4 Stoeger Uplander Problems New Users Probably are Not Aware of

The Stoeger Uplander is a shotgun with a classic English style and a price that will fit your wallet. Despite how frequently it is used, the Uplander has exceptional durability thanks to its receivers, which will survive for many years.

The most common Stoeger Uplander complaints are regarding Trigger Misfires, Unintentional Safety Engaging, Struggle with Cocking, and Firing Pin Setup problems.

This article will discuss the possible causes and solutions to these issues. So, let’s move on to the specific details.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger Uplander:

Choke TubesIC and M 12-ga and 20-ga
Barrel length26”, 28”
Avg Weight7.4 lbs.
Extended Choke TubesC, IC, M, IM, F
Choke TubesC, IC, M, IM, F
SightsBrass Bead
Stoeger Uplander Problems
Stoeger Uplander

Common Stoeger Uplander Problems and Solutions

Trigger MisfiresClean all the factory gunk out
Unintentional Safety EngagingUse Chokes in a different situation
Struggle With CockingTry Federal or Remington game loads
Firing Pin Setup ProblemChange the shell brand

1. Trigger Misfires

Many customers or users complain about how the single selective trigger frequently results in misfires on just one barrel, denting the primer but not firing it.

Even though it happens infrequently, the Stoeger Uplander’s double triggers occasionally can cause problems. It is a very rare issue.

Inconsistently the Stoeger Uplander misfires on one barrel, it just keeps denting the primer but does not fire it.

The Fix

Trigger misfire is a rare but complex problem for a Stoeger Uplander. For this, the gun becomes unusable. So, solving or repairing this problem is very important and necessary.

If you have an issue with both of the triggers, which may interrupt the safety engagement. Pull the stock, degrease Gunscrubber, clean well, and lube – Examine the insides of the stock.

By the hammers rub the sides of the stock in letting! The in-letting is poor, ruff, and uneven, you’ll see if they’re rubbing, and there were even a couple of splinters in there, as if the stock may have been forced on in the initial assembly. Carefully clean up all with a wood chisel and sandpaper.

Take it to an experienced smith. He will clean all the factory gunk out of the action. Which will solve the problem perfectly.

2. Unintentional Safety Engaging

When you break the action, the safety is immediately activated or engaged. Then Obviously, you merely have to slide the lever forward to disengage the safety.

the safety switch also slides left and right. Each setting allows you to pull the single trigger two times. Thus, firing each barrel back-to-back.

The Fix

Sliding the safety from left to right allows you to select which barrel to discharge first. Then do it left or right.

This allows you to select different chokes for different situations. You can buy choke tubes from several stores. Just match which brand tubes are fit for Stoeger Uplander.

3. Struggle with Cocking

Opening and cocking the Stoeger Uplander proved exceedingly challenging for the full 25 rounds, even with the WW game loads for the first round (12ga, 2 3/4″, and 1 oz of 7 1/2 shot).

It resists the opening. Before forcing the cocking mechanism to function, the Stoeger Uplander partially can be opened.

The Fix

Cocking is an important mechanism for guns. Sometimes for the quality of ammo, the cocking turns out to be challenging.

You can try Federal or Remington game loads – betchya that they don’t have the issue of cocking problem. Though this ammo is expensive.

4. Firing Pin Setup Problem

For Stoeger Uplander, while double barrel out shooting, for some reason at random times the left and the right hammers do not fully strike the shell.

If you break it open, then close it, and then it will fire the same shell that it was not firing a moment ago. This happens when you use the new Remmington 2 3/4 game loads and not firing both barrels at the same time.

For the shell Stoeger Uplander Supreme, the gun “cocks” them each time you break it open. This is terrible when you are trying to shoot skeet.

The Fix

Stoeger Uplanders have issues with their firing pin setup, especially the left side. It can be fixed by a good gunsmith.

You can change the shell brand for a better experience. Mossberg 500 can be a solution. it is very easy to swing the corners, especially with the folding stock that is put on it.

You can also put a magnetic fiberoptic sight on it. For this, the Stoeger Uplander will work great.

User Feedback on Stoeger Uplander

Customers seem to have conflicting opinions about the Stoeger Uplander. Many of them are unfavorable because of the gun’s several issues.

In a review on a forum, people praised the Stoeger Uplander by saying that was quite impressed with how it felt. The fit and finish were good and the price was better.

In a review on a forum, You’ll see some negative sides of the Stoeger Uplander too. A user is mentioning that he has an issue with firing both barrels.

However, I’ve already covered how consumers may quickly fix misfires or cocking problems.

Even though many users have various problems with the Stoeger Uplander, still many users have complete confidence in their Stoeger Uplander.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger Uplander

By analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance, I have determined the three best alternatives to the Stoeger Uplander.

Remington 870

The Remington 870 is arguably the best shotgun ever produced, with well over 10,000,000 being produced. The 870’s stock suits a wide range of shooters thanks to its thin comb and significant drop.

AyA Sidelock

The AyA Sidelock, a sidelock double produced to order, embodies the pinnacle of the craft of the upland gun manufacturer. As deadly as it is beautiful, it is effective. Despite the high expense.

Winchester Model 12

The Winchester Model 12 is the finest pump gun ever made. It was excellent for waterfowling, trapshooting, trench warfare, and upland hunting because of its smooth stroke and double-gun-like pointability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger Uplander cost?

Around $449.

What grade the Stoeger Uplander series gun is?

A grade.

What action Stoeger Uplander does?

Side by side.

How many Uplander series does Stoeger have?

4 models.


Regardless of your level of experience, you could run across Stoeger Uplander problems while practicing your shooting.

For this reason, I have covered the possible causes and solutions to the Stoeger Uplander problems in as much detail as I could.

Make sure you know how to correctly diagnose, address, and fix any of the aforementioned problems before you go to the practice.

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