5 Common SIG P210 Problems and Solutions

A single-stack, single-action 9x19mm pistol, the original SIG P210 was introduced in 1947. The P210, known for its accuracy and superb trigger, served Helvetia well until 1975 when the SIG P220 replaced it.

However, the gun does come with some flaws. The most common problems with the SIG P210 are guide rod spring issues, slide pin problems, magazine issues, feed /extraction problems and disassemble slide issues.

The adjustable-­sighted Target and the more utilitarian Standard are the two available models of SIG P210. After reading this article, you will know the solution of all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG P210:

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum 7.65×21mm Parabellum .22 Long Rifle.
Capacity8 rounds.
Barrel Length4.1 inches (carry), 4.7 inches (target).
Weight29 oz (carry) 34 oz (target).
Length7.75 inches (carry), 8.5 inches (target).
Width1.44 inches (carry), 1.54 inches (target).
Height5.63 inches (carry) 5.25 inches (target).
SafetyManual thumb safety.
SightsFixed iron sights; adjustable in target variants (Carry: SIGLITE Night Sights. Target: Adjustable Sights).
Common SIG P210 problems
SIG P210

Common SIG P210 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P210 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Guide Rod Spring IssuesCall SIG.
Slide Pin ProblemTroubleshoot.
Magazine IssueTroubleshoot.
Feed /Extraction ProblemChange ammo.
Disassemble Slide IssuesTroubleshoot.

1. Guide Rod Spring Issues:

While removing the guide rod and spring, the spring and round bushing that holds the spring on cames off of the rod. These springs and rods tend to really just fly off the gun.

Additionally, there may be a the recoil spring defect in P210 Carry. About 25% of owners have had problems with the recoil spring assembly.

The Fix:

The end of the rod is a screw with two flats that screws into the end of the guide rod. Often some guns have missing that end piece. This is why it is tricky to disassemble it.

If you call SIG, they will send you new ones. Moreover, in the older models, this recoil spring assembly issue was very annoying. However, the DPMS substitute is far superior to the original.

2. Slide Pin Problem:

The slide pin will not go in all the way when reassembling the gun. The brand-new P210 Legends fit quite tightly. The slide lock spring seems to be the issue.

Once you’ve pulled the slide back 5mm to the indentation mark, the Slide Release pin won’t fit through all the holes.

The Fix:

Place the barrel in the slide first. Make sure that all the holes are lined correctly before attaching the return spring. The holes on the return spring must line up with the holes on the barrel for proper installation.

After that, attach the slide assembly to the gun’s lower half. Assure that the magazine is not in the weapon and that the hammer is fully cocked. Even though it may still be put back together with the hammer facing forward, it is a little simpler to do so if it is fully cocked back.

Hold the pistol sideways with the slide assembly back on, and make sure that the slide released pin hole is aligned up. If everything is aligned correctly, you should be able to see daylight through the frame and one smooth, round hole that extends the entire way through.

Then make the slide release spring is level with the slide and push it in as far as it will go. It should insert almost completely but not quite. Push the slide release spring all the way in after pulling the slide assembly back 5 mm.

You should hear a click at this point. And that should be it.

3. Magazine Issue:

The top round of the magazine flies away when you relese a loaded magazine. This may only happen to a magazine’s top two rounds.

The Fix:

Polish the underside of the slide. Particulary where the round in the magazine grinds against the slide during cycling.

4. Feed /Extraction Problem:

There is problem of feeding bullets out of the magazine. Despite being fully inserted in the gun, neither magazine would feed any bullets. The gun may get jammed.

The Fix:

Considering that match weapons frequently have tighter chamber tolerances than standard duty guns, slightly out-of-spec reloads seem like a likely explanation for these issues. Ammunition from major US manufacturers can solve the issue.

5. Disassemble Slide Issues:

The slide may be impossible to disassemble. No matter what, it is impossible to push the nub in. It won’t move at all, thus it is moving in the left direction.

The Fix:

If you don’t remove the magazine first, the slide won’t move. Then, fully retract the slide before allowing it to completely advance. The hammer needs to be fully retracted.

Pull back the slide 5 mm and then press down on that nub. It should go a little closer before flipping the rifle over and pulling the little lever straight out. The secret is to pull out the magazine while cocking the hammer.

User Feedback on SIG P210

The standard model shoots better (at least at a 50 feet distance). The Standard and Target Models’ heavier frames appeared to contribute to the gun’s improved comfort in handling the intense 9mm recoil.

Having said that, there is a difference in the felt recoil (but it’s a 9mm, so no big problem).

The Carry’s slide lock rubbing against the thumb may cause a variance in recoil. It also has a significant variation in terms of the trigger. It’s not very heavy, but compared to the other models, it feels heavier.

The take up time and crisp break of the Standard and Target models appear to be lengthier. The carry model must, of course, have a stronger tripped pull. Although it is heavy, it’s still light.

Only the Swiss version has the mag disconnect “feature,” though. Additionally, some of the “problems” with the Swiss version of the P210 were fixed in the German and American versions.

In order to avoid the P210 “hammer bite” problem, both versions are equipped with enlarged beaver tails. Additionally, both have the “American” magazine release rather than the heel mag release. With all three guns, the trigger pulls are quite similar.

So, users are quite comfortable with all of the models.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should you lubricate on a P210?

Mainly the rails and the hammer mechanism.

How does P210 Standard and Carry compare in accuracy and reliability?

While the Target and Carry are still manufactured, the P210 Americans are not. Buy a Standard or “American”.

Is there any magazines for this pistol that are not in the three digit range?

You can use P210 Legend magazines by slighty modifying the baseplate.


The P210 is a fantastic firearm with a cult-like following. With little take up, the trigger is nice and precise. However, bear in mind that the P210 was not designed as a target pistol.

But rather as a job weapon (with the exception of certain models). The P210 has an excellent trigger for a stock duty handgun.

I would compare the P210 to a very excellent vintage firearm. They are excellent pistols with a rich history that sell for a good price. However, for nearly the same price, you can purchase a gun that shoots just as good, if not better.

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