4 Stoeger Condor Problems an Their Solutions

At a distance, the Stoeger Condor Over and Under shotgun provides exceptional dependability and flawless accuracy. However, Some Condor flaws may give you some trouble while using the gun.

With Stoeger Condor, users may face feeding issues, trigger issues, problems with ejection, assembly issues, etc.

In this article, I’ll go into considerable detail on the potential causes and solutions for these problems. Let’s now go into the specifics.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger Condor:

Barrel FinishBlued
Receiver FinishBlued
Caliber12, 20 gauge
Barrel length20’’
Stock ConfigurationStandard
Stock FinishBlack Synthetic, Black-Finished Walnut
Stoger Condor Problems
Stoger Condor

Common Stoger Condor Problems and Solutions

Failure to FireReplace the auto safety connection.
Trigger IssueRemove any debris that may have become stuck in the trigger.
Failure to EjectMake sure that you install the magazine fully.
Assembly Issue Reassemble the gun again.

1. Failure to Fire

Failure to fire is the most common problem with Stoeger Condor. According to many users, the gun fails to fire the 2nd barrel often.

The problem mostly causes because of the safety connector. A lack of recoil to activate the stability switch for the second barrel might also contribute to this problem.

The Fix

First of all, replace the auto safety connection with a pin by removing it.

This problem may be brought on by the shooter’s mistake. If the gun fires on the second pull, you may experience issues with the shot since you “locked the trigger” the first time.

To avoid accidentally pulling the trigger, take a minute to pause, completely release the trigger, and then pull it again.

The second potential issue is that the gun is not automatically resetting the selector to the second barrel as it should.

This might be due to a variety of factors, including low-powered rounds, the shooter “catching” the gun with its hands to lessen recoil impulse to the shoulder, or dirty or lubricated gun interiors.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean and lubricate the areas listed.

2. Trigger Issue

Some users claim that while using the gun, the Stoeger Condor exhibits trigger problems.

Concern over the trigger reset problem has been voiced by several clients. After the dry fire, users may attempt to reset the weapon, although there can be a strange “hitch” right before the reset.

The problem might be coming from debris that is stuck somewhere.

The Fix

Starting, the problem may be immediately resolved by removing any debris that has got lodged in the trigger.

The sear, trigger bar spring, and trigger bar are a few of the possible causes of trigger issues that users may encounter. To fix the issue, it might be essential to swap out the sear and adjust the trigger bar spring and calibrate it.

Users cannot forget the fact that many people might not be professionals in resetting the trigger because it is a challenging process. Therefore, it’s important to know how to reset the trigger properly.

To fire the gun, users must first pick up the trigger’s slack against the wall, then gently press through the wall while increasing their pressure.

Users should “pin the trigger to the rear,” keep it there until the trigger resets with a “click,” and then release it gradually and carefully.

3. Failure to Eject

With the Stoger Condor, users can face ejecting issues. Some users have reported that the bottom ejector allegedly fails to capture the shell It would fall through the edge of the ejector if they loaded the shell.

However, failures to eject can result from the shooter not having a strong grasp on the rifle, the gun being unclean, or the chamber becoming rusted.

The Fix

Make sure that you install the magazine fully by tapping it first. The slide should then be securely racked after the pistol has been rotated slightly so that the ejection port is angled toward the ground. Hopefully, this will cause the old cartridge to eject, making room for a fresh one. Pulling the trigger with the gun safely pointed downrange causes the “bang” sound.

This problem can also arise when the spent cartridge is stuck in the ejection port and protrudes straight upward.

Make sure that your gun does not encounter such a situation. 

4. Assembly Issue

My study says that many of the users have come across assembly issues with their beloved Stoeger Condor.

Even once the barrels are assembled and “snapped” into position, the lever is still cantered.

The problem begins if the gun is worn.

The Fix

The lever arm will fall center if you disassemble the gun. Now measure the 2 protruding pins that go into the barrel face. They’ll be trimmed down. The wide section will be approximately .250″ and the top will be around .205″.

Now measure the holes on the barrel face that offer lock up. The lever may be tilted to the side because the pins may not be entering fully.

Now, this will generate the strain on assembly and will keep it closed while working. It will progressively “wear” in and travel towards the center.

Regarding problematic opening, the tab on the barrel and the front of the receiver are used to tighten the handguard.

When the guard is not attached, the barrel presumably flops around, but when the guard is attached, it becomes tight. A little grease can be added, which makes things a little simpler.

User Feedback on Stoeger Condor

The Stoeger Condor has received conflicting customer reviews, it seems. Due to issues with guns, the bulk of customer evaluations for the Condor seems to be unfavorable.

According to my research, customers’ most common issue is a firing issue. A user reported that when he faced feeding issues that started with the feed ramp. The second barrel of the gun frequently fails to discharge.

However, I have already explained how users can quickly resolve such an issue. Many users think that they often face such an issue because the gun comes at a lower cost.

However, I have already explained why users may come to see such problems, where cost is not the issue.

Because many of the Stoeger Condor users are happy using this less-expensive gun. They think it’s a trustworthy, accurate gun that will serve you for a very long time.

As a first shotgun, you can’t beat it, although you can’t do much upgrading on it either.

Read the entire review of the Stoeger Condor on pewpewtactical.com to learn more specific details.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger Condor

The three best alternatives have been chosen after careful consideration of the Stoeger Condor’s specifications, features, usability, and performance.

Stevens 555

The oil-finished, checkered Turkish walnut stock and blued barrels of the Savage Stevens Model 555 Silver Over/Under Shotgun are both attractive.

TriStar Setter

The TriStar Setter S/T Over/Under Shotgun has a sturdy, long-lasting frame.

TriStar features a beautiful vent rib and a fiber optic sight, allowing the shooter to get on target quickly.

CZ Drake

When it comes to over/under shotguns, the Drake is designed to be the best bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger Condor cost?

The Stoeger Condor costs around $500.

Is the Stoeger Condor capable of ejecting shells?

This gun has automatic ejectors as well as a selectable trigger that allows the shooter to choose which barrel to fire first.

Is it possible to shoot a steel shot from the Stoeger Condor?

Stoeger, unfortunately, advises Condor owners to avoid firing steel shots down the barrel.


The Stoeger Condor is a double-barreled over/under shotgun with one barrel above the other.

Users cannot miss the reality that problems with the Condor might arise while using the gun.

Therefore, I’ve gone over all of the potential causes and solutions for the Stoeger Condor problems in as much detail as I could.

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