Five Prevalent Issues You May Experience with Ruger American Pistol

Like so many guns, the Ruger American pistols made a tremendous splash when they first appeared. But since then, they appear to have disappeared.

And I might have a theory on why! The most prevalent issues with the Ruger American pistol are striker problems, chamber issues, double feed issues, slide jamming issues, and ejecting issues.

Therefore, the possible reasons behind the issues and the most probable solutions will be discussed in this article below. Stay tuned till the end!

Features & Specifications of Ruger American Pistol

Action                  Semi-automatic handgun
GripErgonomic Wrap-Around Grip Module
Product weight30 oz.
Product length7.50″
Cylinder MaterialStainless Steel
Barrel length4.20″
Common Ruger American Pistol Problems and Solutions
Ruger American Pistol

Most Typical Problems with Ruger American Pistol and the Solutions

Your experiences with Ruger American Pistol may have problems. The most probable reason behind the issues and the preferable solutions will be discussed below.

Striker ProblemsUpgrading striker.
Chamber IssuesExamining the barrel’s exterior for any surface irregularities
Double Feed IssuesRacking the slide to remove the cartridge that is already chambered
Slide Jamming IssuesTransforming the guide rod
Ejector DifficultiesTry tap-rack-bang to correct a failure to eject.

Striker Problems

The difficulty often occurs just after 1-2 rounds with this distinct pistol. At least once each magazine, the pistol fails to entirely eject the rounds due to the striker difficulty.

Possible Reasons

The fresh round cannot move up the slide’s face because the striker pin is sticking from the slide’s notch.

Additionally, due to the striker problem, it starts to miss certain shots. As a result, in this particular pistol type, the bullets have dimples.

The Fix

Pull the clogged ejector from your specific pistol model and clean it to avoid the problem. Clean the striker by removing it. The striker channel should be cleaned as well.

Thoroughly clean the channel where the firing pin enters.

Do not oil or lubricate the firing pin or channel. In the spring, get a new striker. It may set you back $30. (Click here to purchase)

Chamber Issues

The shots enter the chamber only partially before stopping. To get the trapped round out, users would have to rack the slide and lower the pretty challenging magazine.

Possible Reasons

The issues arise due to a clogged extractor and recoil spring. The same problem also occurs with MagTech ammunition. Additionally, crack on the chamber surface also creates the issue.

The Fix

Disassemble and examine the chamber region with a reliable flashlight to check for obstructions or surface fractures.

Examine the barrel’s exterior for any surface irregularities or bulges throughout the full length of the barrel. Troubleshoot if you find any burrs.

Pay close attention to where the recoil spring and guide are placed while putting the pistol back together.

Double Feed Issue

When a round is successfully fed into the chamber from the magazine, the next round in the magazine will sometimes attempt to join it from behind. The problem occurs around the 18–20 rounds.

Possible Reasons

The slide cannot go into the battery because a second round is jammed up against the base of the chambered cartridge.

There is no doubt that this issue is magazine-related. Magazine parts can become worn out just like any other pistol part. Most often, worn-feed lips are at blame.

However, if it happens with the slide lock is engaged, you can potentially have a frail magazine spring that lets the bullet bounce through the deteriorated lips.

The Fix

Remove the magazine from your Ruger American pistol, rack the slide to remove the cartridge that is already chambered, then insert a new magazine and rack the slide once more to chamber a new round.

The magazine won’t fall freely with a press of the magazine release button; this is the only method to stop a double feed.

To manually remove the magazine from the pistol, you must press the magazine discharge and then pull the support hand downward.

Since the second cartridge is likely to have packed everything up firmly, it can need some effort.

Slide Jamming Issue

The Ruger American .45 pistol locks up frequently at the range.

When users round the chamber but are unable to move the slide, the guide rod protrudes outward by roughly 1/8 inch.

Possible Reasons

The jamming issue with your specific pistol model is caused by the guide rod jumping in its place but also breaking.

The most common cause of this problem is when the user mistakenly contacts the slide stop during a string of fire with their support hand.

This is a training problem, but it’s one that users never really get over.

The Fix

The guide rod on the Ruger American pistol is near the barrel, so to make room for it, you would need to cut an a1/2 gap in the PVC pipe that is approximately 2 inches wide.

Pull the slide back to release it; pressing down with your finger on the slide stop requires fine motor skills, which might decrease under stress.

To prevent it from occurring at an inconvenient time, you can remove the slide stop on your particular pistol.

Ejecting Difficulties

Failure to eject, often known as a stovepipe, refers to the case not emerging from the chamber after the pistol has fired.

Most of the users of Ruger American pistol have experience with this issue.

Possible Reasons

The casing becomes locked in the upright position and prevents the slide from reattaching to the battery. 

Shifting to lower-pressure rounds, using faulty factory ammo, or using a subpar handload might all be the cause of this issue.

Poor extractors might also cause this problem.

The Fix

Try tap-rack-bang to correct a failure to eject.  However, turn your pistol 90 degrees to the right initially.

This will enable pressure to help remove the case.

For the most part, you should fix the problem with a gunsmith.

User Feedback on Ruger American Pistol

Although there are many user reviews for the Ruger American Pistol, most of them concentrate on issues with the particular firearm.

A user shares his experience in Quora that he has a broken trigger issue with Ruger American pistol.

A user on Ruger American pistol talks about the issue of locking surfaces between the slide and the barrel on the GLOCK TALK forum.

Whereas, a user on GLOCK TALK praises the good QC of the Ruger American pistol.

However, I think the issues on the focus are all about inferior parts of the particular pistol.

2 Alternative for Ruger American Pistol

2 alternatives for a review of the needs, outcomes, and capabilities led to the determination of the two best replacements for the Ruger American Pistol.

Glock 19

The 9 mm Luger GLOCK 19 Gen4 pistol provides excellent firepower while enabling more rapid and precise shooting than the Ruger American Pistol. The price is around $476.93.

Springfield XD-M

Springfield XD-M has better gripping than the Ruger American Pistol. The price is around $719.99.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many rounds does a Ruger American hold?

12-round or 10-round magazines for small handguns (9mm) and 17-round or 10-round magazines (.45 ACP)

What is the price of a Ruger American pistol?


Which Ruger is best for concealed and carry?

Ruger Max-9.

What city makes Ruger?

American firearms manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., also known as Ruger, is headquartered in Southport, Connecticut.

Ruger versus Glock, which pistol is superior?

The Ruger has a better trigger pull, but the Glock is more accurate.


The Ruger American has advantages. It doesn’t require much pampering and is quite easy to maintain.

However, this one particularly has terrible quality control by the company. Most probably as its production was hampered during the Covid pandemic.

Looking at all the facts, I would ask you to steer clear of this one. Save your bucks!

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