Glock 17 Gen 5 Problems that New Buyers Should Aware Of

The first full-size pistol to be produced was the Glock 17, which debuted in 1981. Since then, it has experienced unparalleled success in the firearms industry. The Glock 17 gen 5 has to be one of the best guns by Glock.

But as the ants follow sugar, so is heaven not spared from boredom. The most common problems with the Glock 17 Gen 5 pistols are: MOS problems, cycling/ejection issue, magazine issues, trigger problems and RSA/guide rod issue

I will discuss the solutions to all these problems and user reviews in this article. So read on till the end!

Features & Specifications of Glock 17 Gen 5:

Barrel Length114 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 17 Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33
Overall Length202 mm
Caliber9 mm Luger
Twist Rate1:16
SightPlastic Lock Sights
SafetySafe Action
Dimensions Width (Overall): 34 mm Height Incl. Mag.: 139 mm
WeightWith empty magazine 708 g
Trigger Pull26 N
Common Glock 17 Gen 5 Problems and Solutions
Glock 17 Gen 5

Common Glock 17 Gen 5 Problems and Solutions

MOS ProblemsTroubleshoot base plate.
Cycling/Ejection IssueTroubleshoot ejector.
Magazine IssuesReplace magazines.
Trigger ProblemTroubleshoot connector.
RSA/Guide Rod IssueTroubleshoot RSA seating.

MOS Problems

Overhead of the bore, the red dot is too high on a Glock 17 Gen 5. Finding the floating dot is a frequent issue with this gun.

Additionally, the Glock stock plate bends when used with Trijicon RMR or similar optics.

Possible Reasons

The plate’s surface may not be level, or the plate may have problems with its strength or integrity.

A common Glock problem is a plate bending as a result of being tightened down to the slide.

The screws that come with the Glock plates are also too long.

The Fix

Verify that the MOS surface is a level plane using a caliper.

Regarding the high MOS, getting a specially milled slide for the optic (from Brownells, Lonewolf) fixes this. But comes with trade-offs.

More practice will improve your dot control.

Cycling/Ejection Issue

When racking slowly or even not at all, the slide simply stops and does not want to throw out the live round. It would require a re-chambering.

The round frequently becomes stuck and cannot be easily ejected. Instead, it remains affixed to the extractor.

Possible Reasons

This appears to be typical for the breech face cut.

Additionally, the round hangs because of the stronger extractor spring that is tightening the slide’s grip on the round.

The Fix

When you want to eject a live round, rackThe Gen 5 Glock 17 10-round magazines frequently fail to the slide with more force.

The speed produced by the recoil of a round being fired is the speed at which the ejector and extractor operate. For example, when hand cycling, a quick hit versus a slow push.

Magazine Issues

The Gen 5 Glock 17 10-round magazines frequently fail to .

Magazine Issues
Magazine Issues

Possible Reasons

The wrong springs can cause trouble with jamming in the 10-round magazines.

In addition, unlike 40S&W or 45ACP rounds, 9mm rounds do not have parallel walls, which causes the 17-round magazine to rattle.

The Fix

Look for the number 2 next to the Glock logo on the back of the magazine in the bottom right corner. If it has a 2, it is a more recent magazine with a strengthened spring that will deal with these feed problems.

Pick up some fresh magazines that do if it doesn’t have anything.

Trigger Problem

After more than 300 shots have been fired, the trigger does not reset.

When the round is inside the chamber, the slide fully advances. The trigger does not reset, however.

Possible Reasons

The connector being too near (or flush) the trigger housing is one reason for reset failure.

To reset the trigger bar, the connector needs to have a sufficient outboard angle. There may be a damaged firing spring,

The Fix

Clean and lubricate the gun properly. Maintain the housing and make sure the connector has enough angle.

Additionally, replace a faulty firing spring.

RSA/Guide Rod Issue

RSA/Guide Rod Issue

The guide rod catches on the slide when press checking or returning the slide on an empty magazine.

In addition, the rod pops out of the barrel lug each time you remove the slide.

Possible Reasons

When you are not fully slamming the slide, there is a chance that the slide (often, the RSA) will not seat.

The Fix

Make sure the RSA is properly seated. The same goes for a guide rod.

The issue is pretty common with these Glocks.

User Feedback on Glock 17 Gen 5

The new barrel and the front slide design are well-liked by users. Additionally, the new orange-lined magazines make it much simpler to see if the weapon is empty and has no rounds in the chamber when under pressure or in low light.

They are only available with plastic sights, though. Steel sights would have been better.

The extremely tiny takedown lever is the other annoying feature. Those with larger hands find it a nightmare. Additionally, pulling the lever to field strip the gun can occasionally cause even those with small hands to break a nail.

The flared magwell, however, can be a pleasant surprise. The new finish benefits from being “slightly darker black.” which may be trendy!

The best comparison for the trigger would be a G43 trigger. Although it’s the best Glock trigger yet, it still can’t compete with aftermarket custom items.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 17 Gen 5

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 17 Gen 5. 

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

The M&P’s ergos, grip angle, and grip texture outweigh those of the Glock. Excellent low profile steal 3-dot combat contrast sights with a shelf for one-handed slide actioning on a belt are included with the gun. Additionally, there’s amazing stippling of the grip.

Glock 45

Both guns perform almost similarly and can be interchangeable. However, the Glock 45 is more easily concealable and does not hurt your back if you sit for a long time.

Glock 22 Gen 5

Users prefer the.40’s extra 100 or so foot pounds of energy in a medium-sized or “compact” gun. With this one, the recoil has a little bit more punch. However, you will have to give up a few rounds, which is a problem you can easily fix.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the function of the Glock 17 Gen 5 grip notch?

By indexing the magazine into your mag with your weak hand’s index finger, you can reload magazines with the help of the grip notch.

Is the Glock 17 Gen 5 trigger better?

It is, indeed. cleaner break, a sharper reset point, and a smoother take up.

What is the problem with the Glock 17 Gen 5 slides?

The slide does not lock to the rear when the magazine is empty.

Is the Glock 17 a striker fired pistol?


Can you dry-fire the Glock 17 Gen 5?



In 1983, the Austrian Army tested the Glock 17 Gen 5, and it won hands down! It beat the Beretta 92 series, Steyr-GB, Sig-Sauer P-226, etc. The Austrian Army placed a purchase order for 25,000 units in 1983.

It is as inclusive as it is amazing. For example, lefties have the advantage of a totally ambidextrous gun or rifle.

Improvements made to the new gen 5 only increase the gun’s already high level of dependability. I completely recommend this gun and I hope you have fun with it!

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