5 Ruger Security 9 Problems That You Can’t Ignore

Despite lots of interesting features and impressive stats, I have found several serious Ruger Security 9 problems.

Among the common complaints, you should know the issues regarding jamming, stuck safety lever, feeding, extraction, and slide release.

But don’t worry because I have also included the possible causes and fixes of these problems. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Ruger Security 9:

Barrel Length4″
Magazine Capacity15 rounds
Overall Length7.24″
Twist Rate1:10″ RH
Rear SightDrift Adjustable
Front SightFixed
SafetyIntegrated trigger safety and external manual safety
Dimensions 5″ H; 1.02″ W
Weight23.8 oz.
Trigger Pull5.5-6 lbs.
Common Ruger Security 9 Problems and Solutions
Ruger Security 9 Problems

Common Ruger Security 9 Problems and Solutions

JammingReplace faulty springs, magazines, or extractors, and clean the gun.
Stuck Safety LeverSend the gun to Ruger for fixing the safety lever.
Feeding ProblemClean and lube the gun properly, replace the faulty extractor, or polish the feed ramp.
Extraction ProblemChange the ammo brand, clean the gun, and replace faulty or weak springs.
Stuck SlideTrim the extra plastic material for the lever to act smoothly.

1. Jamming Issue

When you say jamming, it may indicate several problems. The slide can get stuck, the fired shell may not eject, and so on.

Possible Solutions

In a Ruger Security 9 jamming problem, you have to carefully detect the symptoms the gun is showing.

Such jamming problems occur due to worn-out springs, faulty magazines, bad extractors, and problematic recoil springs.

The Fix

As a beginner, you have to learn how to assemble and disassemble the gun if you want to fix little problems by yourself.

Here, you can check the condition of the springs by disassembling your firearm. After detecting which part is faulty, you can take action accordingly.

In case of faulty springs, you have to replace them. I know that most of the users don’t have the necessary tools to fix complex issues.

Such situations require expert help. The last recommendation for solving the jamming issue is cleaning the lubricating gun.

Here, you can watch this YouTube video to see how Ruger Security 9 cleaning is done properly.

2. Stuck Safety Lever

The safety lever of a Security 9 pistol is usually very stiff. And, it can get stuck in some situations.

Possible Reasons

Some users complain about Ruger Security 9 safety problems which can occur due to internal component failure.

The external manual safety feature depends on some metal parts that can be worn out over time.

The Fix

The best solution for this problem is to send the gun to Ruger or a local gunsmith.

All you can do is clean the gun and lubricate it properly. Sometimes, dirt can cause the lever to stick to a certain position or make the safety lever stiff.

3. Feeding Failure

Some new Security 9 pistols fail to feed the ammo properly.

Possible Reasons

You will be surprised to know that in most Ruger Security 9 feeding problems, the reason is not cleaning the gun after unboxing.

Due to improper actions, it is possible that you have somehow bent the ejector preventing the fired shells from ejecting.

Hence, the new ammo doesn’t get fed. Also, having rough edges on the feed ramp can cause such problems.

The Fix

Those who do not have previous experience with guns must clean and lube the newly bought firearm.

Assuming you have disassembled the gun to clean, I can say that you are halfway to solving this issue.

Now, carefully inspect the extractor and feed ramp. Noticing any irregularities or rough surface area requires immediate action.

If the ejector is bent, you will have to replace the part. And for feed ramp roughness, polish it with a Dremel bit.

Don’t remove any material accidentally while polishing because it can cause serious damage to the mechanism.

4. Failure to Extract

Security 9 pistols usually don’t fail to extract the fired shell. But some units can have this problem.

Possible Reasons

In Ruger Security 9 extractor problems, the most common reason is a wrong ammo dimension.

Due to high temperature, the shell expands slightly. When the dimensions don’t match the recommendation, it fails to leave the extractor.

Furthermore, if you don’t clean the packing grease inside the cylinder, you will face similar problems.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the strength of the extractor spring. Because a weak spring can cause this issue.

The Fix

First of all, change the ammo brand, and see whether the situation improves or not.

In case the problem persists, you should try cleaning the gun.

The reason I am saying this is because packaging grease and dirt buildup can cause the shells to stick to the cylinder.

Lastly, replace the extractor spring if it has become weak or faulty.

You may not find any online video showing how to do the replacement. However, there are plenty of assembly and disassembly videos of Ruger Security 9 pistol.

5. Slide Release Problem

The slide of a security 9 getting stuck in the backward position is the nature of this problem.

Possible Reasons

When you face a Ruger Security 9 slide release problem, you will first have to suspect additional material below the steel slide stop lever.

You will notice that the raised outline on the frame is actually causing the whole issue.

It prevents the lever from going all the way down.

Apart from that, check the strength of the slide spring. Over time and use, it can get weak or worn out.

The Fix

I have seen slide release problems in other gun models. The probable causes and solutions are common.

But this one is different. Several users have complained that their Security 9 pistols have bumps or extra polymer materials below the steel stile stop lever.

One can easily take a utility knife and trim the additional bit so that the lever can go all the way down.

Lastly, check the strength of the slide spring. If it is too weak or can’t smoothen the slide release action, you will have to replace it with a new one.

User Feedback on Ruger Security 9

In the concealed carry firearm category, Ruger is a very popular and trusted name.

The brand has lots of models including the Security 9 which is praised across the community.

The size, shape, and balanced build make the gun stable. And, I think that you would love its less stiff recoil spring that ensures a smooth firing experience.

However, you can’t ignore the problems I have described above.

Also, the aluminum side rail and thinner barrel construction compared to the competitors can be a deal-breaker to some people.

Despite all those cons, you will find the list of pros is longer.

Considering ergonomics, shooting, accuracy, carrying ability, and value for the money, reviewers rate it 4.3 out of 5.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger Security 9

Though Ruger Security 9 is a great gun, it is okay to look for alternatives. After some research, I have found the following three models worth recommending.

Glock 19

Due to its simplicity and reliability, the Glock 19 is praised across the shooter’s community.

Sig Sauer P365 XL

This pistol has less recoil due to the 0.7” longer barrel. In some aspects, the P365 XL is better than both Glock 19 and Security 9.


The VP9 is a more expensive alternative to the Security 9. It is a perfectly balanced gun with great looks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger Security 9 a good carry gun?


Does Ruger Security 9 Jam?

Yes; I have discussed it above.

Is the Ruger Security 9 a Glock?

There are lots of similarities between the Security 9 and Glock 19

Can a Ruger Security 9 shoot +P ammo?

Ruger doesn’t recommend shooting +P ammo using a Security-9 pistol.

What type of ammo does Ruger Security 9 use?

9mm Luger cartridge


That is all about the Ruger Security 9 problems and their respective solutions. I hope that the information helps you keep the gun operating smoothly.

Do you have a different problem than the ones described in this article? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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