6 Smith and Wesson 329PD Problems Most Users Talk About

The Smith and Wesson 329PD is a lightweight and high-power revolver. You can use the 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, and 45 ACP ammo in this gun. However, there are a few typical Smith and Wesson 329PD problems that you should be aware of.

The most frequently occurring issues with Smith and Wesson 329PD revolvers are light strikes, very heavy recoil, hammer half cocking, cylinder erosion, grips leaving injuries, and cylinder stuck with live rounds.

I’ll go through a few common Smith and Wesson 329PD problems in this article. Check out the table below for some of the specifications and properties of this revolver.

Features & Specifications of Smith and Wesson 329PD Gun:

Smith and Wesson 329PD Specs
Cartridge357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 44 Special, 45 ACP
Capacity6 Rounds
Barrel Length4.13 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)25.2 Ounces or 714.40 Grams
Length9.5 Inches
GripWood and Synthetic
Action TypeSingle and Double Action
SafetyHammer Block, Safety Lock
SightsFront – Light Gathering HI-VIZ Red Dot Rear – Adjustable V Notch
Common Smith and Wesson 329PD Problems and Solutions
Smith and Wesson 329PD

Common Smith and Wesson 329PD Problems and Solutions

Problems with Smith and Wesson 329PDSolutions
Light StrikesReplace and install a longer firing pin.
Very Heavy RecoilInstall a Smith and Wesson 500 model grip or try lighter ammo.
Hammer Half CockingUninstall the internal lock system.
Cylinder ErosionReplace the deteriorated cylinder.
Grips Leaving InjuriesInstall Pachmayr or Hogue J frame grips.
Cylinder Stuck with Live RoundsChange the cylinder.

1. Light Strikes:

The Smith and Wesson 329PD is very well known for having a light primer strike issue. The short firing pin provided with the gun does not seem to work efficiently all the time.

As a result, the gun might not fire any bullet if you pull the trigger which may be dangerous in a dire situation.

The Fix:

You have to install a bigger firing pin on your Smith and Wesson 329PD to fix the issue with the light primer strike.

The best option to fix this problem is to send the gun to the company and address your issue in detail. They are aware of this issue and will replace your old firing pin with a new larger one.

2. Very Heavy Recoil:

The Smith and Wesson 329PD shoot the 44 Magnum and Special ammo which is known to produce heavy recoil. But sometimes, the gun may even blow you away with its extreme recoil.

This might be very unsettling for new and beginner revolver users. It also takes a lot of time to get used to the recoil of this gun.

The Fix:

If you use a grip from the Smith and Wesson 500 model guns, the recoil will become a little bit light.

I will suggest you practice shooting the gun for at least 100 rounds to get accustomed to the recoil. But if it still feels too heavy to you, the gun is just not for you.

Different people’s take on recoil is a varying matter. So, if you like guns with low recoil, you should try other guns with lighter ammo.

3. Hammer Half Cocking:

The initial round of shots in each cylinder may result in the hammer becoming jammed between cocking and resting.

The internal lock is the cause of this problem. It will also become caught if you cock the hammer and then slide it back up after letting it go.

After shooting, the hammer will rebound when the trigger is pushed. The cylinder may not spin as a result as well.

The Fix:

The hammer will return to normal if you cock the hammer or pull the trigger to release the hammer. However, this is not a long-term fix.

Many Smith and Wesson 329PD internal locks are known to malfunction the revolver rather than serve as a safety lock. Therefore, getting rid of the internal lock system will solve the issue.

4. Cylinder Erosion:

The cylinder of the Smith and Wesson 329PD might sometimes have signs of wearing and tearing. Although this issue is not present with all 329PD revolvers, it is a serious issue.

 Cylinder Erosion
Cylinder Erosion

The Fix:

You have to replace the cylinder. Unless you do, you might have other issues. So, sending the gun to Smith and Wesson will be the best idea.

They will replace the cylinder as a part of their lifetime warranty service provided to 329PD revolvers.

5. Grips Leaving Injuries:

The shape of the grip that is provided with the Smith and Wesson 329PD is not comfortable for hands.

While shooting the gun, you might also have blisters which is a horrible experience and will result in bad accuracy. The heavy recoil of the gun also adds to this issue.

The Fix:

You should replace the grip and get some new ones. The Pachmayr 03255 Compact Grips are suggested for the J frame guns from Smith and Wesson.

You can also get a Hogue grip for the 329PD. These are known to be more comfortable than stock grips.

6. Cylinder Stuck with Live Rounds:

The Smith and Wesson 329PD’s cylinder might unexpectedly become jammed during shooting.

Even worse, it could not want to rotate or exit the slot. If there is any ammunition in the cylinder in this scenario, it will be a dangerous gun.

The Fix:

To disengage the cylinder lock, you can use a tiny rod to press the ejector rod pin. You can remove the rounds that are trapped inside the cylinder in this manner.

You may now need a completely new cylinder assembly to resolve the problem. Contact Smith and Wesson for a new cylinder for the 329PD.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson 329PD

The Smith and Wesson revolvers are known for their internal lock problem. The 329PD is not any different. But overall, the gun is a heavy shooter which also creates extremely heavy recoil according to some users.

In this post from the Rok Slide forums, many people have stated their experiences on the Smith and Wesson 329PD. They have suggested their preferable ammo type that goes best with the revolver.

Many people have praised the revolver in this post from The Firing Line. They have discussed the famous recoil issue on this gun.

People on a post from the Outdoors Directory forum have suggested getting a new grip for the gun. One user has also recommended buying the lightweight scandium version.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Smith and Wesson 329PD

Here are some best alternatives for the Smith and Wesson 329PD:

  1. Ruger Redhawk
    – 8 models supporting the 44 Rem, 35 Mag, 41 Rem, and 45 Auto.
    – Comes with hardwood, Hogue Monogrip, and lasered hardwood grips.
  2. Smith and Wesson 69
    – Features ball-detent lock-up and 2-piece barrel with full-length extractor rod.
    – Supports 44 Magnum and weighs 34.4 ounces.
  3. Taurus Raging Bull 444
    – Shoots 44 Magnum ammo with stainless steel build and finish.
    – Features a great trigger break and fiber optic sight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Smith and Wesson 329PD cost?


What type of frame does the Smith and Wesson 329PD include?

An N-type frame from Smith and Wesson.

Is there any kind of warranty or guarantee service provided with the Smith and Wesson 329PD?

Yes, lifetime warranty service.

What type of finish does the Smith and Wesson 329PD have?

Matte black finish

What kind of materials are used to build the Smith and Wesson 329PD?

Titanium alloy for the cylinder, stainless steel for the barrel, and scandium alloy for the frame.

Are the sights on the Smith and Wesson 329PD adjustable?

Only the rear sight is adjustable.

How much is the pull on single and double action in the Smith and Wesson 329PD?

4.1 lbs. on single action and 13-14 lbs. on double action.


I have briefed about the most common Smith and Wesson 329PD problems in this article. Be sure to change the grips of the guns for a comfortable shooting experience.

Follow the instructions that I have provided to get your Smith and Wesson 329PD fixed.

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