CZ 720 Problems And Troubleshooting

CZ is the rebrand of Huglu, a company with a 75-year history of making shotguns. The old-world design and craftsmanship become apparent every time you pick up one of their shotguns.

The model has some known issues that new buyers should be aware of. Such as jamming, cycling issue, shell not being picked up etc. may give headache to the users.

In this article, I will discuss the various CZ 720 problems and how to troubleshoot them easily.

Features & Specifications of CZ 720:

  • Caliber:20 gauge
  • Safety:Cross Bolt
  • Length Of Pull: 14.5”
  • Capacity: 4+1 rounds
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • Barrel length: 28”
  • Finish: Matte-Black Chrome
  • Vent Rib: 8mm
CZ 720 Problems
CZ 720

Common CZ 720 Problems And Solutions

Shell doesn’t get picked up and chamberedClean the wells on the vent rib and rust along the well.
Unit jammedClean and lube the gun properly.
Cycling issueReplace the piston.
Units catching fire or blowing upAbstain from using heavy-duty rounds. Contact CZ and get the unit replaced.

1. Shell Doesn’t Get Picked up and Chambered

This issue is seen on units that were kept in safes for a long time and not used very frequently when bought. Unfired units that were loaded with rounds also had this issue.

This is a common feeding issue among shotguns and nothing to be concerned about. 

The Fix

This issue surfaces because of rust gathering on the wells on the vent rib and around the well.

This fix is very easy. A thorough cleaning and rust removal will mostly get rid of the issue. This article shows disassembly and cleaning methods for a shotgun.

If it persists disassemble the gun and check if the o ring is intact. If it is broken then contact CZ for a replacement part and that will take care of the problem.

2. Unit Jammed

A shotgun gets jammed because interior parts get dried up and start to catch rust in them.

According to my study, The barrel, the trigger, and the spring collect carbon residue and start to degrade or rust. That causes the interior to be dried up and the units to get jammed.

The Fix

Simply taking the firearm apart, cleaning and applying lube oil or rem oil will fix the problem.

You will find Carbon and Polin residue inside. Take a clean cloth spray some rem oil on it and rub it against the feed ramp.

First, take the gun apart. Start with one part of the interior at a time. Take a towel and spray some rem oil on it.

Then spray rem oil on the part that you want to clean and rub the towel through that part. Then take another dry cloth and rub the excess oil off.

Repeat the process until you’ve cleaned all the parts and it will fix the jamming issues.

3. Cycling Issue

There are quite a few reasons for a shotgun to have cycling issues. A broken piston is on top of that list.

For this particular model, there are certain types of ammunition that the gun doesn’t like and that can also cause shells to not cycle automatically or get stuck inside the mag.

Another possible reason is a degraded O-ring.

The Fix

CZ 720 has issues with 3” magnums and doesn’t cycle them reliably. So try not to get used to 3” ammunition only.

If the O-ring is degraded try cleaning it up or contact CZ for replacement parts and a manual. Simply replace the o ring to get the issue fixed.

Open up the chamber and see if the piston is in one piece. If not send the unit back to the company and they will replace the piston.

4. Units Catching Fire Or Blowing Up

Some of the earlier units were reported to have blown up or caught fire. No harm befell the users as they were only using the gun to shoot traps. But it was a serious issue and it can resurface again.

The gun doesn’t handle heavy ammunition like 3” magnum very well. When used for rapid shots the trigger gets jammed and forcing it to shoot and get the round out creates a spark and the unit catches fire.

Another reason for this is a broken firing pin. The pin snaps and remains stuck in the forward position.

While reloading the shotshell gets pushed towards the chamber not by the face of the bolt but by the firing pin. The result is that the shot shell blows up before entering the chamber totaling the shotgun.

The Fix

There is no solution to this problem apart from not using heavy-duty ammunition.

CZ did not even issue a recall and replaced the blown-up units. The number of units that did blow up wasn’t very high.

If you see smoke coming out of the barrel and jammed rounds inside your unit then it is time to get the unit replaced.

User Feedback on The CZ 720

Customer Feedback on the CZ 720 is very positive. There are very few reported issues and the faulty units were replaced by the company so users were satisfied with the purchase.

As I’ve already explained above, the only real issue with this gun is that it doesn’t handle the 3” ammunition very well.

Most users who bought the CZ 720 have nothing but good to say about the shotgun.

A user over on the CZ forum said a lot of nice things about this gun. They said the gun was reliable, light and easy to carry for long periods of bird shooting. They had used the shotgun for over 4 years.

Users have also said that it is not a heavy-duty shotgun and to keep in mind that it makes a funny sound when cycling due to the alloy. All the users seemed to like it for the price.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ 720

By analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance, I have determined the three best alternatives to the CZ 720.

Remington 1100

The recoil reduction in the Remington 1100 is a great advantage over the 870 models. This one is a bit barrel heavy but it delivers the same level of performance and that is why this is in the running.

Weatherby SA-08

This shotgun has a dual piston system and can load light and heavy depending on the type of ammunition used which gives it a slight edge. This is a very good alternative to the CZ 720 20ga.

Tri-Star Viper G2

The Viper G2 is on the same price level as the CZ 720. Performs identical and is a lightweight option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does CZ 720 cost?

The CZ 720 is sold at an MSRP of $565.

Who makes CZ shotguns?

A company named Huglu makes them. It is located in Turkey and has over 75 years’ worth of experience manufacturing shotguns.

What is better gas or inertia shotgun?

For high-volume shooting, a clean gas gun is better. If you’re only interested in home defense then get an inertia shotgun.

What does CZ stand for?

Česká Zbrojovka, which means Czeck Armory. It is a registered trade mark.


The CZ 720 is a very good option if you are looking for a moderately small shotgun for home defense or light hunting.

That is why I have gone over the possible reasons and solutions to the CZ 720 problems as clearly as possible.

Make sure to clean the shotgun now and then to have it running smoothly.

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