Ruger New Vaquero Has This 6 Problems You Should Know

Ruger New Vaquero has long been a popular choice. The competition in the premium segment is fierce, and this gun has been holding its own admirably.

Transfer bar hanging up, hammer getting stuck, failure to eject, transfer bar breaking, and trigger not resetting are some of the Ruger new vaquero problems you are likely to face with this gun.

Instead of a Ruger New Vaquero review, we will look at some common Ruger New Vaquero issues in this post. I’ll also go over how to overcome these issues and make the most of this magnificent weapon.

Features & Specifications of Ruger’s new vaquero Gun:

Front SightBlade
MaterialStainless Steel
Twist1:16″ RH
MaterialStainless Steel
Length11.12″ inches
Weight41 oz
Ruger New Vaquero Problems and Solutions
Ruger New Vaquero

Common Ruger New Vaquero Problems and Solutions

The transfer bar hangs upReplace cylinder pin retaining spring/ check if the transfer bar plunger is jammed
Hammer Sticking to the rearDisassemble the gun and try to find out which part is causing the problem one by one
Trigger not resettingSend to Ruger
Failure to ejectChange the ammo/smoothen the chamber inside
Broken transfer barSend to Ruger
Unusual front sightResize the front sight/ replace it with your preferred sight

1. Transfer Bar Hangs Up

Transfer bars offer crucial safety mechanisms. It stands in the way of the hammer’s contact with the firing pin by being in between them.

Possible Reasons:

The hammer is brought to the rear of the revolver as the trigger is pushed, where it will strike the mainspring and move forward with the help of the mainspring’s accumulated energy.

So, the transfer bar hanging put the gun at risk. Once the bar hangs, you won’t be able to shoot the gun.

It would be even worse if you could. Because your safety will be compromised.

The Fix:

Weak cylinder pin retention springs or a stuck transfer bar plunger are to blame for this issue.

Given that the plunger is the source of the issue, the solution is a few drops of solvent on the plunger to free it up. If not, you’ll need to swap out the spring.

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure, therefore one approach to avoid this issue is to maintain regular maintenance and only use the necessary amount of lubricant while lubricating the gun.

2. Hammer Sticking to The Rear

The firing pin is struck by the hammer, which sets off the primer charge and propellant and launches the bullet downrange. The gun wouldn’t fire if the hammer wasn’t functioning.

Possible Reasons:

There have been some complaints that the hammer on this revolver keeps sticking to the back.

Any internal component failure can cause this problem. If any of bolt, bolt plunger & spring, pawl, pawl plunger & spring, trigger, and gate spring misbehaves then they can cause this issue.

If you cock the gun and it won’t fire. To make the gun fire normally, you must move the hammer forward.

The Fix:

Here are the steps you can follow to fix this problem,

  • Strip the gun all the way down.
  • With the exception of the hammer, hammer pin, strut, and spring leave all the internals out.
  • Remove the transfer bar, bolt, bolt plunger & spring, pawl, pawl plunger & spring, trigger, and gate spring.
  • Purge everything.
  • then proceed to add each component, beginning with the pawl and pawl plunger and spring.

While doing so, check which part causes the problem and replace it.

3. Trigger Not Resetting

This revolver also has trigger problems. At worst, the trigger would not reset itself on three out of every five pulls.

Possible Reason:

This is a critical problem that often shows up. It happens due to internal component failure. Even though the revolver looks simple, the trigger mechanism employs a complex system.

So, if some little part breaks down, it will affect the trigger. And when trigger does not reset in regular way, you can be certain there is a component failure.

Even tearing the gun down may not work in some cases because everything could appear to be in working order.

The Fix:

This problem could be caused by internal component failure. Even, one-off design flaws could cause this problem too. It would be hard for anyone to pinpoint the problem without being an expert.

The best option would be to send the gun to Ruger for repair. Their meticulous customer service is well known for getting the job done.

4. Failure to Eject

Even though FTE or failure to eject is not common among the revolver, unluckily, you could experience this problem with the new vaquero.

Possible Reason:

The problem could be the ammo or the chamber or both.

