Taurus TCP 380 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus PT 738 is also known as the TCP 380. TCP stands for Taurus Compact Pistol. This is the lightest gun from Taurus. If you want a very lightweight semi-automatic pistol, this gun is perfect for you.

However, people face a few common problems with the Taurus TCP 380. Some of the most typical Taurus TCP 380 problems are slide jamming, tiny grip, difficulty pulling the slide, slide hanging up, and failure to feed.

In this article, I’ll describe these issues and the best Taurus TCP 380 troubleshooting methods. Now, let’s look at some of the specifications of this handgun.

Features & Specifications of Taurus TCP 380 Gun:

Taurus TCP 380 Specs
Cartridge.380 ACP
Capacity6 + 1 Rounds
Barrel Length2.84 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)10.20 Ounces or 289.16 Grams
Length5.25 Inches
Width0.80 Inches
Height3.25 Inches
SafetyLoaded Chamber Indicator, Taurus Security System (TSS)
SightsFront – Low-Profile Fixed Rear – Low-Profile Fixed
Common taurus TCP 380 Problems
Taurus TCP 380

Common Taurus TCP 380 Problems and Solutions

To learn how to solve the issues, look at the table below. Follow the solution methods given below to get your Taurus TCP 380 problems fixed.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus TCP 380Solutions
Slide JammingApply force on the barrel with a rubber mallet.
Tiny GripInstall a 1 or 1.25-inch grip extension as suggested.
Difficult to Pull the SlideLock the slide open before inserting a new magazine.
Slide Hanging UpBend the feed lips of the magazine outwards slightly.
Failure to FeedFile down the small switch as shown.

1. Slide Jamming:

The Taurus TCP 380’s slide tends to freeze up. This might develop when attempting to put the pistol back together after it has been taken apart.

The slide may become jammed if you pull it back to secure it. You won’t be able to move it easily as a consequence.

The Fix:

You have to fix this issue by applying pressure. You must specifically strike the barrel with a heavy object.

You may tap the barrel with a rubber mallet to reposition it. Then, take out the slide from the frame.

Be careful to start by using little force. Hard blows to the barrel may result in permanent harm.

2. Tiny Grip:

The Taurus TCP 380 has an exceptionally tiny grip. Although this is a compact gun for use in short range, you still need a firm grip to avoid limp wristing.

Also, your pinky finger will hang even if you have a small hand. As a result, you might have issues with the accuracy and drawing.

The Fix:

If you do not feel comfortable holding the Taurus TCP 380 with your pinky dangling, you should get a grip extension.

This 1.25-inches grip extension for the Taurus PT 738 TCP 380 will be a perfect fit. You can also look at the AmeriGun Club Grip Extension from Amazon. Installing some grip tapes may also help.

3. Difficult to Pull the Slide:

After refilling the magazine, you might find it challenging to pull on the slide. This may happen with both of the magazines.

New users of the pistol may become confused by the inconsistent force needed to draw the slide. However, the slide will feel normal to pull again once one round has been fired.

The Fix:

You must lock the slide open before inserting the entire magazine to solve this problem. You must release the slide once the magazine has been inserted. This will make the initial slide pull with a full magazine seem natural.

After purchasing the gun, you should also give it a complete cleaning and lubrication. The difficulties disappear once the springs have had time to break in.

Keeping the gun loaded for a couple of days may also help to lessen this issue.

4. Slide Hanging Up:

The slide may hang up after inserting the magazine into the chamber and pulling the slide.

Slide Hanging Up
Slide Hanging Up

Fig 1 – Slide Hanging Up

This is how it will appear when the slide hangs up (Fig 1). After being released, the slide might take a while to return to its original position. This issue has been reported by several Taurus TCP 380 users.

The Fix:

You need to pull the magazine out first. Get a little set of pliers now. This small-sized plier may be used to modify the magazine.

You must now bend the magazine’s feed lips on both sides. They should be slightly bent outward, but not too much. After bending, examine the slide.

You should bend it a little bit further if the issue persists.

5. Failure to Feed:

The Taurus TCP 380 may have trouble with feeding. The following round won’t be put into the firing chamber as a consequence.

If this problem occurs in an emergency, you won’t be able to shoot the gun.

The Fix:

Firstly, take off the slide of the Taurus TCP 380.

Switch and Magazine
Switch and Magazine

Fig 2 – Switch and Magazine

Now, you will notice a small switch beside the magazine (Fig 2).

 Filing the Switch
Filing the Switch

Fig 3 – Filing the Switch

You have to file the switch using a filer. Slowly file the edges of the switch down (Fig 3).

Result After Filing
Result After Filing

Fig 4 – Result After Filing

Keep filing and testing out the gun until it feeds smoothly (Fig 4).

User Feedback on Taurus TCP 380

Many users like the Taurus 738 TCP 380 handgun for its compact size and portability. But many have had problems with the gun from the very beginning.

In this post on The Firing Line forum, one user said that he had issues with the slide lock. The slide of the Taurus TCP 380 fails to stay open after firing the final round. Many people think this is a manufacturing fault that can be fixed by adjusting the follower’s angle.

On the Ruger Pistol Forums, one user said that he had issues with his slide locking and magazine dropping out. Another user from the Taurus Armed forum has also faced a similar issue.

But not all of the reviews on this gun are negative. Many people like the gun since they had never faced any issues with it.

In this post on the Taurus Armed forum, people said that they like the finish and smooth trigger along with the portability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of grip is used in the Taurus TCP 380?

Checkered polymer grips.

Does the Taurus TCP 380 support single-action and double-action modes?

Only double-action mode is supported.

Which accessories are provided with the Taurus TCP 380?

An owner’s manual, a trigger lock key, and a 6-round magazine.

What type of trigger is used in the Taurus TCP 380?

Smooth trigger type.

Which cartridges can you shoot with the Taurus TCP 380?

.380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) or 9 mm short cartridges.

What is the trigger pull of the Taurus TCP 380?

4.8 lbs. or 2177 grams.

What is the operation type of the Taurus TCP 380?

Semi-automatic and short recoil.


Overall, the Taurus TCP 380 is a great gun for carrying in your pocket without a holster. But you may face some issues with the gun.

Most of the problems are with the slide of the gun. I have included these common Taurus TCP 380 problems in this article. Be sure to follow all the instructions to prevent and fix the flaws.

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