CZ Sharp-Tail Problems You Should Know

When it comes to side-by-side shotguns, the CZ Sharp-Tail is the epitome of modern accuracy. The Sharp-Tail is a brand-new move that develops on the foundation of the widely used Ringneck.

But there are a few problems with the Sharp-Tail. The most common issues include a double firing, a malfunctioning firing pin, a light striking problem, as well as concerns about safety.

The article discusses potential root causes and makes recommendations for addressing the problems. Keep reading this article to learn more about the solutions to theseCZ Sharp-tail problems.

Features & Specifications of CZ Sharp-Tail:

ActionBreak-action side-by-side
Capacity2+1 rounds
Caliber12, 16, 20, 28, and .410 gauges
Chamber3 inches
Product weight6 lbs. (approx.)
Product length45.75 inch
Barrel length28 inches
Stock MaterialWood

Common CZ Sharp-Tail Problems and Solutions

Double firing issueReplace hammer stock springs.
Firing pin problemsInstall new firing pin.
Light strikesContact CZ. Send the firearm to CZ.
Safety issueNeutralize the rust.
Heavy TriggerFix it at a local gunsmith.

1. Double Firing Issue

There is a problem with Sharp-tails; they double-fire almost every shot they shoot. This issue is fairly common with CZ.

It is a mechanical malfunction that is fairly common with single-trigger CZ SXS. The main problem with doubling is that it is hard to make the trigger springs work right.

The Fix:

First, verify that the problem is not a loose or flimsy mount on the fan. Just load up one shell and give it a shot to see if it works. Next, open the gun and check to see if both ejectors fire.

If you replace the hammer’s stock springs with new, high-quality ones, the issue should go away.

Also, CZ’s customer service is second to none. Just ship that gun over to CZ and let them handle it.

2. Firing Pin Problems

CZ Sharp-tails have trouble using the right barrel. There could be gunk on the firing pins.

According to reports, the right firing pin’s back end has a sizable flat patch where the hammer strikes it.

It is possible that this will make the pin “shorter”, preventing it from making a clean strike on the primer. The flat on the left firing pin is only now becoming noticeable.

Every time you pull the trigger, the firing pin and hammer will collide, and if the heat treatment or material is off, the softer component will be displaced.

The Fix:

It is hoped that a new pin may be easily installed in the Sharp-Tail and solve this issue. The length of many replacement pins needs to be adjusted, and it is also important to make sure the shoulder does not bottom out in the receiver recess.

Send back your firearm or ask for replacement pins to be sent if the warranty is still valid. The setup is so simple that you can do it all by yourself.

3. Light Strike

The stroke of a CZ Sharp-tail is quite mild. In the case of such a mild impact, simply swapping out the shell will restore normal function for the next few shots.

If you give it another go and find that the right barrel fires OK but the left barrel does not try clicking the left barrel to prime it. Indeed, this has persisted for some time.

The Fix: 

If you call CZ and describe your problems, they will address all your problems.

4. Safety Problems

The safety fails to return to the on position after a few shots, and there is nothing to be done about it until those additional shots are fired. The thing is completely jammed.

This barrel is getting quite difficult to crack. The expansion of heat could be to blame.

The right trigger is “sticky,” resembling the sound of metal grinding during the trigger action preceding the shot. There is a crisp, clear left. Rust particles were discovered to have accumulated between the barrel and the grip.

The Fix:

Rust forms when blueing is not neutralized. After obtaining the desired hue, the blueing process must be stopped. When a manufacturer uses a simple method to save a few cents, it is not “cool.”

Used weapons rust for many reasons. Neutralize the rust. Gunsmiths with bluing equipment can do it.

Mechanical issues should be avoided if you are unfamiliar with doubles and how they should be set up for trigger-sear-tumbler engagement and safety regulations. Bring in someone who is professional and skilled.

Heavy Trigger

Although CZ has a single mechanical trigger, some of the users have complained that it is stiff to handle.

Because it has mechanical triggers, this gun is not good for CAS. Some users may find it challenging to break in because the breaking action resets the mechanical triggers.

The Fix: 

To solve the problem of the heavy trigger, you should take it to a gunsmith near you to get it fixed. Even though not, everyone has this issue, it should nonetheless be taken into consideration.

User Feedback on CZ Sharp-Tail

One pleased customer has a CZ Sharp-Tail 20 gauge that he absolutely loves. He considers this to be a top-tier firearm, even though it is his second firearm.

Another happy customer of the CZ Sharp-Tail says its sturdy construction from premium steel means it will last a lifetime. It is made by a factory with a stellar reputation for firearms.

However, some users have found the CZ Sharp-tail to be very problematic and have caused them difficulties.

One reviewer brought up the concerns with Sharp-Tail, saying that CZ firearms are notorious for action problems like light strikes and double firing, but that CZ’s customer service is on par with the best in the market. They also offer a wonderful warranty, but you should be prepared to utilize it. In that price range, it is the best shotgun available.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ Sharp-Tail

1. CZ Bobwhite

The Sharp-Tail has a pistol grip, a semi-beavertail forend, and a single selective trigger, whereas the Bobwhite has a straight stock, a splinter forend, and two triggers.

2. CZ Ringneck

A CZ Ringneck, which the Sharp-Tail supplanted in the CZ range, is another viable alternative.

The best Anson and Deeley boxlock available is the Ringneck, which has a POW stock and is greatly admired. Instead of the Ringneck’s V-shaped springs, subsequent CZ SXS models employ coil springs.

3. Tristar Bristol

The TriStar line is very modestly priced and is boxlock. The main action body, top tang, trigger plate, and rear vertical connector are all machined from the same piece of steel.

Most weapons have distinct trigger plates. This one-piece frame strengthens the motion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the CZ Sharp-Tail made?

The CZ Sharp-Tail is made in Turkey.

Which company manufactures the CZ Sharp-Tail?

The CZ Sharp-Tail is manufactured by Huglu (Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative).

Does the CZ Sharp-Tail have ejectors?

The CZ Sharp-Tail does not feature ejectors.

What type of shotgun is the CZ Sharp-Tail?

The CZ Sharp-Tail is a popular side-by-side shotgun


I have attempted to explain the potential fixes for CZ Sharp-Tail problems as plainly as possible.

Despite this, the problems you have encountered are likely more complicated than the solutions I have provided. In such a situation, a gunsmith’s advice or shipping the revolver to CZ would be your best option.

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