5 Most Common CZ Upland Ultralight Problems You Should Know

The CZ Upland Ultralight is an Over/Under shotgun manufactured for hunting. It has a frame made of aluminum alloy and a chrome-lined, vent-ribbed barrel. The gun has modern fiber-optic bead sights and a forend that won’t get caught on things.

The common CZ Upland Ultralight problems include the patterning problem, the hitting issue, double firing, fail to fire, and recoil problem.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the most common problems encountered by upland ultralight users and the possible solutions to these problems. Read the entire article to learn about CZ Upland Ultralight problems and how to fix them.

Features & Specifications of CZ Upland Ultralight:

Capacity2+1 rounds
Caliber12 GA and 20 GA
Choke  5 pcs
Product weight6 lbs. (approx.)
Product length43.75 inch
Barrel length26 inches
SafetyManual Tang Safety
cz upland ultralight Problems
cz upland ultralight

Common CZ Upland Ultralight Problems and Solutions

Patterning ProblemTroubleshoot.
Hitting ProblemFix the Patterning problem first. Contact CZ.
Double FiringLean heavily on the gun. Pull the trigger slowly, and then release it fast.
Failure to FireClean the rifle thoroughly.
Recoil ProblemReplace the factory butt plate with a slip-on recoil pad.

1. Patterning Problem:

The users of Upland Ultralight have reported that they are having patterning problems.

At twenty yards, the bottom barrel shoots low, and at forty yards, it shoots even lower than at twenty yards. The pattern of the top barrel is in the middle at both ranges.

All of this trouble may be caused by the barrels not having the right regulations. Because of that, it is not hitting the target.

The Fix: 

To solve the problem, the owner of the shotgun will need to pattern the firearm.

To pattern your shotgun, follow these steps:

  • At the expected distance, shoot the target’s center. Add two extra targets.
  • Draw a 30-inch circle around each target’s densest shooting pattern.
  • Mark the number of pellet holes in each 30-inch circle.
  • Calculate the weight in a 30-inch circle at your quarry’s distance.
  • Pellet counts in 30-inch circles.
  • Multiply the average pellet count by the load count.

2. Hitting Problem:

Some CZ Upland Ultralight users are having hitting issues as they are frequently failing to hit the target consistently.

The possible reason may be the patterning problem of the gun. Also, the lack of proper alignment on the barrels could be the root cause of the problem. 

The Fix:

To solve the problem, fix the patterning issue first. If the problem persists, send the gun to CZ, and they will troubleshoot the problem.

3. Double Firing:

The Upland Ultralight has double firing problems. Some users have encountered this problem several times, even after repairing by CZ.

It is possible that the user made a mistake in weapon handling if he was not leaning into the weapon and maintaining it steady on his shoulder. In that case, it is possible to double fire accidentally.

The Fix:

Try loading the gun up with the same ammunition and leaning heavily into it to see if that makes a difference. 

Also, be sure you shoot with a smooth trigger pull and a swift follow-through to remove your finger from the trigger.

4. Failure to Fire:

The Upland Ultralight shotguns have a problem with failure to fire. Sometimes the second barrel fails to fire with this shotgun.

The main reason why this gun might not fire is that dirt and other things get stuck in it.

The Fix:

The gun needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and then oiled. Make sure that there is no dirt on any of the gun’s parts.

Cleaning is also needed in the chamber. Try using the rifle after you have done all that. If the problem keeps happening, see a gunsmith or call CZ for help.

5. Recoil Problem:

There have been reports of recoil issues with the Upland Ultralight from a few users. However, it was not surprising to find the recoil problem for a gun mainly used for upland shooting.

The problem could be caused by the fact that the soft rubber butt plate that comes with the CZ has high recoil.

The Fix:

Simply removing the factory butt plate and replacing it with a slip-on recoil pad that reduces felt recoil by up to 70 percent would resolve the issue.

User Feedback on CZ Upland Ultralight

With its lightest weight, very high quality, and well-balanced features, the CZ Upland Ultralight is an excellent shotgun for upland shooting. It is not intended to be used as a shotgun for clay targets in any way.

A user reported that after a year of regular use, the Upland Ultralight began to double fire. Then, after shipping the firearm to CZ, it functions properly for some time. However, these difficulties returned. Therefore, he is thinking of replacing the gun. 

According to a user, the shotgun had an issue of failing to fire with the second barrel. However, he solved the problem by disassembling the fun and cleaning it thoroughly.

In a forum named The Duck Hunter’s Refuge, a user of the Upland Ultralight said that the shotgun seems to be of very high quality. The price of the gun is reasonable, and the fact that it comes with a five-year warranty shows its reliability.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ Upland Ultralight

CZ Teal

The CZ over/under action is used in both the Upland Ultralight and the Teals. Also, the length of the barrel and the number of chokes (five) are the same for both models.

The main difference between the Teal and the Upland is their weight. While the Teal weighs 7.4 pounds, the Upland only weighs 6 pounds. The Teal has both extractors and ejectors, while the Upland Ultralight only has extractors.

CZ Redhead Premier

The CZ Redhead Premier is made for smaller shooters, with a 24-inch barrel and a 13-inch length of pull in 20 gauge.

The Redhead is also an over/under action shotgun of CZ like the Upland Ultralight. The main difference between the Redhead and the Upland Ultralight is that the finish on the receiver is black instead of silver.

CZ Swamp Magnum

It is also an over/under shotgun from CZ, having the same capacity as the Upland Ultralight. It is the only over/under in our range with automatic safety. It activates when the action is opened, adding safety to the duck blind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What calibers do the CZ Upland Ultralight guns use?

The CZ Upland Ultralight uses 12- and 20-gauge calibers.

Is the CZ Upland Ultralight an extremely lightweight shotgun?

Yes, it is 2 pounds lighter than similar steel-framed models, making it one of the lightest in its class.

What is the barrel length of the CZ Upland Ultralight?

The barrel length of the CZ Upland Ultralight is 26 inches.

What is the MSRP of the CZ Upland Ultralight?

The CZ Upland Ultralight costs around $855.


This article will enlighten you about the CZ Upland Ultralight problems and the feedback given by the users. Additionally, the best alternatives to this firearm with remarkable features are provided to make your life easier by expanding your range of options.

If you are looking to buy a shotgun that is appropriate to shoot for upland games and also extremely light in weight, then the CZ Upland Ultralight might be a great choice for you.

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