SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems and Solutions

A nice find is the semi-automatic pistol P320 X-Five Legion. It comes with a norso slide, faxon barrel, double comp, a 1911 spring, tungsten guide rod, TXG grip, gray cun trigger kit, keres adjustable trigger, and SRO. It’s definitely a shooter!

However, no gun is without fault. The most common problems with the SIG P320 X5 Legion are recoil spring issue, slide locking/FTE due to lack of lube, battery blowing out issues and outgassing issues.

I will discuss the solutions to all these problems and user reviews in this article. So read on till the end!

Features & Specifications of SIG P320 X5 Legion:

Cartridge9mm Luger
Capacity10/ 17 rounds.
Barrel Length5 inches.
Weight43.5 oz
Length8.5 inches.
Width1.6 inches.
Height5.8 inches.
SafetyNo mechanical safety, slide release is ambidextrous.
SightsDawson Precision Adjustable.
Common SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems
SIG P320 X5 Legion

Common SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P320 X5 Legion problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Recoil Spring IssueUse a lighter spring; Call SIG for help.
Slide Locking/FTE Due to Lack of LubeLube as much as possible, use a stronger ammo.
Battery Blowing Out IssuesSend to SIG for fixing.
Outgassing IssuesCall SIG to solve the issue.

1. Recoil Spring Issue:

Suddenly the P320 X5 Legion wouldn’t go into battery. Additionally, the slide may be super tight. The pin on the right of the striker (extractor) may feel jammed.

Additionally, with the recoil spring, you may get failure to eject.

The Fix:

You could free the pin with a punch, and then could cycle the slide. However, changing the pin may not work.

A 1911 guide rod with a lighter spring may alleviate these issues. The stock springs have reportedly been problematic.

For failure to return to battery, you will ultimately need to call SIG and get the issue fixed. In this case SIG has a record of fixing the issue. 

2. Slide Locking/FTE Due to Lack of Lube:

After around 500 rounds through the P320 X-Five, users have experienced frequent FTEs and stove piping decline. This starts happening especially after the final bullet is fired.

The rounds frequently become stuck if you rack the slide repeatedly to empty the magazine. The slide rarely locks back, although it does so when the magazine is empty.

The Fix:

Before using the handgun, clean and lubricate it. The P320 X-Five should be well lubricated, as advised by SIG customer support.

The slide catch is most likely functioning properly if you are able to pull the slide back and lock it open with an empty magazine. In an empty magazine, failures to lock back are typically caused by low-powered ammo or striking the slide catch lever with one’s thumb.

The load may have sufficient force to cycle the slide for chambering and ejection, but it won’t advance the slide far enough back to contact the slide catch lever. Try using your left hand to shoot.

If left-handed shooting doesn’t improve the problem, try a different type of ammunition. It’s possible that the ammunition you’re using won’t cycle the slide properly. A different brand (e.g Hornady) or even some grains of 124 or 147.

3. Battery Blowing Out Issues:

The Sig P320 can have a “shooting out of battery” issue. The slide is not fully forward when the trigger is pulled. An out-of-battery discharge can cause anything from minor discomfort to significant damage.

When the round fires before the slide is fully charged, this is referred to as an out of battery discharge.

Nothing can keep that microexplosion from happening again. Because the cartridge isn’t completely supported, gas and even brass fragments can eject from the ejection port and harm the shooter.

The Fix:

This safety recall was not issued by SIG and they have faced lawsuits for it. Fortunately, if you call them they will likely fix the issue.

4. Outgassing Issues:

The slot that was machined into the back of the chamber may cause outgassing problems. In SIG P320 X5 Legion, this outgassing may fog up the optic.

The optics would get fogged up due to enormous amount of spent ammo. The powder and gases destroy the optic’s functionality.

Enormous amounts of gaseous and powder by product is what causes this. And in the long term it will actually begin to etch on the glass of the optic.

The Fix:

The deign issue with this model is that the slide is already cut for the LCI. But SIG decided to not install it, leaving a gap at the top of the slide.

Depending on how close your red dot is to the ejection port or the cut, some of the gas will escape from there and cause the lens to become cloudy. Send the item to SIG. They will rework the cut and address the issue that the cut initially brought about.

User Feedback on SIG P320 X5 Legion

The first impression of most owners is that the thing is heavy. However, they feel that the trigger is a huge improvement over the P320 X5 standard. It pulls at slightly under 3.5 pounds (you can measure this with a trigger gauge).

Additionally, it includes 14 and 12-pound 1911 recoil springs so you may fine-tune your weapon. There is no loaded chamber indicator however.

The P320-X5’s factory grip in some guns appear to have a grip circumference bigger than usual. This can be a problem.

For shooters that use a lot of rounds, this weapon is the bomb. This handgun is incredibly comfortable to shoot because of its weight and the way the X frame beaver tail distributes recoil over the web of your hand.

It’s also incredibly simple to constantly get a good hold on the draw. Especially when using the X grip. The best of a polymer and metal pistol would appear to be the polymer and tungsten combination.

Furthermore, unlike metal handguns, it appears to require less maintenance due to its straightforward striker design. Moreover, users can do many modifications with this one to really amp the features!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did SIG discontinue the all black 320 X5 when they released the X5 Legion?

Currently, Coyote seems to be the only site to buy the X5 and X-Carry. The X-VTAC is two-tone black and flat dark earth, whereas the X-Compact is black.

Which spring causes problems in the P320 X5 Legion?

The 14lb spring has caused some failures with lower powered ammo.

Is there an X5 Legion mount plate for the ACRO?

Advertised plates for the M17 ought to function for the X5 legion. The Forward Controls/Tangodown and the CHPWS are the first two that come to mind. A plate with or without an integrated rear sight is also produced by Apex Tactical.


SIG P320 X5 Legion is easily one of the greatest offers on the market. In fact, it may be the best bargain they currently have in both the P320 and Legion lines. The weighted frame is fantastic, and the trigger is nice but readily improveable.

They appear fairly attractive to typical gun buyers and are the hot pistol for Carry Optics. With all of its features and the price point it is at, Sig hit a home run with this firearm. It definitely sells well.

I would suggest you to grab one too. You will not regret it. However, don’t buy overpriced ones at the website.

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