7 Beretta 92X Problems You Should Know

The Beretta 92X series features a newer family of Beretta Guns, each with its unique features and specifications. However, the Beretta 92X is known to have quite a big roster of issues.

The Beretta 92X problems range from factory defects to quality check issues. Alongside facing issues with the hammer, the accuracy, the extractor pin, and so on.

However, before I talk about the Beretta 92X troubleshooting procedures, you should gather a decent idea about the features and specifications of the gun.

Features & Specifications of the Beretta 92X:

Beretta 92X Specs
Capacity17/15/10 Rounds
Barrel Length4.7 Inches
Weight33.3 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length8.5 Inches
Width1.5 Inches
Height5.4 Inches
SafetyF – Decocking Safety G – Decock Only
SightsHigh Visibility Orange/Black Sights
Common Beretta 92X problems
Beretta 92X

Common Beretta 92X Problems and Solutions

Now, let us take a closer look at the problems as well as the solutions to get your Beretta 92X problems fixed.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Beretta 92X ProblemsSolutions
Shell Ejection IssuesSwapping out the factory extractor spring
Accuracy IssuesAdjusting the sights
Double Action Trigger ProblemDisassembling to assess the problem and replacing problematic parts
Cracked ExtractorReplacing the extractor
Extractor Pin Walking OutStaking the extractor pin
Hammer Not ResettingLubricating and breaking in the gun
Barrel DefectsAcquiring an aftermarket barrel

1. Shell Ejection Issues:

As the title suggests, the Beretta 92X may often have issues regarding the ejection of the bullet shells after shooting a round.

It could either stovepipe or get jammed. The issue can be pinpointed to three sectors. The magazine, the ammo, and the extractor spring.


Before you wish to replace the factory extractor spring, you could try a few more things. You could try to fire the gun with a different magazine to see if the issue persists. And you could also opt for Federal American Eagle 115 grain ammo.

Wilson Combat Extractor Spring Kit

Fig 1- Wilson Combat Extractor Spring Kit

However, if the issue persists, you can replace the factory extractor spring with a Wilson combat extractor spring (Fig 1).

2. Accuracy Issues:

Users reported some Beretta 92X guns to have extremely horrible accuracy straight out of the box.

The issue somehow can also be with the user’s aim. But given the benefit of doubt, it is sometimes better to tend to the gun.


The dovetailed sights can be adjusted to the left or right on the Beretta 92X. It could remedy the low accuracy.

But the user must keep in mind that the sights are set up for a combat hold. This means that the user is supposed to cover the target with the front sight.

3. Double Action Trigger Problem:

The double action trigger pull is said to fail in some cases. If a little bit of pressure is put on the trigger, it catches and pulls the hammer just a tad before something slips.


To troubleshoot one must disassemble the gun to pull the right grip to see how the trigger bar is functioning.

Although rare, the double action notch on the hammer or the catch on the trigger bar can break. If any part seems to be out of shape, you have to gather a replacement and replace the troublesome part.

4. Cracked Extractor:

The extractor on a Beretta 92X can be defective straight out of the factory, or it could get physically damaged after a bit of use.

Cracked/Bent Extractor Claw
Cracked/Bent Extractor Claw

One user showcased one such issue where his extractor claw got cracked/bent (Fig 2) only after about 100 rounds of ammo.


The obvious solution for such a case is to get a new extractor. And replace it with the old cracked one.

Beretta 92X Extractor Assembly
Beretta 92X Extractor Assembly

You can get a new extractor assembly (Fig 3) and install it yourself. You may also opt to install the Wilson Combat +50% spring and their fluted metal guide rod as it could have a greater impact on the gun.

5. Extractor Pin Walking Out:

Many users have reported that their extraction pin slowly walks out with prolonged use.

In such a case, if the user does not keep pressing it down after it sticks out, it may end up eventually falling out.


The proper solution to this issue is to stake the extractor pin. Even though they are staked from the factory, not every gun receives the same amount of attention. Hence, the duty often falls on the user to stake the extractor pin.

Hit the edge of the hole in the slide with a small chisel. Or a small screwdriver could also work. You may look at this video to gain a better understanding of what staking is.

6. Hammer Not Resetting:

This is quite a rare issue for the Beretta 92X, but not an impossible one. The issue can be noticed when the user pulls the slide back slowly. In such a case, the hammer would not reset and would require a trigger pull to release.


The solution is to properly clean and lubricate your gun. So that the mechanisms may interact with each other properly without any obstructions.

Also, sometimes this could be an issue with a newer gun, due to the lack of breaking it inappropriately.

Hence, the solution is to clean the gun, properly lube it, and if it is a new gun, properly break it in.

7. Barrel Defects:

Defective Barrel Lip Damaging the Barrel
Defective Barrel Lip Damaging the Barrel

The issue can be a crooked barrel or a barrel without any rifling. Sometimes the muzzle where the barrel protrudes from the slide can also be misaligned.

Or it can either be a cosmetic issue or physical defects with the construction of the barrel.


The solution is to get a replacement barrel. Although the first step is to contact Beretta about it. And in case you cannot receive a service for the barrel defect, you can opt for a replacement barrel.

Beretta 92X Replacement Barrel

Fig 5- Beretta 92X Replacement Barrel

You can easily get your hands on a replacement barrel (Fig 5) for the Beretta 92X online. Changing the stock barrel is said to eliminate any issue that came with the defective barrel.

User Feedback on Beretta 92X

User feedback for the Beretta 92X is quite on the negative end of the spectrum. It has quite a few known issues among its users.

One user on Reddit has reported his Beretta 92X to have pretty low accuracy. His gunshots were 2-3 inches low and 1-2 inches left at 21ft.

But the most prevalent issue on the 92X is the defective barrel and low-quality control. One unlucky user states on a thread on the SIG forum how his muzzle is misaligned.

Some have also stated how the extractor pin always seems to walk out on its own. Such as this user states on the Firearms forum.

A cracked extractor can also cause problems for users. One such instance can be seen on the Sniper’s Hide forum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the action type of the Beretta 92X?


Are the sights on the Beretta 92X removable?

Yes, the sights are fully removable.

What sort of frame does the Beretta 92X have?

A 3-slot Picatinny rail.

What are the two safety levers options on the Beretta 92X?

A safety-decocker mode (FS) or a decocker-only (G) function.

How many rounds can the magazine hold on the Beretta 92X?

It can hold 10, 15, or 17 rounds.


The Beretta 92X problems are a major cause behind its bad rep among most users. Especially due to Beretta slacking a decent amount in terms of quality and service.

But if you are already an owner of the Beretta 92X, and have had the bad luck of facing any of these issues, I hope that with the help of this article, you can easily fix and troubleshoot your gun.

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