4 Stoeger M3500 Problems New Users Should Know

The M3500 comes up with a vented, stepped rib and a fiber-optic front sight that allow shooters to engage targets quickly. However, a few Stoeger M3500 drawbacks can make you concerned while using the gun.

Feeding, jamming, cycling, and bolt handle issues are the most typical Stoeger M3500 complaints.

This article will go over the probable causes and solutions to these problems. So, let us now get into details.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger M3500:

Caliber12 Gauge
Length of Pull14-3/8″
Chambered For2-3/4″, 3″, 3-1/2″
Barrel length26″, 28″
Receiver FinishBlued, Mossy Oak Bottomland, etc.
Stock FinishBlack Synthetic, Mossy Oak Bottomland, etc.
Stoeger M3500 Problems
Stoeger M3500

Common Stoeger M3500 Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssueDisassemble the recoil tube, and clean the tube and magazine spring.
Cycling IssueClean the gun properly. Apply a light coat of oil to the magazine, tube inside the receiver, and bolt groves.
Failure to FeedPlace the magazine properly. Lubricate the magazine tube’s outside.
Bolt IssueClean the ball that may be jammed down there into the bolt.

1. Jamming Issue

Having a jamming issue with a gun is nothing new, it is possible that you may face the same issue with the M3500.

Many clients have expressed concern about the gun jamming and ejecting the discharged shotshell from the chamber. The extractor or bolt extracts the shell from the chamber but does not “flip” it out of the gun or chamber section.

The Fix

A common problem always has easy solutions. If you are having jamming issues with your beloved M35000, try to disassemble the recoil tube, and clean the tube and magazine spring.

Remove the trigger assembly and thoroughly clean it. Examine the back of the receiver as well, where the bolts move back and stop. There might be a building up there.

If your gun has a rod and spring in the butt stock, you should also remove the butt pad and clean the spring and rod. This area is prone to significant buildup and is frequently missed during cleaning.

Users need to remember that the magazine spring is always the core source in terms of causing the jamming issues.

2. Cycling Issue

Another typical issue with the Stoeger M3500 is difficulty with cycling. After the initial shot, the action sometimes remains open, as if there is no more ammo in the rifle.

If you use it in cold weather, the problem may occur. Moreover, if there is a feeding problem, there will very certainly be a cycling problem.

Cycling can occur if shells aren’t powerful enough to eject the shell every time.

The Fix

If the gun does not feed the next round from the mag tube, something is preventing the cartridge drop lever from moving up and doing its function, causing the gun to appear empty and remain open.

You can try firing the gun with expended ammunition in such a case.

After cleaning and drying the gun, apply a light coat of oil to the magazine, tube inside the receiver, and bolt groves.

When the action slows or sticks at the skeet range, spray rem oil on the magazine tube and receiver.

3. Failure to Feed

With the M3500, having feeding problems is nothing new. Magazines often cause problems. You may frequently have feeding problems if the magazine is set incorrectly or there is dirt in the mag.

The Fix

Users should ensure that the magazine is fully seated. A simple “tap” on the bottom of the magazine followed by racking the slide sets everything straight.

Users should remember that the magazine may include a tiny cutout that makes contact with the inside of the magazine catch and secures the magazine inside the frame. The magazine may be completely ruined if there is damage close to the cut-out.

If the magazine is obstructed by dirt, it may not fully seat, which would result in the slide “skipping over” and totally missing the subsequent cartridge in the magazine.

Make sure to gently lubricate the outside of the magazine tube where the spring rests. Use high-quality oil, such as CLP, FP-10, or Militec.

Additionally, check to see that the lugs of the bolt revolve in clear, burr-free channels.

4. Bolt Problem

According to some M3500 users, the bolt can show you some serious issues.

The bolt handle spins smoothly after being inserted into the bolt and encounters no resistance at all. However, after a few firings, the bolt handle does not re-engage with the bolt.

Stoeger M3500 bolt may also get stuck halfway.

The Fix

Look inside the handle hole after removing the bolt properly. A little ball that may be jammed down should be visible.

Spray some cleaner on the ball, then use a paper clip or tiny screwdriver to lubricate the ball and repeatedly press it into the bore until it is free. Before you put it back together, try the handle in the bolt to check whether it locks in.

However, users can notice that the bolt handle requires almost the same amount of force to insert as to remove.

The bolt carrier itself has the potential to become jammed. There could be a problem with what it slides on or in, whether it’s the magazine tube that the ring rides over, the receiver’s way, or the back.

Remove the bolt carrier group and turn it 180 degrees backward while sliding the ring on to see whether the ring is catching anywhere on the magazine tube all the way back to where it would typically go.

If the ring easily slides over the tube, users should inspect inside to see if anything like dirt, for example, has gotten into the spaces where the bolt carrier travels.

If so, do not forget to clean the spaces.

User Feedback on Stoeger M3500

The majority of customer feedback on the Stoeger M3500 looks to be unfavorably owing to gun issues.

According to my research, jamming is a big problem for M3500 users.

Many users have reported that the gun shell only partly emerges before halting in the middle of the cycle. Even after completely cleaning the rifle and removing and lightly lubricating almost everything, the gun still jams.

However, I have already explained how users can quickly resolve jamming issues.

Moreover, a user stated that his 3500 operates admirably but occasionally goes into full auto mode twice. After the hunt, a thorough cleaning eliminates the problem.

Despite the fact that many users have various troubles with the M3500, some users have complete faith in their M3500.

According to a user, the M3500 is an excellent all-purpose shotgun that can come to use to hunt any animal.

Moreover, the user claimed that it is quite dependable, shoots straight, and can chamber nearly anything you put in it.

Read the full review on refactortactical.com to get detailed information about Stoeger M3500.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger M3500

I have chosen the three best options for the Stoeger M3500 by studying specifications, features, practicability, and performance.

Winchester SX4

The Winchester SX4 is an ultra-reliable, gas-powered semi-auto that costs less than $900. In terms of value, this rifle is incomparable.

Beretta A400

The Beretta A400 line of semi-automatic shotguns is the best choice for any outdoor hunting activity, including waterfowl, clay shooting, and many more.

Franchi Affinity 3

The Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun will make an excellent pigeon shooting and wildfowling gun; a superb all-rounder, and extremely good value for money for an Italian-made semi-auto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger M3500 cost?

The Stoeger M3500 costs around $699 to $729.99.

What can be the used price for the Stoeger M3500?

It can cost around $512.75.

How much does a Stoeger M3500 weigh?

The Stoeger M3500 weighs 7.8 lbs.

Where is the Stoeger M3500 made?

M3500 is made in Turkey.  


Stoeger’s M3500 semi-auto shotgun is a fantastic gun, not just in terms of pricing, but also in terms of quality.

However, it is a fact that even if you are a newbie or an experienced shooter, it is possible to face difficulties with your M3500.

That is why I have covered over through the possible causes and solutions to the Stoeger M3500 difficulties as thoroughly as possible.

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