Kimber Ultra Carry II Problems You Should Know

If you are looking for a compact gun that is comfortable, accurate, and most of all affordable, then you probably have your eyes on the Kimber Ultra Carry II. Even though it is a solid piece of work, there is a good chance you will have to face some common problems.

In this post, I have made a list of the most common problems with this gun that users stated on various online platforms. There is no guarantee that you will definitely face these problems. But if you are going to face any, then there is a high chance these will be the problems.

So, I have already listed the problems and their solution so that you don’t have to waste your time on the internet.

Features & Specifications of Kimber Ultra Carry II

Barrel Length3 incehs
Frame MaterialAluminum
Finish2 tone
Capacity7 rounds
Weight25 ounces
SightFixed low profile
TriggerAluminum, three hole standard

Common Kimber Ultra Carry II and Solutions

In this section, we will be looking at some of the common problems of Kimber ultra carry ii problems and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Jams frequentlyPrevent premature slide lock
The first round doesn’t fully go into the batteryChange magazine
Failures of the slideRefit the slide
Failure to feedPolish the feed
Double feedTrying changing magazine
Failure to ejectChange ammo / Polish interior

1. Jams Frequently:

The most common problem many users reported on online forums is that the pistol often gets jammed. It happens because at first the insides of the gun are smoothened out. But the major reason is the premature slide lock that jams the interior.

The Fix:

You should properly pull the slide for at least the first few hundred rounds. In most cases, premature slide lock is the first domino when it comes to jamming. So, pull the slide with caution and use lube optimally.

2. First Round Doesn’t Fully Go Into Battery:

If you often experience that the first round doesn’t want to get into the battery easily, then there is a good chance it is caused by the magazine.

This gun comes with a subpar stock magazine. The faulty spring inside the magazine is the culprit. Hence, it fails to push the bullets into the battery more often than not.

The Fix:

Changing the magazine is most likely to solve the problem. But make sure at first that it works as intended.

3. Failures of the Slide:

Like engines, the gun also has a break-in period. During this time all the parts need to work to reach an equilibrium.

You might face more than one problem during this period and the most common problem this period is the failure of slides. It happens when the parts involved in pulling the slide get stuck to each other.

The Fix:

The best course of action is to pull the gun apart and find out which part is causing the incident. Then smoothen out that part or take necessary action. If you are not experienced, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

4. Failure to Feed:

Failure to feed is when you pull the slide and it works as it should, but the bullet does not go into the battery. It is common in new Kimber pistols. As the insides are not well polished, they often block the bullet.

The Fix:

Polishing the interior would reduce the frequency of failure to feed. You can also try changing magazines which often yield positive results.

5. Double Feed:

It is another magazine issue. Double feed happens when the magazine tries to push a bullet into the chamber when there is already one there.

If the spring in the magazine that pushes the bullets is too strong, this incident can happen often.

The Fix:

Either you can open up the magazine and replace the spring. Or, you can try changing the whole magazine.

6. Failure to Eject:

After you shoot the bullet case should be able to get out of the chamber. When the case gets stuck inside it is considered failed ejection. The problem can be with a pistol or ammo or both.

The Fix:

At first, try changing the ammo as bullets can have defects. If that does not solve the problem then you will have to open up the pistol and polish the rough edges. If the problem still persists afterward, you should claim a warranty.

User Feedback on Kimber Ultra Carry II

Kimber Ultra Carry ii is a fantastic piece of gun. Although, it has its fair share of problems. However, the problems are not as widespread as it seems. There are many customers who expressed their happiness with the piece of the machine.

Although the vocal minority might make it seem like every piece of these guns is plagued with problems. But this is not the case as you will find many people who are happy with the service of their gun.

A owner on stated that he has a version that shot at least 5000 rounds. The finish on gun is worn from the holster, yet it is 100 percent reliable. He never experienced any malfunction with the gun. He only changes he made are a set of Hogue Laser Grips and a Wilson Spring Kit.

Another Kimber Ultra Carry II owner on said, “Ive owned my Kimber Ultra Carry II for almost tens years now. It is my favorite CCW… so far, 100% reliable. even my reload 200gr LSWC atop of 5.0gr 231 have never jammed.”

Yet on different forums you will also find many complains and praise. If you know how to handle a gun well, you are not likely to face much problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Kimber Ultra Carry II a good gun?

Yes, it is a good gun if you are looking for something compact, comfortable, concealable, and accurate.

What caliber is the Kimber Ultra Carry 2?

Both .45 ACP and 9mm can be used with this gun.

How long is the barrel on Kimber Ultra Carry II?

The barrel in this gun is 3 inches long.

How much does a Kimber Ultra Carry II weigh?

It weighs 25 ounces.

Where are Kimber guns made?

Kimber guns are made in the USA.

Are kimbers known to jam?

Yes, they do have jamming problems for the first few hundred rounds. Afterward, everything smoothens.

What Kimber 1911 did John Wick use?

John Wick shoots an extensively modified reverse two-tone Kimber Super Carry 1911 with a compensator at the Continental.


There is no gun is without problem, nor is the Kimber Ultra Carry II any exception. What differentiates it from the other guns are the features like comfort, concealability, accuracy, and performance.

Once you are over the break-in period the gun becomes buttery smooth. Most of the problems you will face would be during this time.

Kimber ultra carries ii problems are solvable with little effort. And once you have sorted out these problems, you will understand why it is regarded as one of the best.

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