Remington V3 Problems and The Solutions

In 2015, Remington Arms released the V3, a semiautomatic shotgun powered by a gas piston. Currently, there is a great deal of interest in the Remington V3. There are some excellent options with this model, but there are also some issues.

Common Remington V3 difficulties include jamming, the bolt getting stuck, loading troubles, ammunition sensitivity, and the gun not feeding from the magazine.

You will have an understanding of the potential causes and solutions to these problems after reading this article. Okay, so let’s begin.

Features & Specifications of Remington V3:

  • Action: Semi-automatic gas-operated
  • Gauge: 12                                
  • Product Weight: 7.25 Pounds
  • Pull Length: 14.25 Inches
  • Overall Length: 47 or 49Inches
  • Capacity: 3+1 rounds
  • Chamber: 3 Inches
  • Barrel Length: 26 or 28 Inches
  • Receiver Material: Aluminum   

Common Remington V3 Problems and Solutions

JammingClean the ejector springs
Bolt StuckRemove the carbon buildup from the bolt carrier
Problems Is Loading CartridgesUse lubricant to solve issues
Failure To FeedUse Different Ammo
Ammunition SensitivityUsing different / better ammo
Barrel IssuesContact Remington for bent barrel. Clean the dirt with cleaner.

1. Jamming

Jamming issues with your shotgun are annoying, and it’s even more so when you are aiming at your target.

Fortunately, there are only a few potential causes for a jam in your Remington V3. Buildup of dirt or debris in the pistol is the most typical cause of jams. Fixing the issue with a short cleaning should be possible.

The Fix:

The ejector springs on the barrel need replacement or cleaning. Also, the ejector/springs in the bolt either needs replacement or cleaning.

In case of further difficulty, try resetting the springs. They may be damaged or worn out to the point where replacement is necessary.

Replacement of springs is a job that can be done by just about anyone with a few basic tools in their garage.

You can maintain your Remington V3 working smoothly and avoid irritating jams with a little amount of maintenance.

2. Bolt Stuck

The Remington V3 bolt may become stuck after almost 30 shots. After cleaning it still may not work.

The bolts are pretty sluggish. When the shell is to be ejected, the bolt carrier assembly fails because the bolt head becomes immobilized within the bolt body.

A buildup of carbon on the bolt carrier is likely the cause of this issue. When firing rapidly or at a high rate of speed, this can occur.

The Fix:

If the bolt is stuck in their V3, Put the bolt’s handle in as best you can while it is stuck. Then, you can pull it back a little and it should move to a more backward position.

If you put it back together the way you took it apart, it should go all the way forward. Then you can start putting it back together again.

You can use “CLP” to remove the accumulated carbon (cleaner, lubricant, protectant). It can be sprayed on the bolt carrier group with CLP and let it sit for a while. You can use it by using a fresh rag to wipe it down.

3. Loading Issues

When using the Remington V3, you may experience some severe shell loading issues. The magazine’s spring is not to blame.

It seems as if the shell is catching on something as you try to load it into the magazine tube. The shells are easy to push in, but they seem to get stuck in the final 1/4 inch.

Customer service at Remington said they didn’t know about this problem and thought that the magazine spring might be too tight. 

The Fix:

Having the gas pistons so close to the receiver also means that more carbon is being introduced into the receiver. RemOil, which has a low viscosity, can be used to reduce the amount of lubricant needed.

4. Failure to Feed

You may have trouble feeding with the Remington V3. What happens is that after the first shell has ejected and the second has loaded, the shell catches high and cannot be forced into the chamber without manual intervention. It is attached to the upper section of the barrel, or receiver.

There’s a chance that this occurs every 3 out of 50 times a gun is shot.The problem could be caused by the lifters on the shell being out of place.

The Fix:

The first thing you should do is try a different shell. The Winchester Super Targets works great.

The shell lifter’s contact with the shell release must be lubricated; after being lifted up many times to spread the lubricant, the lifter can be pulled back down by the spring. From now on, you should always lube that joint.

5. Ammunition Sensitivity

The Remington V3’s incompatibility with some ammunition types is one of its major drawbacks. If you plan on using it for hunting or self-defense, this could prove to be a serious issue.

The Fix:

The Remington Golden Bullet is the perfect ammunition, as is the Winchester and Hevi-Shot ammunition. Nitro and apex ammunition has been known to cause malfunctions in Remington rifles and shotguns, so avoid using them.

6. Barrel Issues

Some customers have issues with their brand-new Remington V3, and that is their barrel is bent. There is light coming out under the barrel in certain places and the Barrels with ribs are not parallel.

The presence of some rust-like residues inside the barrel can be found.

The rust originated in the barrel. The choke tube and threads on the original (bent rib) barrel may be corroded as well.

The Fix:

You can scrub the barrel and using various patches, brushes, CLP, and paper towels. The gun still rusts whenever a clean patch is pushed through. For those who are worried about rust spreading, you can disassemble the gun and look for any issues.

Call Remington and let them know. They will send a new barrel.

User Feedback on Remington V3

There have been mixed opinions about the Remington V3 on different forums and comments.

According to one reviewer, this shotgun has the smoothest and softest shot of any they’ve ever tested. When in use, it leaves behind almost no remnants.

Another one says, the firearm was well balanced right out of the box. Handles were stippled and made of strong plastic on the furniture.

A different reviewer pointed out that it is “fussy,” meaning that the same piston arrangement that works reliably with a 3-inch shell does not work with a 2-3/4-inch shell.

Other complaints include the fact that the forearm’s top vents direct gas upward and into your line of sight.

the Remington V3 kicks harder even with small target loads. Despite of the little flaws this shotgun is great.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington V3

Winchester SX3

Compared to the V3; the SX3 is slimmer, the oversized controls and trigger guard are easier to use, and the gun just seems to have more inherent quality and attention to detail than anything else in the price range.

Remington Versamax

The V3 only accepts 2 3/4- and 3-inch shells, unlike the Versa Max. The Versa Max’s longer receiver increases reach. The VM is a high-volume waterfowl shotgun.

Mossberg 930

Compared to the v3, the Mossberg 930 has a greater capacity (5) and is otherwise very mobile and ergonomically sound. The 930 costs somewhat more than the V3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Versa Max and V3?

Unlike the Versa Max, the V3 is chambered only for 23/4- and 3-inch shells.

How many shells does a Remington V3 hold?

The gun holds six rounds in the magazine, plus one in the chamber.

Is the Remington V3 drilled and tapped?

Yes. The receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope for turkey or deer hunting.

What is the Remington V3 TAC 13?

Well, the Remington V3 uses a unique configuration of two operating springs in the receiver.


As thoroughly as possible, I have discussed Remington V3 shotgun problems, their causes, and solutions.

However, the offered solutions may not be sufficient to address the problems you are experiencing.

In such situations, it is preferable to talk with a gunsmith or mail the firearm to Remington.

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