a Maglula loader to fully load them.

One thing to note is that, the 14-round magazines that come in the plastic bags had problems. The newer ones in boxes worked just fine.

3. Bulky Grip:

Bulky Grip
Bulky Grip

The grip is bulky and unfit for someone with petite hands. So the E2 grip is a minus to a lot of folks.

The Fix:

In the picture, you can see a gun with factory Ken grips. The only thing to do about this issue is to change the grips.

If you want to replace the grip with a G10, simply unscrew the E2 and screw on the G10. The frame’s cut-outs are designed to accommodate the bushings that come with G-10s.

The grips are then fastened into the bushings using the grip screws. The bushings are included with Hogue and the grip offered by SIG, but not with the “Magwell” model sold by CDNN.

4. No Adequate Aftermarket Support:

The lack of sufficient aftermarket support for this model is surprising. It is difficult to find factory magazines (10 rounds). That is the common complaint.

Furthermore, even Mec-Gar won’t make an 11- or even 12-rounder. If there was a Mec-Gar magazine with just a couple extra rounds, the pistol would probably be more popular.

Oddly, SIG doesn’t support this model more; it’s essentially a flagship P226 that fires 45. It would be better if Hogue G10 grips with the SIG logo were used from the factory instead of E2 grips.

The Fix:

Searching for used parts online is the only solution to this problem. As this model has been discontinued, there’s nothing much you can do anyway.

User Feedback on SIG P227

Most people frequently alternate between grips like the E2 grip and SRT grips. Although some people enjoy the E2 grips.

Aluminum makes up P227’s frame. Its slide is the same size as the P229, but the grip is slightly thicker. Of course, people hated the 14 round magazine issues.

The Nitro P227 weighs about 32 oz. and has a 4.4″ barrel (with other sizes). It features a standard rail. That is sufficiently “compact” and light for a.45 ACP. The rifle, however, is too heavy for daily carry at 32 ounces empty, according to the users.

The gun has double stacks .45ACP. SIG adopted the new narrow grip style. Although it’s charming, the.45Auto round will be hefty if you double stack it. And not all of us have hands that enormous.

Spending money on SIG’s patented DA decocking system is a waste if you just shoot single action. The 227 doesn’t have any advantages over the 220 as a range gun. A single-action semiauto for fun/range usage would be a better option.

The P227’s slides can be used in place of the P220’s slides. The “SAS” slide is more advanced than the “Carry” slide since it lacks rails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the 227 a true double stack or is it a staggered magazine?

SIG Arms website called it “double stack”.

Is it possible to have the rails machined onto the frame in case of a P227 SAS?

No. The rails are wider than the frame of the SAS.


Simply said, the P227 was a poorly designed device. Nothing really innovative. The ordinary 10-round P227 magazines function flawlessly. However, the 14 RD. magazines have reliability problems.

The slide/barrel length, is shorter in carry size. The gun fires 230gr with no problems. It’s a decent gun, but it won’t become a favorite. The heaviness of the gun is really an issue for non-professionals.

However, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it performs and handles recoil. In my opinion, the gun is good. But you can opt for a better gun at the same price range or just a little more.

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  1. I had both versions of the P227 when Sig was still marketing them My 14 round TACOPS version exhibited FTF problem from the begining. I evantually traced the problem to the location of the magazine catch notch which was higher on the magazine than it was on the 10 rnd magazine; that located the 14 rnd magazine lower in the frame causing the slide to catch the rear of the round high which rocked the nose down into the front of the magazine causing the feed problems. The magazines were by a sub-contracted supplier (either Mec-Gar or Act-Mag but I don’t recall which) to Sig drawings. I provided this information to Sig in the hope that they would fix it but unfortunately thier decision was to drop the model and support for it rather than solve the problem; my opinion of them has changed as a result. The solution for the 14 rnd TACOPS model is to change the grips so that 10 round magazines can be used. I’ve had no problems with either of the P227s using the 10 round magazines.

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