CZ Teal Problems and Their Solutions

With the CZ Teal Over/Under Shotgun’s excellent balance, you can easily shoulder and swing it for clay pigeons or wing shooting. In terms of over/under shotguns, the Teal is intended to be the best value option available.

Nevertheless, there are many problems with it. Problems with the CZ Teal’s opening, firing pin, heavy trigger, double fire, and firing barrels are quite frequent occurrences.

This article will provide insight into the potential causes and solutions to such problems. Let’s dive right in.

Features & Specifications of CZ Teal:

ActionOver/Under action
Capacity2+1 rounds
Caliber20 GA
Choke  5 pcs
Product weight6.5 lbs.
Product length45.75 inches
Barrel length28 inches
CZ TEAL Problems

Common CZ Teal Problems and Solutions

Opening issuesProperly lubricate and clean the ejectors.
Firing pin issuesCheck the firing pin. Send your gun to CZ.
Heavy triggerClean and use oil on the trigger.
Double fireCheck mounts and ejectors.
Barrels going offSend to CZ.

1. Opening Issues:

The CZ teal has opening difficulties. When the gun is opened, the lever does not lock to the right. Because of this, the gun’s locking bolts stay visible until the lever is locked in the right place.

It is extremely difficult to make the shotgun do this on purpose; you must carefully push the lever to the right while applying pressure to open the gun. It is a real pain to get it open again after you’ve used both barrels.

The Fix:

Make sure all the points are oiled, and the ejectors have been removed and cleaned. It appears the firing pins might be jammed, which is causing the issue.

They are difficult to open and shut because of how rigid they are, and opening them resets the hammers. Contact CZ and ship your gun to them.

2. Firing Pin Issues:

The firing pin does not appear to be making enough contact with the shell for the CZ to fire a second time.

If the selection is switched so that the bottom barrel fires first, the upper barrel fires immediately afterward every time.

The Fix:

The bottom barrel’s firing pin may not reset properly when you close the action if you only fire the top barrel and crack open the gun to reload the top barrel exclusively.

Please return it to CZ USA. If you need to send it back for servicing, all you have to do is give them a call and they will provide you with a return authorization.

You should always fire your gun’s bottom barrel first since the recoil will hit you square in the shoulder if you do not.

3. Heavy Trigger:

The triggers on the CZ Teal are heavy. The trigger is a little hard to pull, and the second pull is noticeably harder than the first.

Some users complained about the horrible factory triggers. It is very hard to pull.

The Fix:

Get rid of all the shipping grease. Use a small amount of light oil (Eezox). Fire off about a hundred shells. Then observe how it feels. Put some moly gun grease on the triggers after giving them a good cleaning.

It is typical for CZ firearms to have a heavy trigger pull; if you send it back while the warranty is still valid, they will make the necessary adjustments at no cost to you.

4. Double Fire:

Every fourth to fifth shot, the CZ Teal 20-gauge double-fires. It occurs both with target and hunting loads. There appears to be a persistent issue with doubling with this Huglu weapon.

Doubling is not a cleaning problem. It is a regular mechanical issue with single-trigger CZ SXS or OUs. The issue with doubling lies in the design of the trigger springs.

The Fix:

Make sure the problem is not a loose or flimsy mount that’s causing a fire in the fan. Just load up one shell and give it a shot to see if it works.

When you open the gun, check to see if both ejectors go off. Finally, send your shotgun to CZ and they will fix this problem.

5. Barrels Going Off:

The CZ’s double-barreled shotgun just went off with a single pull of the trigger. More than half the time, both barrels fail to fire, and it takes two strikes from the firing pin to launch a shell.

The Fix:

Contact CZ and send your firearm to them. They have very good customer service and hopefully fix your issue.

User Feedback on CZ Teal

This over/under CZ teal shotgun is the subject of diverse viewpoints; it has its own fan base. However, not all users appreciated them.

According to one happy customer, those CZ shotguns are the best he’s ever used. The two owners are buddies of his. One of them employs a teal for sports and a Perazzi for trapping. He has a friend who absolutely adores it and swears by its superior quality. The black chrome details are stunning.

Another user has a CZ teal that he purchased some time ago. Choke tubes and ejectors are features you can count on. As for how they handle, sure, given the price, they are a steal, says he.

However, several customers have reported problems with this over/under pistol, which has led to their displeasure.

Another user stated their youngster bought a CZ Teal at Cabela’s. He opened the box and put the gun together. He was not sure if this was normal or if the gun was broken, but when his son sets the safety and pulls the trigger, the firing pin does not fire. 

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ Teal

CZ Redhead Premier

The main difference between the CZ Redhead and the CZ Teal is that the finish on the receiver is black instead of silver. The CZ Redhead Premier is made for smaller shooters, with a 24-inch barrel and a 13-inch length of pull in 20 gauge. Some say it is a simplified version of the CZ Redhead Premier.

CZ Upland Ultralight

Both models are of CZ’s over/under action. The primary difference between the Teal and the Upland is their weight. The Teal is 7.4 pounds and the Upland is 6.0 pounds. The Upland Ultralight has only extractors, whereas the Teal has both extractors and ejectors.

CZ Drake

The Drake is a new O/U hunting gun with 12- and 20-gauge, 28-inch barrels. The Drake’s extractor ejection mechanism allows for fast reloads, like high-end over-under.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is CZ Teal suitable for clay targets?

Yes, the CZ Teal Over/Under Shotgun is well-balanced, so you can quickly shoulder it and swing it smoothly to hit birds or clay targets. 

Is CZ Teal suitable for fast-moving targets?

A vent rib with a front bead sight makes it easy to hit fast-moving targets.

What is the price of a CZ Teal shotgun?

The price of a CZ Teal shotgun is between $549.97 and $659.99.

Were the CZ shotguns manufactured by Huglu?

Yes, the CZ shotguns are made by Huglu.


I have been as honest as possible about the CZ Teal problems, their likely causes, and the approaches that have proven successful for me.

However, the suggested solutions may not be enough for the problems you have encountered. If this happens, you should talk to a gunsmith or ship the gun to CZ for repairs.

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