Most Common CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems

Even though the CZ Bobwhite G2 is neither Czech nor American, it is a very popular side-by-side shotgun. It was reintroduced to the wild in Turkey.

However, it is not without flaws, and users frequently report problems such as a failure to fire, a heavy trigger, problems with the barrel, problems with the cross bolt, and problems with the firing pin.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the possible causes of these problems and the approaches that can be taken to fix them. Read the complete article to troubleshoot your CZ Bobwhite G2 problems.

Features & Specifications of CZ Bobwhite G2:

ActionBoxlock; side-by-side
Capacity2+1 rounds
Caliber12 GA, 20 GA and 28 GA
GripEnglish-style, Straight grip
Product weight6 lbs. (approx.)
Product length44.5 inch
Barrel length28 inches
TriggerDual Trigger
CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems
CZ Bobwhite G2

Common CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems and Solutions

Failure To FireContact the CZ
Heavy TriggerClean and lubricate your gun, check trigger assembly.
Barrel IssueSend your firearm to CZ
Cross Bolt IssuesReplace the crossbolt.
Firing Pin IssuesInstall new firing pin.

1. Failure to Fire

There have been reports that certain CZ G2 models have issues with misfiring or failing to fire altogether. The brand-new shotgun is incapable of firing. You may have to use the Winchester pump to expel the empty shells that are unsuccessful.

One 28-gauge shotgun reportedly failed to discharge at all, leaving no indent in the primer; some 20-gauge weapons had light priming strikes in one or both barrels.

The Fix:

Contact the CZ and send your gun back to CZ. They will solve your issues but this may take a few weeks or so. If you don’t want to wait, contact a local gunsmith to fix this issue.

2. Heavy Trigger

The CZ Bobwhite G2’s hefty trigger is the most frequently reported problem. Both the front and the rear trigger pulls are rather gritty and uneven in weight, measuring anywhere from 6.5 to 8.5 pounds on digital and analog pull gauges, respectively.

The rear trigger always fires after a break or reset, but the front one rarely does, if at all. I have ensured that each break and reset is carried out with a complete range of motion, despite this model’s infamous rigidity.

The Fix:

If you can take the stock off, you may observe the loading, cocking, and firing processes. Potentially, it’s just garbage or old furniture. The problem might be remedied by brushing it off and oiling it lightly.

As you open the gun, the sears should drop into the hammer cocking notches. As the gun opens, double-click. If the sears drop into the notches, rule out the cocking levers and hammers and check the sear/trigger relationship.

On the Bobwhite, the triggers retain the sears slightly out of full engagement, which could be your problem if the trigger work wasn’t tested with the pistol properly constructed.

3. Barrel Issue

Unfortunately, the CZ G2 model’s barrels are a major source of concern. The chokes on one barrel have an annoying tendency to loosen.

One particularly disturbing incident is in which the rib connecting the two barrels is broken. The barrel jiggles with light strikes.

There have been reports of problems with the barrel assembly in some Huglu-made (Turkish manufacturer) rifles. It’s possible that the final two shots of the stage won’t open the gun if both barrels are fired.

The Fix:

Call CZ-USA and describe the problem with your barrel to receive a prepaid shipping label to return your firearm.

4. Cross Bolt Issues

The new CZ bobwhite G2 20 gauge has a cross bolt that protrudes so far that it cannot interface with the bolt hole on the opposite side of the action; the bolt is also loose enough that it travels back and forth 1/8 inches but still protrudes 1/4 inches from the body of the gun.

The crossbow bolt is loose and will move on its own if the weapon is shaken. It’s possible that the bolt won’t close with the barrel in place.

The Fix:

You can replace the crossbolt with new ones to see if it works. For further inquiry, it is recommended to send your firearm to CZ to find out the issue.

5. Firing Pin Issues

There are issues with the firing pins in the G2. Every time it fires, the shell and primer get scratched by the protruding firing pins.

The gun’s firing pins are ill-fitted, preventing it from functioning. As a result of the firing process, the firing pins are dragging on the shell case, making it extremely difficult to open.

Every other type of break-open shotgun has a hammer or firing pin that automatically retracts when the weapon is not in use. It does not look like this function is included in this firearm.

Stuck through the hole for the firing pin and ready to go off. Only once the hammers are cocked and the action is opened do the firing pins retract.

The Fix:

If the firing pin is too long this issue may happen. Get a new firing pin or get the present one shorted by a gunsmith.

For further issues contact CZ.

User Feedback on CZ Bobwhite G2

There are many happy CZ owners, but there are also some unhappy ones. Those who haven’t had any issues with them are raving about what a good deal they are.

A user mentioned that he owns a CZ Bobwhite 20-gauge shotgun with 28-inch barrels. In the dry quail season, he relied on it heavily; on doves, he used it sparingly. He never had a problem. He thinks this gun is a steal at this pricing and comes with an excellent guarantee.

A different user also believes it’s a great product. The metal handguard section is not flush with the receiver, but otherwise, this CZ rifle is well-made and presented. He had to use serious force to crack it.

The CZ has recently discovered a possible security flaw. The majority of complaints include the trigger being too stiff. One user complained that his kid, who received the weapon as a birthday present, has trouble pulling the rear trigger.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ Bobwhite G2

1. Tristar Bristol SxS

The Bristol family of side-by-side shotguns from Tristar are stylish and well-made. Every one of these firearms won’t set you back more than $1,100, and they come in a wide range of gauges (12, 20, 28). Bristol shotguns weigh 5.08 to 6.74 pounds, making them suited for steep-terrain hunts.

2. CZ Sharp-Tail

The Sharptail is a newer design that has been improved in a few ways. The Bobwhite G2 is a basic boxlock in 12, 20, and 28 gauge with an English stock, double triggers, and a $655 beginning price. The Sharp-Tail is a nicer sideplated side-by-side in 12, 16, and 20 gauge at $1,072 and in 28 and.410 at $1,289.

3. Stoeger Uplander

Stoeger’s double-barrel 12- and 20-gauge shotguns have 26- and 28-inch barrels. 28-gauge and.410 have 26-inch barrels. Standard detachable chokes and extractors, tang safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are CZ bobwhites made?


Who makes the CZ bobwhite?

Kansas City-based CZ-USA makes rifles, handguns, and shotguns. CZG (Ceská zbrojovka Group) is their Czech parent firm.

Does Huglu make CZ shotguns?

Huglu, a Turkish company, makes the new line of guns for CZ-USA.

Is the CZ Bobwhite G2 a side-by-side shotgun?



I have tried to be as thorough as possible in explaining the CZ Bobwhite G2 problems and what may be done to fix them.

However, it’s possible that the remedies provided won’t do anything to help the issues you’re facing.

Gunsmith consultation or sending the pistol to CZ for repair is recommended in such a case.

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