4 Problems Users Can Face with the CZ 97B

The CZ 97 may be the weapon for you if you prefer a DA/SA pistol over a striker-fired or single-action gun. While utilizing the gun, a few CZ 97B shortcomings may cause you some concerns.

Users may face trigger issues, problems with hollow points, jamming issues, etc. with their CZ 97B.

I will thoroughly cover the likely causes and fixes for these issues in this article. So, let’s now dive into the details.

Features & Specifications of CZ 97B:

  • Mass: 2.4 lb
  • Length of Pull: 8.3″
  • Caliber: .45
  • Cartridge: .45 ACP
  • Barrel length: 4.8″
  • Feed system: 10 rounds detachable box
  • Sights: Front blade, rear square notch
CZ 97B Problems
CZ 97B

Common CZ 97B Problems and Solutions

Trigger IssueClear out any material that has got caught in the trigger.
Failure to feed hollow pointsCheck the chamber, barrel throat, and feed ramp in the frame.
Failure to FeedUse an improved follower and a firmer magazine spring
Rust IssueRemove the rust from the gun.  

1. Trigger Issue

According to some users, 97B shows trigger issues while using the gun.

Many clients have expressed concern about the trigger reset issue. Users may attempt to reset the weapon after dry firing but there could be an odd little “hitch” just before the reset.

The debris that is lodged somewhere might be the source of the issue.

The Fix

To start, the issue can be fixed quickly by clearing out any material that has got caught in the trigger.

However, there are a few sources of why users may experience trigger problems, including the sear, trigger bar spring, and trigger bar. Therefore, it may be necessary to replace the sear, tune the trigger bar spring, and calibrate it to resolve the problem.

Users need to keep in mind that resetting the trigger is a hard task that many users may not be experts in. Thus, it is important to know how to reset the trigger correctly.

Users should primarily take up the trigger’s slack against the wall, then slowly and cautiously press through the wall while increasing their pressure until they successfully fire the gun.

Once the gun has cycled, users should “pin the trigger to the back,” keep it there until the trigger resets with a “click,” and then release it slowly and gently.

2. Failure to Feed Hollow Points

The nose of HP rounds frequently has insufficient roundness to move up the feed ramp. The slide may halt around 4 millimeters from where it should be even if the round occasionally feeds properly.

It is important to keep in mind that if the hollow point bullets grow old, the issue can arise due to the bullets themselves.

The Fix

Check the metal for rough patches and burrs on the extractor, firing pin stop, firing pin, barrel bushing, and extractor.

Pay closer attention to the rails of the slide, and the cocking lug on the underside of the slide.

The cocking lug may depress the disconnector and cocks the hammer as the slide cycles, and the region inside the slide in front of the ejection port locks down on the barrel.

Check the chamber, barrel throat, and feed ramp in the frame.

You can find some burrs or rough patches there. You should thus tidy those spaces.

Moreover, it’s important to look for catches on the feed lips of your magazines.

3. Failure to Feed

With the CZ 97B, users can face feeding issues. When the cartridge in the magazine does not fully enter the chamber during the forward slide movement of the 97B, the gun does not enter the battery.

The slide cannot advance because the bottom of the feed ramp becomes impaled by the nose of the top bullet in the magazine.

The Fix

The user should use an improved follower and a firmer magazine spring to fix the problem. Additionally, users should swap out magazines for followers with flimsy springs or bad construction.

It is better to leave the diagnosis and correction of poor feed ramp form to a professional, but if you take better care, you can polish your feed ramp.

Additionally, insufficient headspace may prevent the slide from fully activating the battery.

Remove the barrel from the gun and place a live bullet into it to check for insufficient headspace. Check to check if the round extends the hood or breech face edge.

4. Rust Problem

My study says that many of the users have come across the rust problem with their CZ 97B.

Rust happens as a result of the ammunition’s corrosive components, which leave behind salts, copper, lead, etc. Corrosion may begin when metal is combined with salt and humidity. 

The Fix

Starting in a well-lighted and secure area, take the ammo out of your gun and lay it aside. As much as possible, disassemble the pistol to gain access to the rusted areas.

Apply a generous amount of light gun oil to begin dissolving the rust, making sure to push it into all the crevices and oxidized regions. If the rust is severe, you might need to dissolve it with a strong acid or a chemical rust remover.

Use a toothbrush or brush to clean the pistol.

In extreme circumstances, some individuals have success using power tools to abrade the rust away, but you must use extreme caution while using this technique to avoid damaging the surface.

User Feedback on CZ 97B

The majority of user reviews for the CZ 97B appear to be negative due to gun-related difficulties.

My study indicates that the most frequent problem customers encounter is a feeding issue.

A user reported that when he faced feeding issues that started with the feed ramp. The first three rounds from several fresh and used magazines would tilt forward and become stuck.

However, I have already explained how users can quickly resolve such an issue.

Even though many users have various troubles, some users have complete faith in their CZ 97B.

According to a user, the CZ 97 B is one of his safe’s most enjoyable weapons to just take shooting.

Moreover, he has never had any sort of problem.

Read the full review on pewpewtactical.com to get detailed information about CZ 97B.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ 97B

I have evaluated CZ97B’s specs, features, usability, and performance to determine the three best alternatives.

Glock 21

The Glock 21 offers easily accessible firepower at a caliber that will consistently perform with its 13+1 capacity.

Sig P220

The P220 is a large, powerful, and incredibly dependable gun. It always makes a big impact and is a powerful hitter.

HK 45

One of the finest non-1911 .45 handguns is the HK45, which has been developed for special operations with a focus on lethality, toughness, and dependability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does CZ 97B cost?

The CZ 97B costs around $679.99.

How many rounds does a CZ 97B hold?

10 rounds.

Is the CZ 97 B discontinued?

Since 2022, it has been no longer produced.

When did the 97B get introduced to the world?

It was first got introduced in 1997


The CZ 97B is a semi-auto handgun that shoots very well and is accurate, dependable, and powerful.

However, it is a reality that problems with your 97B might arise while using the gun.

For this reason, I have gone over all of the potential causes and fixes for the CZ 97B issues in as much detail as I could.

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