4 Common CZ 712 G2 Problems New Users May Not Aware of

With the practically custom-made feel, smooth trigger pull, and durable construction, the CZ 712 G2 fires perfectly. Nevertheless, you should be aware of several CZ 712 G2 issues before making rash selections.

The most common issues with the CZ 712 G2 shotgun are stovepipe, choke tube, shell reliability, and blowing-up problems.

The reasons and solutions to these problems will be covered in this article. Let’s move on to the actual details.

Features and Specifications of CZ 712 G2

  • Action                            Semiautomatic
  • Pistol Ammo Type:        HomeDefense
  • Metal finish:                   Matte; chrome
  • Gauge/bore:                   12
  • Product weight:             6.6pounds
  • Drop at comb (in.):         1.4375
  • Length of pull (in.):        14.5
  • Barrel length (in.):         20
  • Drop at heel (in.): 2.25
  • Handedness:                   Right
  • Cylinder capacity:         4+1
  • Product Length (in.):      41
  • Chamber Length (in.):    3
  • Stock:                           Synthetic
CZ 712 G2 Problems
CZ 712 G2

Common CZ 712 G2 Problems and Solutions

Stovepipe issuesAvoid racking the slide.
Choke tube issuesUse flush choke.
Shell’s reliability issuesRemove the dirt from the trigger assembly using a solvent or carb cleaning.  
Blowing up issuesBuy name-brand ammunition to reduce the possibility of blowing up.

1. Stovepipe Issues

When the user is prepared to shoot with the CZ 712 G2 shotgun, they can only load one bullet at a time. They occasionally have a jam similar to a stovepipe when the empty shell does not entirely expel from the side.

Only one bullet may fire at a time; thus, the bolt locks back and misses the shell. In a setting of competition, self-defense, or fighting, this is unquestionably a severe issue.

The Fix

Stovepipes may result in numerous problems, including a faulty magazine, subpar ammunition, a dirty shotgun, or a broken recoil spring of your CZ 712 G2 shotgun. 

Stovepipes are a severe problem if they start to occur frequently with your rifle. Racking the slide is a crucial thing to avoid when a stovepipe malfunctions.

A double feed failure might result from this, which is more challenging to fix and leaves live ammo on the surface.

Instead of racking the slide, sweep your palm across the top of the slide to remove the spent case while keeping an eye on the pistol’s muzzle. 

After cleaning the stovepipe, check that the shotgun slide is in the battery by tapping the rear of the slide. Furthermore, shoot the handgun as usual.

2. Choke Tube Issues

The possibility that the choke tubes break is an often-disregarded issue when they do not work correctly. With less than 50 bullets fired through a CZ 712 G2 shotgun, the choke tube can occasionally break, and the barrel can bend.

Extended chokes can prevent damage to the barrel itself but can also smash a choke tube. Using a choke tube that is too tight is a typical issue with choke tubes that reduces performance.

The Fix

If users do not adequately store or adequately protect their choke tubes, damage will result. Flush choke tubes of the inside barrel protect the area from external pressure.

So, if you are concerned about damaging the choke tube of your CZ 712 G2 shotgun, use a flush choke. It would help if you also resisted the impulse to push extended chokes against walls.

To ensure a choke is functioning correctly, you should frequently check for bulges, dents, and bends. When your shotgun is not in use, store the choke tubes in a choke tube case.

Choke tube bulges, cracks, and pellet scouring indicate a defective choke tube and subpar ammunition. Use proper choke tube and ammo for your shotgun.

3. Shell Reliability Issues

Many users make complaints about their CZ 712 G2 shotgun’s reliability. It does not cycle shells reliably. It does fine in slugs and buckshot. But it fails to cycle the shells at or under 1200 fps.

The issue frequently occurs after 200 rounds on the range. As a result, the shotgun fails to eject or cycle on several types of ammo.

The Fix

Use grease or oil to stop rust on every surface of your CZ 712 G2 shotgun to avoid problems with the dependability of the rounds. Remove the dirt from the trigger assembly using a solvent or carb cleaning.

Apply Rem oil coating on every part. On the bench, dry cycle it to ensure it would cycle. The shells will begin to loosen. Lifting the thick layer of Rem oil on it, bring it to the range.

Clean out all the extra oil after the break-in, and then run it. It will have an impact. Additionally, confirm that the spaces between your gas rings are 180 degrees apart.

Examine the feed ramp’s breakable components that cause the issue. Check the shells whether these are in a good situation or not.

4. Blowing Up Issues

The CZ 712 G2 has a danger of blowing up. It makes the shotgun occasionally awful to operate. Shooting with a gun on a range is always fun. But regrettably, the shotgun sometimes blows up.

You risk suffering from minor scratches, body parts loss, and even fatality whenever this shotgun produces an explosion. The problem relies on the weapon’s caliber and other elements, whether you use any ammunition.

The Fix

There are many different causes that your CZ 712 G2 may blow out. An overheated round is one such scenario. That might be brought on by using too much powder or a kind of powder that burns too quickly and builds up a lot of peak pressure.

Buy name-brand ammunition to reduce the possibility of being overcharged. Before loading, be sure you visually check the rounds for similar length and shape.

Put a round aside if it seems too short or just off in some way. Never shoot a round that does not suit perfectly on the shotgun. Examine the firing pin, which might break and cause the problem.

The dirty barrel can also cause the issue. To avoid this significant problem, keep your shotgun clean.

Users’ Feedback on CZ 712 G2

The CZ 712 G2 is the subject of contradictory customer comments, most unfavorable due to the gun’s flaws.

According to my research, customers of the CZ 712 G2 have a severe problem with the blowing up issue.

Due to filthy barrels, overcharged rounds, and the wrong ammunition, a CZ 712 G2 shotgun explodes. It has the potential to injure a user seriously. 

But I have already discussed how customers can address blown issues rapidly.

Consequently, some clients are concerned about the shotgun’s stovepipe problems.

Several users of the CZ 712 G2 have great faith in their shotgun, even though many consumers have reported various issues with it.

They assert that the CZ 712 G2 is a more reasonably priced variation of a durable and practical double-barreled shotgun.

New users can read an in-depth analysis to understand more about the Stoeger Double Defense shotgun. https://blog.cheaperthandirt.com/review-cz-712-12-gauge-tactical-shotgun/

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ 712 G2

I researched the CZ 712 G2 shotgun’s characteristics, accuracy, usage, and specs to determine the three best alternatives.

Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 shotgun succeeded over several competitors and is praised for being incredibly dependable, having crisp looks, and having light perceived recoil.

Mossberg 930 SPX

The Mossberg 930 SPX provides the top three characteristics of a decent shotgun: durability, power, and accuracy.

Stoeger M3500

The M3500 semi-auto shotgun from Stoeger is excellent, both subjectively and financially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of CZ 712 G2?


Is the CZ 712 G2 gas operated?

CZ 712 is tried-and-true gas operated.

What does CZ stand for guns?

CZ refers to Česká Zbrojovka, which means Czech Armory.

Who makes CZ USA shotguns?

It is owned by the Czech holding company Colt CZ Group SE.


It does not matter that you are a new or an established shooter, you may face Stoeger Double Defense problems at any moment.

For this purpose, I have examined the Stoeger Double Defense problems’ most probable source and resolutions in as much depth as possible.

Before going to the service center, confirm that you know how to recognize, handle, and solve any problems described accurately.

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