5 Common Problems with Rock Island Meriva Problems and Solutions

In addition to the chrome finish, the Meriva has two further benefits that are instantly obvious. Unlike the tiny magazine caps on the Akkar and Citadel shotguns, this shotgun’s magazine cap is big and fluted, making it considerably simpler to remove and tighten.

However, you will also have to deal with these issues. These faults include shells that won’t load, trigger problems, jamming, inability to feed, and a few more. But don’t worry just yet; there are solutions to these problems.

Before we go any further, let’s look at this shotgun’s specifications.

Features & Specifications of Rock Island Meriva:

Caliber12 gauge
Weight5.9lbs when empty
Length40.15 inches
Capacity 5+1 rounds
Barrel length18.5 inches 
Rock Island Meriva Problems
Rock Island Meriva

Common Rock Island Meriva Problems and Solutions

JammingFollow the given instructions
Awkward hand positionModify the shotgun
Double feedChange magazine and follow the instruction
Shell not loadingTry a different combination of shell and magazine
Subpar build qualitySend to RIA when facing issues

1. Jamming

Parts of the weapon that were made with shoddy craftsmanship may snag or attach to one another.  In the case of this shotgun shoddy craftsmanship is to be blamed most for jamming.

Poor maintenance results in the excessive buildup and can make components stick. Cheap ammo may hasten this accumulation or even leave behind pieces that may become lodged in moving components and bind the weapon.

The Fix:

Here is what to do:

  • Your fore-end has a nut that may be removed.
  • Not the hand you fire with, but the portion of your non-dominant hand.
  • Take out the nut.
  • On the barrel, pull. The entire assembly will disassemble.
  • The stuck shell will now release itself. Deactivate the shotgun.
  • Reverse the procedure while assembling the gun.

It is best to do it under the supervision of someone with experience if you have not done it before.

2. Awkward Hand Position

You will have to stretch your hand a bit more than its counterparts like Remingtons and Mossbergs. It goes to a point where it could seem downright uncomfortable if you are smaller arms.

As the shotgun was designed in this way, so only the manufacturer can explain the reason behind this design. But, in hindsight, it makes the shooting uncomfortable.

The Fix:

There is no fix except if you are willing to mod it. You could modify it all the way to make the fore-end closer. But keep in mind it could void the warranty.

Otherwise, you will have to get used to it.

3. Double Feed

This usually results from the gun failing to extract a spent case from the chamber before trying to feed a live round from the magazine. Clearing a double feed is completely different than any other stoppage.

The Fix:

Steps to clear double feed are:

  • The slide must first be locked back. This relieves pressure on the rounds that are the cause of the double feed.
  • After that, pull the magazine out. The magazine frequently won’t fall loose on its own, so you must actively remove it.
  • To remove the bullets from the chamber, repeatedly rack the slide.
  • Your magazine should be reinserted, or better yet, a new one should be substituted. A poor magazine causes several stoppages.
  • If you think you need to shoot again, rack the slide.

4. Shell Not Loading

The reasons could be:

  • You have poor shells.
  • Your magazine is faulty.
  • You’re using the incorrect gun shells.
  • Your approach is flawed.

In no particular order.

The Fix:

You should initially try switching out shells and magazines. You should take it to a gunsmith if that does not work.

Many people are mechanically inclined, and they can identify the problem with anything that isn’t performing well by looking at it. However, if you are clueless, you should take it to a gunsmith.

5. Subpar Build Quality

Rock Island Meriva is one of the cheapest pump action shotguns you will find on the market. To keep the production cost low, they had to cut a few corners.

The quality of this shotgun has been compromised due to cost-cutting. Most of the problems in this shotgun would not have existed if they used quality material and design.

The Fix:

As the overall quality is subpar there is not much you can do. Make sure to use it in the proper manner and do not over-stress the shotgun. Also, use recommended shells and settings.

In case of different problems and issues, send it to RIA if possible.

User Feedback on Rock Island Meriva

With this shotgun, you will get what you paid for. There aren’t many ways where a pump action can go wrong. And, with Meriva, Rock Island hit everything almost right. But, do not expect premium performance from a gun that cost less than $200.

As a user said on thegunforum that his piece never bothered him, there are quite a few posts claiming such. If you take care of this shotgun, use it properly, and don’t overstress then it will serve you fine.

On the other hand, there have been claims of various faults of this gun. One such example is not loading the shell. Although, problems like these are quite easily solvable. This shotgun has quite a few problems but you will find a solution for these problems with some effort.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Rock Island Meriva

Mossberg Maverick 88

Numerous aftermarket accessories made to suit shotguns in the Mossberg 500 series are compatible with the weapon, although the trigger groups cannot be changed. In terms of dependability, it surpasses Meriva.

Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982

Simply put, the Hawk Model 982 is a Chinese imitation of the well-liked Remington Model 870. Though in terms of design, it resembles the 870. It will be less expensive than the Meriva.

Savage-Stevens 320 Security Pump

The Stevens 320 Security Pump is created as an economical, no-frills home defense weapon that may be acquired in a number of various configurations, depending on your tastes, and is based on the tried-and-true design of the well-known Winchester Model 1300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Rock Island Armory Meriva a good shotgun?

The Rock Island Armory Meriva, like the others, proved dependable. Even the cheapest pump-action shotguns don’t have any function trouble.

Who makes Meriva shotguns?

The Rock has a decent reputation and considerable love among shooters. It is undoubtedly the world’s least costly 1911 with good dependability.

Are Rock Island guns any good?

The Armscor Rock Island Armory Meriva Standard shotgun is a multi-purpose tactical shotgun that is suited for home protection, hunting, or competition.

Who makes Rock Island Armory shotguns?

Armscor designs and manufactures them in Marikina, Philippines, and Armscor USA distributes them in the United States.

Can you buy directly from Rock Island Armory?

No, you will have to buy through Armscor.


Any type of firearm, made by any company, occasionally has issues. even if the issues stated above only apply to a few parts. You shouldn’t, however, take the chance that it won’t function as a self-defense tool when you need it.

To ensure that the gun performs effectively, stick to all maintenance schedules and attend to the range as often as practicable.

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