Browning Maxus Problems That New Buyers Should Know About

The Browning Maxus is a sophisticated semi-auto. The design is a little unique due to the absence of a magazine cap. The distinctive design makes it super easy to disassemble and fasten a sling.

The most common problems with the Browning Maxus are: gas piston breaking, firing pin, barrel problems, feed problem and FTE and bolt problems.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Browning Maxus:

Cartridge/Gauge 12/89 Gauge
Chamber3- or 3½-inch Product
Weight116 ounces
Product length11.125 inches
Capacity4 2 3/4″ shells
Barrel length26inches 
Barrel MaterialSteel
Common Browning Maxus Problems and Solutions
Browning Maxus

Common Browning Maxus Problems and Solutions

Gas Piston BreakingReplace with the new springs to resolve the issue.
Firing PinTroubleshoot firing pin.
Barrel ProblemsReplace barrel.
Feed ProblemMake sure the chamber is clean, add more lubrication.
FTE and Bolt ProblemsClean the recoil tube and spring while the buttstock is off, replace bolts.

1. Gas Piston Breaking

The Maxus gets jammed and removing the trigger assembly can relieve that. But you may notice that the huge coil spring inside the gas piston housing appears to be damaged.

It may be challenging to see the broken spring.

The Fix

Broken piston springs appear to be a common problem with Browning gas pistols like the Maxus, Silver, and others. Call Browning and explain your problem to them.

The gas piston’s spring may also be broken. Get them to send you a new spring and piston. Replace with the new ones to resolve the issue.

The gas piston spring may break as frequently as 2 years of just 2.75 and 3″.

2. Firing Pin

On Maxus, a 5% firing pin failure rate is typical. Problems with the firing pin results in the pistol clicking but not discharging.

It occurs with shells from every brand. But more frequently with Federal ammunition.

The Fix

Check the firing pin after disassembling the bolt. There could be a broken item or anything that has been tampered with.

There is no firing pin return spring on the Maxus. It is a free-floating firing pin, and once it releases from the barrel tang, the bolt carrier retracts it.

Check to make sure the pin is unobstructed and clear of gunk. Verify the cross pin as well, which holds the firing pin secure in the bolt.

Check to see if the bolt is fully locking into the battery as well. If that doesn’t work, return the weapon to Browning.

3. Barrel Problems

The inside of the barrel,
The inside of the barrel,
The inside of the barrel,
The inside of the barrel,

The inside of the barrel, where the choke goes, is often messed up. You could barely remove the irritating choke tube.

The barrel may also have a bulge in it. Even with firearms that are not used frequently, you could detect barrel wear.

The Fix

These days, high-velocity steel frequently results in bulged and fractured barrels. The extractor will keep wearing if it is under tension.

Send the barrel to a company like Briley or Carlsons to have them examine the damage. If the bulge is not too severe, the barrel can be repaired.

4. Feed Problem

With light loads, a break-in problem typically occurs. The rifle would cycle smoothly on the first 10 to 15 shells of each hunt. But around the 25-shell mark, the problem would start.

The Fix

Make sure the chamber is clean and try adding a bit more lubrication to the action, if necessary. Conduct a thorough cleaning according to the owners’ manual.

Clean it with CLP BreakFree and get it mostly dried.

5. FTE and Bolt Problems

You may start getting these problems after first year of usage. Light loads won’t be ejected. And half the time won’t eject high brass.

Bolt moves by hand very slowly and stiffly. When the gun is fired, the ammunition would not cycle.

A broken breach bolt is a serious safety issue.

The Fix

Clean the recoil tube and spring while the buttstock is off. The amount of force required to manually draw the bolt back would have absolutely no relation with the piston spring. So, focus on the tube.

That tube can become clogged with water, powder, cattail fluff, and other debris, which will prevent your bolt from firing.

Send your gun to Browning in case the bolt breaks. They will examine it and conduct the necessary replacements or fixes.

User Feedback on Browning Maxus

Users actually adore the way the Browning Maxus looks, feels, and doesn’t recoil. But Browning’s poor service and lack of dependability is really unbearable.

The forend appears to be constantly wobbling to some users. Duratouch also causes the guns to become sticky and mushy.

The carbon fiber sporty model, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous and functions well. The trigger on the Maxus 2 is also considerably superior than the one on the previous Maxus.

They also removed the odd forearm. Light shells cycle quite quickly. Also, Browning has dropped the Duratouch coating.

In addition, it is very simple to clean the firearm. It doesn’t become extremely dirty other than dirt, blood, mud, or grasses/seeds, even after a long shooting session.

Give the top-notch Browning service in Arnold, Missouri, a call if you can’t solve the issue anywhere else. Many people own this weapon, and while there are good and bad aspects to them all, the guns are generally quite trustworthy.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Browning Maxus

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Browning Maxus .380 semi-automatic revolver. 

Winchester SuperX3

You can cycle nearly anything into an SX3 3.5″. However, the SX3 costs less. And superior to the Maxus in every way.

Beretta A400

You can’t go wrong with any of these top waterfowling semi-autos from two top manufacturers; choose the one that you like and that fits you. Fit is the priority in this case.

Benelli M2

The Benelli M4 and Super 90 are indestructible. Because of this, the British and American militaries employ the Benelli in warfare.

They resist bombs, as well as are simple to strip. They also easily alternate between carrying light and heavy burdens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the chokes to use for Browning Maxus?

IC, LM, M, IM, and F.

How many yards does the factory IC cover in the Browning Maxus?

25-30 yards.

When does the Browning Maxus start to shoot loose?

About 15k rounds seem to be when they start to shoot loose.

What does the Browning Maxus 3.5” fire?

The Maxus will fire 2 3/4″ 1 1/8 oz target loads up to full house 3.5″ steel.

Where is the Browning Maxus produced and assembled?

The Maxus is made in Belgium, and assembled in Portuga.


Maxus is an awesome rifle with soft shots. They are useful for hunting and “low volume” activities.

However, they fall short when used for shooting. You won’t see anyone in A class or higher using one if you attend any NSCA shoots. But you’ll see lots of Berettas!

So depending on your usage, you may make a purchase. But overall, I would give it a 6/7 out of 10, not more.

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