4 Stoeger Double Defense Issues that New Users are Unaware of

A unique take on break action, the Stoeger Double Defense tactical shotgun combines contemporary features with accessibility and dependability. Still, before making snap decisions, you should be aware of some Stoeger Double Defense problems.

The most common Stoeger Double Defense shotgun complaints are on light primer strike, accuracy, stiff, and firing issues.

The reasons and solutions to these problems will be covered in this article. Let’s move on to the precise details.

Features and Specifications of Stoeger Double Defense

Caliber12 gauge (.729 inches)
ActionBreak open
Capacity2 rounds
Overall Length36 ½ inches
Barrel Length20″
Weight7.1 lbs. unloaded
ChokeFixed Improved Cylinder (IC)
Sightgreen fiber-optic front sight
Finishmatte blue metal, matte black stained     hardwood
Price:                            $479 (MSRP) 
Stoeger Double Defense Problems
Stoeger Double Defense

Common Stoeger Double Defense Problems and Solutions

Primer light strike issuesIdentify whether the issue persists on the ammo or gun.
Accuracy issuesCheck the barrel if it is damaged or not. Please upgrade it.
Stiff issuesAvoid cocking anything on the shotgun, and Lubricate it properly with suitable grease.
Firing issuesClean and lubricate the trigger area and Change the trigger group.

1. Light Primer Strike Issues

The Stoeger Double Defense shotgun’s light primer strike problems are a common concern among users. Every time they squeeze the trigger, it does not always go off. With several trigger improvements, light strikes are an unavoidable occurrence.

A light strike is often referred to as an FTF or failure-to-fire. The shotgun’s hammer descends when the shooters pull the trigger, but the weapon does not discharge. They thus become less confident when using the gun.

The Fix

The issue you are having may occur by a wide range of factors. Some may concern firearms, while others may concern ammo. The main priority is regaining trust in your Stoeger Double Defense shotgun.

Start by explicitly identifying whether the issue persists in the ammo or the gun. Changing ammo is the solution if only a specific brand or kind of ammunition is causing you problems.

In many cases, field stripping, cleaning, and lubricating the weapon following the owner’s handbook solve many shooting problems.

Make that there are no firing residues in the barrel’s chamber or on the breech face, particularly underneath the extractor’s hook.

If necessary, release the striker from the slide and clean the area where it operates to ensure it can move freely throughout its range of motion.

2. Accuracy Issues

There are instances when the sights for the Stoeger Double Defense shotgun will not sight in no matter how much you alter the air pressure and adjustment. A barrel alignment issue might be the root of this.

The shotgun is precise enough to carry out its intended function, but the top barrel’s minor misalignment necessitates a two-point deduction. However, the flaw is visible only while blasting slugs out of the top barrel, reducing accuracy.

The Fix

You must first ensure that barrel misalignment causes your Stoeger Double Defense shotgun’s accuracy problem. Look down the barrel from the center of the rear of your shotgun’s stock.

Additionally, look at the entire top of your shotgun from underneath. Barrel misalignment causes the accuracy issue of your shotgun if you notice that the barrel is damaged to one side. Upgrade it if you need.

Extreme barrel misalignments can result from poor storage, stacking too many weapons on top of one another.

It also can result from handling issues, manufacturing mistakes, or even transportation and handling. Avoid all of these with your shotgun to get the best accuracy.

3. Stiff Issues

Several shooters claim that the break open of the Stoeger Double Defense is too stiff after a round is fired. Breaking the action open, users need much force.

They need to slap it on their knee to open the action, which is a disadvantage. The problem is frequent among all users; some give up shooting with the shotgun. 

The Fix

As breaking open, the action of a Stoeger Double Defense shotgun also cocks the gun; it requires some force. You are cocking both hammers and engaging the ejectors after you have discharged both barrels and unlocked the shotgun.

The shotgun will feel stiff as you close it because you are cocking the strong ejector springs.

Since you are cocking nothing, just opening the shotgun, it feels simple to open it again without pulling the trigger.

Lubricate the shotgun with good grease at the barrel hinge, the front of the forend iron that contacts the receiver, and the front and rear of the barrel lugs. Proper lubrication on these surfaces will prevent the issue. 

4. Firing Issues

The Stoeger Double Defense shotgun’s firing problem is a common customer complaint. They assert that the shotgun’s two shots fire simultaneously. The problem does not only occur once.

It frequently fires both rounds simultaneously. The shotgun shoots two bullets with two trigger pulls when customers dry fire. 

However, when users load bullets, they fire two shots with a single trigger stroke which the users do not expect.

The Fix

If there is any debris in the trigger joint of your Stoeger Double Defense shotgun, it will automatically fire two shots, even if users pull one trigger.

To prevent the problem, users should clean and lubricate the shotgun trigger area well.

The thick oil that the company applied to protect the shotgun during transportation may damage the trigger bar.

As the trigger group causes the specific issue, changing it with a gunsmith usually cures the problem.

User Feedback on Stoeger Double Defense

Customers seem to have conflicting opinions about the Stoeger Double Defense, with most being unfavorable owing to the gun’s challenges.

My research indicates that consumers of Stoeger Double Defense have a severe problem with the stiff issue.

A Stoeger Double Defense shotgun’s action also cocks the gun; this needs some force. After users fire both barrels and unlock the shotgun, users are cocking both hammers and activate the ejectors.

Users are cocking the powerful ejector springs when they close the shotgun, which makes it feel rigid as they do so.

However, I’ve already covered how consumers may quickly resolve stiff problems.

Therefore, some customers worry about the shotgun’s inaccurate accuracy.

Even though many customers have various problems with the Stoeger Double Defense, many users have complete confidence in their shotgun.

They claim that the Stoeger Double Defense is a more affordable version of a double-barreled shotgun that is dependable and deadly.

New users may read a comprehensive review to learn more about the Stoeger Double Defense shotgun. https://www.chuckhawks.com/stoeger_double_defense.htm

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger Double Defense

I’ve identified the three top substitutes for the Stoeger Double Defense shotgun by evaluating its features, accuracy, usability, and specifications.

Mossberg Maverick HS12

The Mossberg Maverick HS12 is lightweight (6.25 pounds), compact overall length (36.5 inches), and points fast.

The Cimarron 1878 Couch Gun

The Cimarron 1878 couch gun is the most excellent and affordable double-barreled shotgun for hunting and self-defense.

Chiappa M6

Outdoorsmen, ranchers, and anyone who requires a portable, challenging, and dependable shotgun/rifle combo will love the Chiappa M6 folding survival gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger Double Defense cost?

It can cost around $489

What can be the used price for the Stoeger Double Defense?

It can cost around $437

Where is Stoeger Double Defense made?

The Stoeger Double Defense is made in Brazil.

Do you have to break in a Stoeger Double Defense?

The Stoeger Double Defense has a new twist on break action.


Whether a trainee or a professional shooter, you can run across Stoeger Double Defense issues anytime.

For this reason, I have reviewed the likely causes and solutions to the Stoeger Double Defense issues in as much detail as possible.

Ensure you know how to correctly identify, address, and fix any of the mentioned problems before visiting the service center.

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