Common SIG Sauer P239 Problems and Solutions

The SIG Sauer P239 is popular with women and shooters with smaller hands. Sig fans who don’t want to go to Glock or S&W, and anyone looking for a small but effective combat weapon would buy this!

A good one usually performs admirably for a considerable period. However, no gun is without fault!

The most common problems with the SIG Sauer P239 are feeding issues, grip issues, slide lock issues, lack of part availability and trigger reset problems.

I will give you the solution to these common issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG Sauer P239:

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum, .357 SIG and .40 S&W.
Capacity8 rounds (standard), 10 rounds (extension).
Barrel Length3.6 inches.
Weight25.2 oz.
Length6.6 inches.
Width1.2 inches.
Height5.1 inches.
SafetyDA/SA trigger and de-cocking lever safety.
SightsFixed 3-dot (SIGlite tritium night sights).
Common SIG SAUER P239 Problems

Common SIG Sauer P239 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG Sauer P239 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Feeding IssuesTroubleshoot, use proper ammo.
Grip IssuesPolishing and shaving off some parts.
Slide Lock IssuesMaintain proper lubrication.
Lack of Part AvailabilityBuy from other places as suggested.
Trigger Reset ProblemsMaintain proper lubrication.

1. Feeding Issues:

There are some inconsistent feeding issues with this one, particularly the SAS variant.

The Fix:

Field strip, clean, and oil the slide, frame, barrel, and magazines. Test the feeding of your carry ammunition. The Federal 124-gr hyrda-shoks  would do admirably.

But may have a sharp decline every other round. The 124-gr Golddots I tested next actually nose-dived more than 50% of the time.

Hornady XTP, Winchester, Fiocchi work fine especially with the .357. In a .40, the Blazer, Remington, Federal & Perfecta cause a number of FTF issues.

Think about replacing the recoil spring and cleaning the feed ramp to remove the Nitron finish if nothing else works.

2. Grip Issues:

The P239 SAS variant comes with Hogue overmolded grips, which are completely unsuitable for some people. It is very challenging to handle compared to the traditional SIG grips.

The Fix:

You might need to sand the grip’s interior and remove a small amount of material from the right side, where the trigger bar spring is located. However, the grip is perfect for some people.

Some people tend to replace the grip with something like G10s. But you still may need to polish as the new trigger might get jammed.

In any case, SIG has long since changed the grips to rubber ones. So get the newer version, likely after 2016.

3. Slide Lock Issues:

The slide does not always lock back on the empty magazine. Although this is a common issue with all magazines. This is a problem when you are not making contact with the slide catch lever while firing.

On the catch lever of the 239, the downward spring tension pressure may be substantially greater.

The Fix:

An accumulation of grease and filth may be preventing the lever from moving smoothly. Never apply grease in this area however. A light layer of oil will do. Simply spray Hornady on them to clean and leave a dry lubricant.

4. Lack of Part Availability:

You can rarely find replacement parts for this one from SIG. The SRT is a prime example of this. Mags are another, as are recoil springs. The list is quite extensive.

The Fix:

The Barsto Barrels still produces barrels. The .357SIG P239 barrels are also available from Numrich Gun Parts.

Hammer springs work well with Wolff Springs. The P250SC/P320SC recoil spring appears to be compatible with the P239 as well.

The slide catch lever spring, trigger bar spring, recoil spring, slide pins and grip screws were all included in the Sig factory spare parts kit (239-9-PKIT) until it was discontinued.

All of these are available from Numrich Gun Parts, with the exception of the trigger bar and slide catch lever springs. The trigger bar spring can be found at MidwayUSA.

5. Trigger Reset Problems:

The trigger doesn’t always reset after dry firing. When the hammer is decocked, it may bounce around.

The Fix:

Trigger reset problems are typically caused by either a lack of lubrication where the trigger bar meets the frame or a gummed-up lubricant. Check to see if it helps to clean and re-lube.

Use TW-25B lubricant. However, any grease should work fine.

User Feedback on SIG Sauer P239

Generally dependable and durable, with some Sigs QC restrictions. In general, there is a shortage on the commercial side.

Although users find them to be beautiful, the capacity to size/weight ratio is a major turnoff for them. It is a little large and hefty for BUG usage, but users adored it for carrying around off-duty.

The P239 is a powerful little gun. Single stacks have always been user favorite. Owners have a lot of faith in the weapon and felt at ease with its capabilities. It fills the space between a compact and a sub-compact.

It is a strong contender for carry, home protection, and range use. It appeals to users more than the P225, which it was meant to replace.

The P239 became many people’s go-to concealed carry weapon after it was released. It quickly became their favourite SIG DA/SA pistol too.

Your hands will truly fit into the grip flawlessly. They are beautifully crafted, but as a carry gun, they do seem outdated now. Even so, it still functions as one.

Some people think the P239 a plain-Jane, while others find it smooth and quite attractive. It has beautiful lines as well. The rounded shape harkens back to a time when gun designers at least tried to include some aesthetics in their creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How reliable is a SIG P239?

Most owners have said that the gun is very accurate and almost 100% reliable.  

Has the P239 quality changed since Cohen?

SIG was once regarded as the gold standard for quality, but since Cohen took over at SIG-USA, they’ve released products like the P250, 556 series rifles, etc., and they’ve been skimping on quality control while charging HK level prices or more for said products.

Is a P239 preferable for CCW?

For a single-stack 9mm handgun, the P239 is quite large. It’s a bit bigger than a G19. It’s not a horrible option for concealed carry, depending on you.


The Sig P239 pistol is the “Doctor Who phone booth” of guns. It appears larger than it is, yet it actually weighs less than it appears to. Although it appears little, it fires like a full-sized pistol.

Being smaller, you might expect more recoil. However, even in powerful cartridges like the .40, the recoil only seems moderate. But keep in mind that they are a whiny bunch.

It is very easy to shoot and a very dependable gun. Some folks enjoy a heavier firearm that can fire the .40 round. Even those who aren’t concerned about extra hip weight while working out.

So my suggestion would be to go for it!

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