Common Browing Silver Hunter Problems You Should Know

Browning Silver Hunter is dependable, comfortable in hands, and has some clever design elements. It is a terrific bargain, which in my opinion is maybe the most crucial factor.

However, it is not without faults. You could encounter some typical issues like failure to feed, ejection problems, weak recoil spring, firing pin not performing, and a few more.

So, let’s look at the standard specification first before diving into these issues and their remedies.

Features & Specifications of Browning silver hunter:

Caliber12 gauge
Weight7 lbs 4 oz
Length47 inches
Capacity4, 2 3/4″ shells
Magazine typeTubular 
Barrel length26 inches  
Barrel MaterialPolished Blued
Common Browning silver hunter Problems and Solutions
Browning silver hunter

Common Browning Silver Hunter Problems and Solutions

Failure to feedAdjust gas pressure, change magazine
Ejection issuesInspect ammo/magazine/extractor for problems
Failure to fireIf changing ammo does not help look for mechanical failure
Firing pinReplace firing pin
Weak recoil springReplace the spring

1. Failure to Feed:

Magazines, gas pressure, and faulty recoil springs are nearly always the culprits behind feed failures. If it returns too quickly with too much tension; it dwells too long during the recoil cycle with insufficient tension.

The same is true for gas pressure. Failure to feed will result from too much or too little gas pressure.

The Fix:

The first thing you should check is the gas pressure. If not, changing it ought to fix the issue.

If not, the magazine or recoil spring is most likely to blame for the problem. Change them out to see whether the problem is resolved. Send it in for repair if it doesn’t.

2. Ejection Issues:

It may not eject due to a buildup of rust or dirt around the magazine spring, return spring, or extractor. It’s possible that the propellant in the cartridge case has aged and decayed enough, or that there isn’t enough propellant in the cartridge.

In either case, the power produced by the burning propellant is insufficient to cycle the action adequately, preventing the cartridge from being entirely ejected by the time the slide retracts.

The Fix:

This issue may usually be fixed on the spot without the use of any equipment because the jammed empty cartridge is typically simple to remove. Shells are the main reason for this issue with pistols.

However, if the issue persists, it could be necessary to replace the extractor, ejection spring, or return spring (or more than one of the aforementioned).

3. Failure to Fire:

Priming is typically the component that doesn’t ignite. The primer might not be up to par or be too hard for the hammer to adequately dent.

a cartridge that isn’t filled enough for a bullet to actually come out of the barrel. This will create a barrier and could make the gun explode when the next shot is fired.

The Fix:

First, as it will save you the most time and money, try switching out the ammunition. The bullet primer is frequently to blame for this issue.

Therefore, using a new type of ammunition might resolve the issue. If that still does not fix the problem, mechanical failure can be the cause. It can be in the hammer, cylinder, firing pin, or any other component.

4. Firing Pin:

It is as easy as that; firing pin springs occasionally get old and expire. Poor metallurgy and/or heat-treating is the main cause of damaged pins. Inconsistencies in inferior steel will cause it to shatter. Improper fit of replacement or OEM pins is another reason for breaking.

The Fix:

If you know how to do it and have a tool to compress the spring, replacing the firing pin on a bolt-action is not difficult. You may learn how to replace the firing from this video. If you don’t meet either requirement, give up.

Alternately, get a new one installed on your rifle by taking it to a gunsmith well in advance of hunting season.

5. Weak Recoil Spring:

An exhausted or worn recoil spring would force the bolt to return at a faster rate than was intended by the manufacturer, which would INCREASE the distance rounds are ejected. In order to find a potential cause for the bolt not ejecting as far, search for anything that slows the bolt and the action’s speed.

The Fix:

The spring has to be replaced as soon as problems start to arise. If you are unsure of how to replace the recoil spring in your rifle, take it to a gunsmith and have him do it. You may learn how to disassemble a Browning shotgun from this video.

User Feedback on Browning silver hunter

It is dependable, has some clever design elements like the Active Valve gas system, and appeals to my aesthetic senses. Its high worth is likely the most crucial factor. You will receive everything a shotgun would typically include in this portion.

Nearly all of the buyers are pleased with its layout, appearance, and functionality. To be quite honest, given the cost, it would be disappointing if this shotgun did not perform as advertised. Here are some individuals that have reviewed this firearm on browningowner and refugeforum.

However, don’t assume that this firearm is infallible. Although most problems with this pistol are extremely rare, they do occur. Here are two examples from refugeforum and shotgunworld.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Browning Silver Hunter

Mossberg 940 JM Pro

This performs at least 95% as well as a Silver Hunter but costs fewer thanks to its large controls, dependable system, and superb feel.

Benelli M4

The M4, the company’s first gas-operated shotgun, was adopted by organizations and the military all around the world, including the US Marine Corps.

CZ 1012

The fact is that CZ shotguns are really good, especially considering their cost. The CZ 1012 is ideal for you if you want an inertia shotgun but don’t want to spend your rent money on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Browning Silver Hunter cost?

You’ll have to pay between $1,200 and $1,350 for it.

Is the Browning Silver a good gun?

This shotgun is an above-average, respectable shotgun. It has a good trigger, fantastic cycling, and a well-balanced design, so you know it will endure for a very long time.

Where is the Browning Silver Hunter made?

Browning weapons manufactured today are either produced in Belgium, Portugal, Japan, or the United States.

Is the Browning Silver still in production?

Seven Browning Silvers are presently being produced in full, while a few more are being produced in restricted quantities.

How much does a Browning Silver Hunter weigh?

The 26-inch barreled Silver Hunter weighed 6.75 pounds.

Does Browning make a 20 gauge semi-auto?

20-gauge semi-automatic shotgun from Browning with a satin walnut stock. Browning has been a leader in autoloader design for more than a century.


In conclusion, this shotgun is for Browing fans who desire a semi-auto shotgun that is less expensive. This shotgun is a relatively ordinary, respectable shotgun if you are not a Browning devotee. It has a good trigger, fantastic cycling, and a well-balanced design, so you know it will endure for a very long time.

On the other hand, it is a little heavier than expected and the recoil is slightly heavier. The controls are standard, and the grips are large.

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