Common Mossberg Patriot Problems and Their Solutions

A perfectly useful hunting rifle is the Mossberg Patriot. The Patriot combines cutting-edge technology with classic aesthetics and offers models to suit any taste. The Mossberg Patriot is a field-proven firearm that is appealing, precise, and loaded with features.

However, feeding issues, accuracy issues, locked bolts, bedding problems of this model will disappoint you.

Features & Specifications of Mossberg Patriot

Action Type: bolt action

Trigger: Lightning Bolt Action adjustable

Barrel: 22-inch, fluted and threaded

Rate of twist: 1:8

Stock: wood with polymer overlay, gray and black

Magazine/capacity: detachable, 5+1

Sights: None, pre-installed Picatinny rail

Overall Length: 42.25 inches

Weight: 6.5 lbs.

MSRP: $766

Mossberg Patriot Problems
Mossberg Patriot

Common Mossberg Patriot Problems and Solutions

Feeding IssueSort the magazine properly
Accuracy IssueAdjust the trigger, tight the screw
Locked boltUse oil, and rags to clean the kit
Bedding ProblemClean the bolts

Feeding Issue

In a double stack box magazine, the tip of every other round (right side) and always the final round on the right is fed up into the top area directly above the receiver and become trapped there.

Some users mentioned it as magazine issues too.

The Fix

Make sure the magazine is seated and inserted correctly first. Issues with feeding may arise if the magazine is unsecured.

Additionally, make sure there are no obstructions or debris in the chamber that could be the cause of the issue.

Finally, if the problem persists, you might need to take the weapon to a gunsmith or get in touch with the maker.

Accuracy Issue

Accuracy will be drastically reduced by any misalignment, incorrect rifling, muzzle crown, or thread pitch damage.

Accuracy decline or inconsistency can be attributed to a number of all-too-common problems that are usually disregarded.

The Fix

To identify the ammo your rifle shoots best with if you are not reloading, you will need to test a box of as many different brands and bullet weights as you can. The price of that ammo is negligible.

You must take a few actions. One is pulling the trigger. The trigger on your weapon can be adjusted. Additionally, tighten each stock and sight screw.

Don’t test for groups with a bipod, either. Although they are cool, they are not stable enough. Utilize sandbags.

Even after all of that, your rifle might still only shoot with hunting accuracy. Consistent hunting accuracy outperforms ineffective one-hole groups every day.

Locked Bolt Issue

This issue might occur with a dirty bore. Any potential for dirt or lacquer-like buildup from the occasionally used cheesy protection. 

Any machining pieces that get lodged in the chamber or the bolt might lock. Fitting pin cannot properly exit because of some form of filth.

The Fix

In order to get the bolt to move easily, use rags, oil, and a cleaning kit to explore the cracks and crevices.

Magazines are another cause of bolts that won’t lock back. They come with a variety of sizes and materials, so your rifle can fit with them. Find mags that prevent the bolt from closing after the final bullet has been fired.

Bedding Problem

The gun’s lack of accuracy and consistency has been complained about by several users. Bedding issues include too much or too little hardening of the bedding when the action is pulled down in the stock.

The Fix

Action bolts should be cleaned and the red lock-tite substance on the threads should be removed.

Purchase a torque screwdriver, and tighten my stock screws up to the maximum tension Mossberg recommends for the rifle.

User Feedback on Mossberg Patriot

The accuracy of this rifle is disappointing. The fundamental issue is that the construction method simply forbids additional beds or pillars.

Many users have voiced their displeasure with the magazine. The magazine appears to be intended for a Nerf gun. Additionally, a plastic-only add-on component is a magazine well. Plastic even makes up the catch.

Whatever you want to call it—clean, traditional, old-school, or even plain vanilla—the Patriot represents a style and shooting platform that have been around for more than 50 years.

And its popularity proves that America is still not done with them, especially given that they can be purchased for under $500.

Top 3 Alternative Guns

Nosler 21

The Nosler 21 is an excellent hunting rifle that, after careful consideration, took home our Editor’s Choice prize in 2022-gun test.

The Nosler 21 is an excellently balanced all-purpose hunting rifle that is portable and does not share the shortcomings and downsides of many ultralight rifles, such as their tendency to be inaccurate.

Browning X-Bolt Western Hunter

Even though Browning offers the AB3 Series at an even lower cost, the X-Bolt Series provides a more advanced shooting experience. Additionally, here is a wonderful area to stretch up another tier if you’re trying to boost the ante while staying within your means.

HOWA 1500 Houge Bolt Action

The Hogue series from HOWA offers good performance at a fair price. The rifle has a wonderful feel thanks to a soft-touch coating. Additionally, a HACT two-stage trigger produces a sharp shot, and the bolt action is smooth and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Mossberg Patriot is manufactured where?

Pump-action, lever-action, and auto-loading rifles, as well as over/under, auto-loading, and bolt-action shotguns, are all available from Mossberg. Parts made in Mexico and the US are used in manufacturing in Turkey and the US.

Is a Mossberg Patriot a youth weapon?

For younger shooters just starting out in hunting, Mossberg has created the Patriot Youth Super Bantam Rifle.


Let’s face it, owing to the price point, this is intended firmly at the rookie hunter, semi-regular hobbyist hunter, or more experienced hunter who has a very restricted budget. However, anyone from a novice to elite-level hunter could take this weapon on a hunt and bag a prize.

The Patriot will be able to compete in a market segment with other excellent models because to its adaptability, and the fact that it looks the finest of the bunch certainly helps.

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  1. Check to see if the front mounting screw of the Picatinny rail does not have enough depth in the tapped hole to fully seat in the rail countersink. Either the hole and threads are not deep enough or the screw is too long, and the screw bottoms out. This leaves just the rear screw holding the rail tight to the action. This is a very subtle problem and the height of the front screw needs to be measured with a caliper or depth mic and compared to the rear screw to see if the front screw is fully seated. I ground the screw about 0.020 inches shorter and that was enough to solve the problem. 1/2 MOA after repair.

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