5 Typical Walther PDP Issues That Everyone Should Be Aware Of!

The Walther PDP Elite gun features groundbreaking advancements, Super Terrain Slide Serrations, revolutionary ergonomics, and a brand-new Performance Duty Trigger that allows you to be ready for any situation.

There are also common issues like failure to feed/magazine issues, optic mounting problems, wobbling/fitting issues, trigger problems, or slide-stop issues.

Features & Specifications of Walther PDP Compact

Magazines Included  2
Magazine Capacity15 Rounds
Caliber9mm Lugar
MSRP    $699.00
Overall Length X Width X Height7.5″ X 1.34″ X 5.4″
Barrel Length4.0″ 
Slide MaterialSTEEL
Frame MaterialPOLYMER
Walther PDP Problems
Walther PDP

5 Common Walther PDP Problems and Solutions

Failure to feedInspect thoroughly and either replace the parts separately or rebuild/replace the entire assembly
Optic mounting problemSwitch to the revised version or contact Walther for assistance.
Wobbling/fitting issuesAvoid shaking your gun too much while using it.
Trigger problemContact Walther via email for best assistance.
The slide-stop issueHold the gun accordingly and do not put your thumb over the slide stop slot.

Walther PDP Failure to Feed or Magazine Issue:

The Walther PDP users might witness a situation where they will notice a failure to feed issue while using this gun.

While investigating further, they might also notice that the round does not fully come out of the magazine, and the round back has turned up to restrict the slide to move forward. Even the nose might look down.

It can be a magazine-related fault causing such a commotion as a damaged spring, follower, or magazine lips (it could be one of them or a combination of multiple damaged parts).

The Fix:

Before you break into your gun’s entire assembly, ensure you are safe and check the chamber to confirm there’s no ammo in there.

Then take out the magazine part from your gun and see whether your magazine assembly includes the 18-round magazines with orange & black followers.

If it has orange and black followers, you need to upgrade it because the manufacturer has already recalled this one and provided an upgrade for the PDP full-size compact gun.

If you have the blue one, it is supposed to work fine, but since you are encountering issues, break into the magazine assembly and check whether there’s any sign of damage.

If you see the damage, you can either replace the follower and spring separately or replace the magazine entirely.

Walther PDP Optic Mounting Problem:

Sometimes PDP users might encounter optic mounting plate fitment issues right out of the box.

They might seem fine when you receive and unbox the gun first, but as you take the gun in your hand to test try it, you will notice that one of the factory-assembled plates seems extremely loose and you might even see some movement in the forward, or rear.

You might see a front touching issue and a visible rear gap with either one or both plates.

This mainly happens when your gun has an optic mounting issue caused by a fault in the factory assembly.

The Fix:

Most complaints were made before Walther released the revised version (PDP Pro SD), which include a slight redesign to fix previous issues.

Mainly people who had first-generation PDP models experienced similar troubles.

However, if you are experiencing this issue with the revised model, contact Walther authority and discuss the problem.

If the problem is fixable, they will do it or replace the product.

Walther PDP Wobbling/Fitting Issues:

Another common concern that new users might show is occasional wobbling between the slide and the frame.

Some people might think it’s a major factory fitting issue and might get worried about whether it can cause any accuracy issues.

Fortunately, it is not a concerning matter, and maybe the wobbling you are feeling is caused because you are shaking it too much while using it.

Or, just a design difference, if you compare it with other brands’ guns.

The Fix:

When you use the gun avoid shaking it too much cause this model is designed in a way that it has some play between the slide and the frame to enhance reliability.

It has nothing to do with the accuracy trouble and this one is an accurate gun. So, do not worry about the accuracy.

Walther PDP Trigger Problem:

Occasionally PDP users might also encounter trigger issues where they might actually notice the trigger problem during the last 100 rounds of a total of 300 or so rounds.

Users might also experience a situation where after every three or four rounds, the trigger won’t reset and malfunctions. But when they go for single rounds, the trigger will work fine.

The Fix:

The best solution to get rid of this particular problem is not to try to break into the gun by yourself and just contact Walther via email for assistance.

Walther PDP Slide-Stop Issue:

The PDP users might occasionally encounter some trouble with the sliding function of this gun. They might witness a situation where their gun’s slide will not lock back on the last round.

It can be the way you hold the gun during rounds.

The Fix:

Remember, when you hold the gun for rounds, your thumbs should be straightforward to get a better grip.

So, if you keep one of your thumbs over the slide lock area of your gun while holding it, it will prevent the slide lock from going on the inside and interacting with the magazine follower to command the slide to lock back on.

User Feedback on Walther PDP Gun:

The Walther PDP model is designed with an innovatively improved trigger system, excellent 18+1 round capacity, optics-ready flexibility, decent handling grip, and deeper & better slide serration than the previous PPQ gun.

However, if you go through several user forums and YouTube review videos, you will find many comments that focus on issues that users dealt with while using Walther PDP.

Besides these amazing built-in feature qualities, it is still an underrated gun choice based on several consumers’ opinions.

Some people only have focused on the troubles they experienced with their PDP guns but ignored the amazingly customized option this pistol offers and the smooth usability.

It’s undeniable that some common mentionable issues can arise with this pistol model, but those are pretty common for any similar type of tool.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Walther PDP Gun:

Here I have listed 3 best alternatives that you can pick instead of the Walther PDP gun-

The HK VP9 17RD 4.09″ 9MM PISTOL :

The Heckler & Koch VP9 gun model is slightly heavier and relatively expensive than the Walther PDP, but This full-size pistol is one of the most well-built striker-fired handguns with excellent reliability.

The Beretta APX Centurion, Semi-Automatic Pistol:

If you are looking for a slightly larger and more well-rounded pistol than the PDP but at a cheaper price, this Beretta APX gun can be a great option.


The SIG Sauer P320 pistol is smooth and delivers consistent trigger pull.
But the advantages of this gun are the safety assurance, tool-free disassembling option, and it can comfortably fit into any hand size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Walther PDP Compact a good choice for Self-Defense?

Yes, it is and it can easily outshine other models.

What slide length does a Walther PDP Compact handgun have?


Does the Walther PDP Compact 4″ available with 10-round magazines?

Yes, with model# 2854686.

How much does a Walther PDP Compact 4″ weights without the magazine & with an empty magazine?

This PDP gun weighs 21.4 OZ without a magazine & 24.4 OZ with an empty mag.


The Walther PDP gun model is the next evolution in world-class creativity for pistols and gained great commercial success, but one might encounter some troubles with this elite handgun. 

Fortunately, none of the detected issues are too serious and can be easily fixable.


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