5 Beretta APX Carry Problems You Should Know

The Beretta Apx Carry is a member of the APX family from Beretta. The APX Carry is a single-stack sub-compact firearm. And it does not fail to keep the APX family reputation in one piece.

However, though it has an astounding reputation among users, it is not without flaws.

Among most Beretta APX Carry problems, some are more prevalent than others. Some of the issues of the APX Carry include feeding or ejecting issues, loose screws, light primer strikes, etc. just to name a few.

Before I take you through the issues and the steps on how to get your Beretta APX Carry problems fixed, let’s take a glance at some of the features and specifications of the gun.

Features & Specifications of the Beretta APX Carry:

Beretta APX Carry Specs
Cartridge9×19 Parabellum
Capacity6/8 Rounds
Barrel Length3 Inches
Weight19.8 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length5.63 Inches
Width0.9 Inches
Height4.17 Inches
SafetyAutomatic Striker Block, Integral Trigger Safety
SightsDovetailed, 1-Dot Combat Sights
Common Beretta APX Cary Problems
Beretta APX Cary

Common Beretta APX Carry Problems and Solutions

You can get a general idea of the Beretta APX Carry problems from the table provided below. Later on, I will discuss steps regarding Beretta APX Carry troubleshooting.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Beretta APX Carry ProblemsSolutions
Failure to Feed/EjectSecuring the retaining screw on the striker
Slide Not Closing CompletelyBreaking in the gun
Loose Front Sight ScrewUsing Loctite to secure the screws
Light Primer StrikesChanging ammo/servicing from Beretta
Won’t Go into BatteryReplacement of one or multiple parts

1. Failure to Feed/Eject:

The Beretta APX Carry often faces feeding and ejecting issues. Where either the bullet shell gets stuck on its way out, or the next bullet gets stuck and causes a feeding failure.

Failure to Feed on the Beretta APX Carry
Failure to Feed on the Beretta APX Carry

As can be seen above (Fig 1), the next bullet gets caught and cannot be properly fed into the chamber.

 Failure to Eject on the Beretta APX Carry
Failure to Eject on the Beretta APX Carry

Another instance can be seen in this video, where the gun faces a failure to eject (Fig 2).


The root cause of the issue can be quite hard to determine. In one instance, the problem was caused by the screw retaining the striker spring on the striker, which had backed out.

To solve the issue, you can use Loctite to secure the screw securely to the striker, to keep it from being displaced again.

2. Slide Not Closing Completely:

The Beretta APX Carry may sometime show issues regarding its slide, where the slide does not close completely.

In such a case, if you push the slide to the rear a slight amount, and then let it close while holding on to it, it will not close completely. It will most likely stop about an eighth of an inch less than being completely closed.

And if pushed on the slide, with a decent amount of pressure, it’ll close all the way, but you may hear it hanging up on something.


The most probable cause of this issue is tight springs. This is very normal with newer guns. As they require a break-in period before they start to function as intended.

However, if the issue persists even after a decent break-in period, you may need to contact Beretta, as there might be an internal issue causing the problem.

3. Loose Front Sight Screw:

Sometimes after a period of use, the screws on the front sights slowly start to become loose and unscrew themselves in the procedure due to recoil. However, this is a pretty rare occurrence.

It is good practice to always take a visual and physical check of these screws both before and after a shooting session at the range.


One user stated that using Loctite has solved his problem regarding the loosening of the sight screws.

Loctite threadlockers are primarily designed to prevent fasteners from leaking or loosening from vibration.

This is appropriate for small gun screws on the sight as they have to deal with the recoil from shooting the gun.

So, in case you see any indication of the front sight screws loosening, you can always use Loctite to fix the issue.

4. Light Primer Strikes:

The Beretta APX Carry is known to have quite a few issues with a light primer strike. It can be due to the ammo, but that is not always the case.

Such as this user demonstrates on YouTube, that sometimes, even changing the ammo does not seem to resolve the issue.


Although, the first step you should take, is to try to shoot the gun with different types of ammo. However, if that does not work out for your APX Carry, similar to the video, you should contact Beretta customer service.

The Youtuber demonstrated how the light primer strike issue was resolved after being serviced by Beretta on his channel. But some other issues did persist, such as the FTF and the FTE issues.

5. Won’t Go into Battery:

This is another rare issue regarding the Beretta APX Carry. Sometimes, due to damaged internals, or a bad reassembly, the gun will refuse to go into battery.

In such a case, when you pull the trigger the slide gets cocked back slightly and eventually falls.


The issue can be due to several parts. It can be caused by only one of these parts or multiple of them. These parts include:

  • Cocking lever
  • Striker block lever
  • Striker block
  • Striker

To get an initial idea about which part is causing the issue, remove the recoil spring and barrel. Put the slide back on and look through the ejection port, pull the trigger to the rear slowly. You may get a very vague idea of the mechanism.

If any of these parts are damaged, you may have to get them replaced, to get the gun to function again.

User Feedback on Beretta APX Carry

The Beretta APX Carry has quite a decent reputation among its users. And user reviews that talk about problems regarding the APX Carry are also quite scarce to find.

However, it is normal for some products to malfunction. One such product has been showcased on YouTube by a user. Which had severe issues regarding light primer strikes.

Another user on Firearms Talk spoke about how his front sight screws became loose after shooting a few rounds.

The trigger has mixed reviews among users, as can be seen from the comments on this thread from Handgun Forum.

One reviewer also stated in his review of the Beretta APX Carry that it has nice sights and can manage recoil decently. But he also expressed his mixed feelings regarding the trigger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Beretta APX Carry magazine single or double stack?

Single stack.

Does the Beretta APX Carry have a striker deactivation button?


How many magazines does the Beretta APX Carry come with?

It comes with 2 magazines.

Can the APX Carry be fieldstripped without pulling the trigger first?

Yes, using the striker deactivation button.

Is the Beretta APX Carry striker-fired or hammer-fired?



Although there are quite a few flaws that the Beretta APX Carry problems represent, they are quite rare. This means that the majority of the product has decent quality.

However, there is another upgraded version of the APX Carry, known as the Beretta APX A1 Carry, which addresses some of the issues of the APX Carry.

I hope this article can help you regarding any issue you face with your Beretta APX Carry.

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  1. The APX Carry A1 is junk. I recently bought one and took it to the range. It won’t shoot point of aim. I was at teh range and no one near me could shoot it and I fired about 400 rounds through it. I called Berretta and they had me mail the firearm to A Gunsmith the recommended who is doing warranty work for them as they have an 18 week turnaround time for repairs. Well, the Gun smith sent it on to Beretta because they agreed with the problem but could not fix it. I have no idea when I will get my gun back now. I have never heard of anything like this happening, and I am very disappointed.

  2. Not sure whether any of the issues above are causing my failure to feed problems that I now experience, but will check. I do appreciate the great list though. My early problems were the slide would lock all the way back hard. I traced this to the barrel deforming right where the front of the ejection port meets the small ledge of the barrel. Both the ledge has significant upset as well as the chamfers. Had to take a file to it and that eliminated that problem. There was at least a .010″ gap between the barrel and edge of the ejection port of the slide. Other quality guns (glock 17, p365, P226) I have seen have nearly zero clearance there. Maybe a manufacturing issue, but have been unable to confirm. Pretty sad though as I only have maybe 200 rounds through it.

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