In some pieces, the inside of the chamber is not smoothened. As a result, the brasses have a have time coming out.

On the other hand, casings of some ammo get expanded upon firing and this expansion causes it to get stuck tightly.

The Fix:

Manually sanding the chamber inside is most likely to solve the problem. On top of that, you should also use lubricant regularly and properly if you want to keep this problem at bay.

In case doing so does not solve the issue, then it is the ammo that is most likely causing problems. Try changing different ammo and that should solve the problem.

5. Broken Transfer Bar

Broken transfer bar prevents the hammer from making contact with the firing pin.

Possible Reasons:

The transfer bar on this revolver is subpar in terms of quality. There have been quite a few claims of this device not working as it should be.

This flimsy material is crack-prone and often tends to break with little more pressure than usual.

It is a design flaw that causes to bar to break under heavy pressure. The way it was forged with the body makes the base of the bar very weak.

The Fix:

There is not much you could do once the bar breaks. An experienced gunsmith might be able to join them together.

But as this bar is part of the safety mechanism should send the gun to Ruger for fixing. They have properly fixed this type of problem before, and they will do it for you too.

6. Unusual Front Sight

The front sight of this gun might seem a little odd at first if you are not acquainted with this type of revolver.

Possible Reasons:

Ruger used simple blade front sight with this gun.

The blade will feel usually thick if you are coming from other models. The unusual height could mess with your accuracy too.

The Fix:

The fix is very simple as you can cut the blade to your liking. Doing so would allow you to shoot comfortably and with confidence. There is the option for entirely replacing the front sight too if you really don’t like it.

User Feedback on Ruger New Vaquero Problems

Ruger outperformed every shooter with the New Vaquero. You don’t have to be a cowboy action shooter to appreciate this fantastically American revolver. This is the piece for you if you want modern benefits and materials with a classic spirit.

Ruger’s new Vaquero is a step back for Ruger single-action revolvers in that it uses the first-generation Ruger frame—the pre-1962, XR-3 style, steel grip frame. Despite having some issues it is still a popular choice among enthusiasts.

You will find many threads on the internet where people are praising this piece of art. Forum threads like coltforum, rugerforum are a testament to the quality of this gun.

Overall, the Ruger New Vaquero is a very solid, extremely reliable “modern” six-shooter that has all the charm and grace of years past while giving up nothing to other modern revolvers’ safety and performance.

The discerning shooter can choose from several models and calibers other than the .45 Colt, but there’s just something so right about those big. 45 bullets.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger’s New Vaquero

Uberti Cattleman:

Get a Ruger and load 6 safely if you’re looking for a single action to carry. A Ruger, on the other hand, is not a true clone or copy of the old Colt Peace Maker. This is why you purchase a Cattleman.

Colt SAA:

They are historically significant and still serve a practical purpose today. If you care about history and emotional attachment, these are the handguns for you. And Ruger’s new Vaquero falls far short in this regard.

Pietta 1873 Gunfighter:

It is what it is, and it is cheap and easily accessible. Retail prices for the Pietta 1873 Gunfighter are below $500. It is more impressive than the new Vaquero at the pricing point because you will pay only around half as much for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ruger still making the new Vaquero?

Yes, they are still making the new Vaquero.

Is the Ruger Vaquero a single-action revolver?

Ruger Vaquero is a Single-Action Revolver.

What does the word vaquero mean in English?

The term vaquero was used in reference to cowboys in areas.

Are Ruger Vaqueros good guns?

The Ruger Vaquero is unrivaled in terms of durability, toughness, and accuracy.

Does the Ruger Vaquero have a transfer bar?

Yes, Ruger vaquero has a transfer bar.


There is no such thing as a perfect gun, no matter how hard you look. However, when it comes to revolvers, the Ruger New Vaquero outperforms the competition in every way.

Despite having a few Ruger new vaquero problems, the majority of this gun’s customers appear to be satisfied with it.

It takes time to get used to a new gun. Hopefully, this post will make your transition easier by providing workarounds for Ruger New Vaquero issues.

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