Browning 2000 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Browning 2000 is a vintage gun and people continue to be captivated by its X-factor charm! They are incredibly dependable and beautifully made, which is why so many individuals have shot them extensively since the 1980s.

However, even angels get banished from heaven when they disobey their master. The 2000 is a mere firearm! The most common problems with the Browning 2000 are: eject problems, ammo causing jamming, bolt not returning and trigger issue.

I will give you the solution to these common Browning 2000 issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Browning 2000:

Caliber12 and 20 gauge
Product weight121.6 ounces
Product length49.75 inches
CapacityFive 2 3/4″ shells
Barrel length30 inches
Barrel MaterialSpecial Steel Barrel
Browning 2000 Problems
Browning 2000

Common Browning 2000 Problems and Solutions

Eject ProblemsTroubleshoot RSA and firing pin.
Ammo Causing JammingBreak in with heavy load ammo. Assemble the gas components in correct order.
Bolt Not ReturningLight gun oil spray to the port newr the trigger to pop bolt open.
Trigger IssueClean and troubleshoot the firing pin and the trigger areas.

1. Eject Problems

It does not frequently expel spent ammunition. They must be manually ejected. Especially, the firearm has issues with ejecting lighter loads.

The Fix

A thorough cleaning of the stock would include the cleaning of the recoil spring. And the firearm must be adequately greased with Breakfree CLP or RemOil.

Ensure that the recoil spring is neither corroded nor gummed up. Examine the firing pin thoroughly as well.

The RSA and the pin were produced for approximately seven years from 1974 and 1981. These parts should still be accessible.

2. Ammo and Misassembly Causing Jamming

With some specific ammo, there is a jamming issue with this gun. Every other time, the Browning 2000 would either eject but not load the next shell.

Or it would partially eject but leave the shell caught in the ejector port.

The Fix

These firearms featured both 2 3/4″ and 3″ chambered barrels. When firing light loads through a 3″ barrel, ejection problems will arise. The Belgium B2000 barrels are not designed for steel shot.

In addition, the gas valve, which is placed at the muzzle end of the magazine tube, contains multiple components. Each component must be constructed correctly.

That is, in the correct order and facing the correct direction. Verify that you have assembled this appropriately.

To adapt it to low brass, you’re supposed to cycle a box or two of high brass shells through it. In addition, perform a thorough strip cleaning.

3. Bolt Not Returning

On occasion, during the initial round, the bolt is in the open position and begins to release, but suddenly stops. It cannot be closed in these few instances.

The Fix

The gas system components or the shell carrier/elevator may be causing the bolt to stop halfway.

One thing to do is to spray a lightweight gun oil into the port situated near the trigger. Roll it around to coat everything, and then begin to manipulate the bolt. It will release after thirty seconds.

4. Trigger Sticking

Upon pulling the trigger to shoot, it may feel mushy and sticky. It will not engage and the gun would not fire.

A second issue is that the gun fails to fire during subsequent shots because the trigger would not move.

The Fix

Remove the stock and inspect the firing pin springs. If they are in good condition, clean the entire system.

Unburnt powder and other debris can accumulate between the trigger and trigger guard. Remove the trigger assembly and clean it with a shot of gun cleaner. Also, when the trigger component is removed, ensure that the safety is not jammed.

Blow out any debris with compressed air, and then lightly lubricate the gun. Additionally, blow out and inspect the holes that the firing pins pass through in the receiver.

Ensure that they are not rusted or preventing the firing pin from moving freely.

Regarding failure of the subsequent shot, simply learn to remove your finger from the trigger between shots.

User Feedback on Browning 2000

Users seem to be quite forgiving of this gun! They sing many praises despite its faults!

They have utilized it for deer hunting, trapping, sporting clays, dove hunting, and tournament skeet. Additionally, in over 10K rounds, most people have never had a problem.

After shooting, they do advise disassembling it and cleaning everything to avoid any reliability issues. However, for certain people, it will never work adequately in really cold conditions.

The procedure of disassembling is not particularly challenging. However, there are a few parts to it that need to be put back in the right order. This is a crucial, but an interesting thing about the Browning 2000!

Additionally, you’ll discover how useful the left-handed loading port is. Users of the double auto know what I mean!

The reload is quite quick. If the gun is in excellent condition, having the barrel cut down and screw chokes fitted shouldn’t be too expensive.

However, many people would like the 30-inch for SC or trap shooting. And once you get used to it, it might even work for skeet.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Browning 2000

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Browning 2000 .380 semi-automatic revolver. 

Remington 1100

The Remington 1100’s gas operation can occasionally restrict the types of ammunition that will consistently discharge. However, it also results in less recoil sensation.

Browning A5

The A-5 is the ultimate vintage automatic shotgun. It has a recoil-operated mechanism that can discharge any shell you want to feed it by adjusting the internal friction rings.

Some people don’t like the way these weapons operate when they recoil (it kicks a little more), but that’s also part of what makes them special.

Benelli Montefeltro

The Monte is the best option due to its superb appearance, lightweight, and ability to manage both the field and sporting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where was the Browning 2000 made?


Is the Browning 2000 30” the better semi-auto?

Users report that the 28” Browning 2000 is a better semi-auto than the 30”

How many parts inside the Browning 2000 are plastic?

They have six plastic parts inside.

What type of gun is the Browning 2000?

A very high-end gas-operated shotgun.

What is the barrel configuration of the Browning 2000?

On the same weapon, the operator can switch between 3″ magnum barrels and 2 3/4″ barrels.


The Browning 2000 is one hell of a gun to shoot! I believe you will enjoy it a lot if you take the time to learn how to disassemble and clean the gas system when it is required.

It has this awesome pattern, is a very well-built pistol, and is easy to shoot. You won’t experience any issues if you clean your gun after each use.

So in my researched opinion, you can go for it if you want something different!

  1. I have 2 and both have had a similar problem. I had used one 1975 model for years with a 32in full choke barrel and no problems but all of a sudden it would fire the 1st shell, eject and then the trigger would jam, or hang up and it would not fire the 2nd shell. I would have to manually cycle the bolt and then it would fire a few times but stop again. I bought new trigger assemblies and that seems to have cured it. It was me taking it to a gunsmith, who didn’t find anything wrong, cleaning multiple times, and new springs, before I just happened to see a little info online about the hanging trigger. Anyone out there with any thoughts ??

  2. In the 70’s me and a buddy both bought one at the same time. Mine was flawless but he had trouble in two areas.
    It did not like light bird loads in cold weather. But was fine with about anything with so called ‘high brass’.
    That was easily fixed by using better ammo instead of the absolute cheapest available.
    Then he discovered that the last piece that he replaced during reassembly was reversed, [concave cup direction].
    That fixed it. I tried Remington 1100’s and could not hit the side of a barn. The Browning 2000 was a natural point and
    shoot winner. I promise. And very low recoil.
    I can recommend this gun.

    1. Bought my 2000 in 1975. 28 inch modified. Has two port hole in the barrel mounting ring that the gasses vent through to operate ejecting spent shell. If the holes are not cleaned periodically will jam due to not enough gas vented to gas chamber. Next bought 32 inch magnum 3 inch,barrel. Great goose gun, had choke reamed to shoot steel. Never had a problem. Does not eject light loads due to single gas port hole instead of two. Love mine. So easy shooting and points great and light weight. Beautiful walnut.

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