4 Stoeger M3020 Problems New Users Probably are not Aware of

The Stoeger M3020 is a well-balanced semi-automatic shotgun that is easy to manage and handle. However, there are a few Stoeger M3020 issues that you need to be aware of before making hurried decisions.

The most common Stoeger M3020 complaints are physical problems, jamming issues, poor extraction, and ejection problems.

This article will discuss the possible causes and remedies to these issues. So, let’s get into the detailed information.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger M3020:

Caliber20 Gauge
Length of Pull13-1/8”
Product length49.75”
Weight5.7. lbs.
Barrel length26”
FinishBlack Synthetic
SightsRed-Bar Front
Stoeger M3020 Problems
Stoeger M3020

Common Stoeger M3020 Problems and Solutions

Physical problemReplace the recoil pad, wood trim is preferable.
Fail To EjectEnsure to clean the barrel. Place the magazine correctly.
Failure to FunctionA good cleaning is important.
Rust IssueRemove the rust by cleaning the gun properly.

1. Physical Problem

Many consumers have reported that the Stoeger M3020 has a physical problem with the recoil pad. After some years of using Consumers developed pain in the shoulder and the neck has become difficult to deal with.

People who are 70 plus age are the ones, who have been complaining about this.

The M3020 is an inertia driver gun and this is why that gives people recoil pain. And some forum says that it has a hard trigger to pull. Also explains why people are having recoil pain.

The Fix

Fixing the issue is pretty straightforward. Replace the recoil pad and go for services to make the trigger easy. Having a wooden pad on the m3020 will give less pain to the shoulder.

If the trigger is very hard to pull and gives extra recoil you can wash the gun. You can go to a store to have the servicing or you can do it in the home all by yourself.

Here are video 1, and video 2 to help you with how to do it.

Here is the link you can buy a recoil pad from. You can change the recoil pad from home. Here is a video of how you will do it.

2. Fail to Eject

With most guns, failure to eject is a frequent problem. The failure of the gun to correctly expel spent rounds has been reported by users. About half of the shells are pulled from the chamber.

Some of the consumers of m3020 reported the ejecting problem in the forum TheFireRingLine. They mention the ammo is hard to come by and they had to use Winchester target loads.

They faced many ejection problems the most common is popping up shells.

The Fix

The forum said cleaning the m3020 thoroughly will fix the problem. If you lube the gun right after you got home after shooting the gun lasts longer and that will most likely fix the ejection problems.

Also, be sure you insert the magazine into the shotgun properly. To be sure it is inserted completely, push the magazine.

To firmly rack the slide, remember to slightly rotate the pistol so that the ejection port is inclined to the level.

By doing this, the spent cartridge will be ejected, making room for a fresh one.

Furthermore, in most situations, replacing the trigger group with a problematic gun resolves the issue because the trigger group frequently causes ejection problems.

3. Failure to Function

With their M3020, several customers have experienced functioning problems brought on by ammunition. They claim that the gun will only fire one shot and won’t load the second round. The bolt returns almost all the way but stops short.

Some gunk can get lodged inside the gun which may be the source of the issue. Also, if the ammunition becomes stale, it may begin to behave strangely.

The Fix

Prior to loading the second round into the magazine tube, try to put a round into the chamber and press the bolt release button.

The gun has a mag cut-off button that enables you to securely empty the chamber without reloading the mag tube. Users can attempt to strike that threshold, which unintentionally turns the pistol into a single shot.

Additionally, the gun has a tiny switch. To stop any ammunition in the mag tube from being discharged and fed into the chamber, press it in. When you need to empty the chamber, this is helpful.

Moreover, good cleaning is important to get rid of the gung that is causing the issue.

4. Rust Issue

Rust issue is another problem you face with your beloved M3020.

The corrosive components of the ammunition cause rust by leaving behind salts, copper, lead, etc. Metal that has been exposed to salt and humidity may start to corrode.

The Fix

Start by removing the ammunition from your gun and setting it aside in a well-lit, safe place. To reach the rusty sections, dismantle the gun as much as you can.

To start removing the rust, liberally use light gun oil, being careful to work it into all the cracks and oxidized areas. If the rust is bad enough, you might need to use a powerful acid or chemical rust remover to dissolve it.

To clean the gun, use a brush or toothbrush.

In severe cases, some people have luck abrading the rust away using power equipment, but you must exercise extreme caution when employing this method to prevent harming the surface.

User Feedback on Stoeger M3020

Customer feedback on the Stoeger M3020 appears to be mixed, with the majority of them being negative due to gun difficulties.

According to my study, the jamming issue is a serious issue among M3020 users.

Many users have stated that after each shot; the gun’s bolt becomes stuck near the rear when the elevator attempts to cycle another round into the chamber. The round then becomes stopped around halfway through the cycling process.

However, I have already mentioned how users can get rid of jamming issues easily.

Users should be aware that utilizing low-quality ammunition increases the probability of stoppages. As a result, the ammo becomes unable to generate enough pressure to complete the operating cycle.

Even though many users come up with different issues with the M3020, many users have full faith in their M3020.

According to them, The M3020 is a reliable and powerful semi-automatic shotgun that costs less than a Benelli.

Moreover, a user claimed that the recoil doesn’t affect him much and that it’s a good trade-off for the increased lethality of the 312-inch rounds.

New users can read a full review https://www.gunmade.com/stoeger-M3020-review/ on M3020 and get detailed knowledge.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger M3020

By analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance, I have determined the three best alternatives to the Stoeger M3020.

Stoeger M2000

The inertia-operated mechanism of the Stoeger M2000 is simple to disassemble and clean, and it works well with most loads.

Mossberg 930

The Mossberg 930 is an extremely dependable weapon. It comprises the low-cost, bulk number 8 or 7.5 loads that are intended to be affordable and widely available.

Beretta 1301

Beretta 1301 is equipped with new features and is just as dependable as the old standby gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger M3020 cost?

The Stoeger M3020 costs under $600.

What can be the used price for the Stoeger M3020?

It can cost around $348.96.

Where are Stoeger M3020 made?

The Stoeger M3020 is made in Turkey.

Do you have to break in an M3020?

M3500, M2000, and M3020 needs break-in session.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, you may encounter M3020 issues during your shooting journey.

That is why I have gone over the probable reasons and remedies to the Stoeger M3020 difficulties as completely as possible.

Before you go to the practice, make sure you understand how to safely diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve any of the issues listed above.

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