Glock 40 Problems You Should Know About

The Glock 40 are the stunners that deliver in any kind of barrel being used. They show revolutionary performance at 25 yards with 3 “steel, with a slight trigger work and a 3# connection.

But despite all the glory, all of the gun is not gold. The most common Glock 40 Problems are: MOS problems, aiming issues, failure to feed, failures and fast wear and magazine issues.

I will give you the solution to these common issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Glock 40:

Barrel Length153 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 15
Overall Length241 mm
Caliber10mm Auto
Twist Rate1-in-9.84-inch
SafetySafe Action
Dimensions Width (Overall):            34 mm Height incl.Mag.: 139 mm
WeightWith loaded magazine: 1265 g With empty magazine: 1005 g
Trigger Pull24 N
Glock 40 Problems and Solutions
Glock 40

Common Glock 40 Problems and Solutions

MOS ProblemsSwitch to cross hairs.
Aiming IssuesDrift the slide or replace the gun.
Failure to FeedTroubleshoot or replace the gun.
Failures and Fast WearMaintain properly or replace the gun.
Magazine IssuesTroubleshoot or switch magazines.

1. MOS Problems

The issue is inconsistent lock up of the shot. It is unreliable enough to make a 50-yard shot seem uncertain.

Possible Reasons

Don’t anticipate good accuracy from a barrel that long. Because the front of the barrel has a lot of leverage against the locking surfaces.

A Glock barrel has no support at the front of the slide. Glock 40s have no real potential for long-range accuracy.

The Fix

To get a really small group, you need a scope with cross hairs. You won’t get the same group with a dot optic as you will with a cross hair optic.

With a 3 mil dot, you can get good groups, but once you reach 5 mil or higher, your groups start to open up. So switch to cross hairs for distances such as 50 yards.

2. Aiming Issues

Apart from the accuracy problems from the MOS, the gun seems to reject all types of ammo. Often you will notice along with less tighter groups that you are shooting a little to the left or right.

Possible Reasons

The length of the barrel seems to be a problem. But many long barreled guns shoot better than this one.

It seems to be an inherent problem with the Glock 40. The large frame adds fuel to the fire of this issue.

The Fix

You would have to move sights all the way right to move point of impact to center. Drift the rear sight. Adjust it all the way to the right.

You can also try replacing the barrel with a KKM barrel.

If you find that the rear sight drifting is unacceptable to you, you may just buy a new gun. I’d wager that all Glock would offer to do for you is to drift the back sight.

3. Failure to Feed

The failure to feed is what I would refer to as a “soft” jam because all that is necessary to reload the gun and feed the stopped round is to pull and release the slide.

Additionally, the slide always, without fail, locks back on empty. The appearance of fired brass is good; there are no signs of drag marks, pressure issues, or manipulation.

Possible Reasons

Feed ramp burs or any imperfection in the finish of it can cause these issues. Weak ammo and certain magazines also do not work well with the Glock 40. For example, PPU, SIG Elite 10mm ammunition etc.

The RSA may also be weak. Check the ejector for deformations as well.

The Fix

You will often find that eliminating the ammunition, magazine and spring as problem by changing them still doesn’t resolve the issue.

This is because the probem maybe the gun itself. Clean the gun, polish the feed ramp and check again. Replace the gun if nothing works.

4. Failures and Fast Wear

Does Glock 40 wear out faster? Yes. A Glock in 40S&W will likely degrade more quickly than a Glock of the same size in 9mm.

Evidently, Glock wasn’t pleased with the early’s build quality. Glocks in 40S&W, so they switched to 3 pin frames.

Possible Reasons

The high pressure rounds accelerate the wearing out process. The S&W frames are not sustainable enough to take this pressure. They also have weak barrels.

The Fix

You can switch to a 9mm other than going for a .40. You can also replace the barrels after a while.

If you’re in law enforcement, buying new guns is not an issue. Evidently, with proper maintenance, the Glocks’ wear can be reduced.  

5. Magazine Issues

You may face many malfunctions with several different types of ammo. You will have failure to feed, magazine not going into battery, extracting and ejecting issues etc. You will overall have a disappointing shoot.

Possible Reasons

The gun is bothered by the 22-round magazine. Additionally, it occurs if you press with your hand on the exposed portion of the tube while shooting.

Weak spring is also another cause.

The Fix

A new 22-round magazine should be used. At leats until you find the perfect magazine, keep switching.

While shooting, stop pressing your hand against the exposed portion of the tube.

Perhaps the magazine needs a new spring to fix the issue (in case of stock magazine).

User Feedback on Glock 40

Users have had a range of reviews. Boy oh boy I had a blast streaming through them.

But one thing is clear. With all that extra length, it is definitely made exclusively for hunting. Naturally, if that’s what you want it for. But it’s absolutely not a drawback.

The G40 is a favorite among shooters who like the long-slide Glocks (G34, G35). However, ammunition will cost a lot of money.

You’ll begin to see how reloading might make it simpler to fire more rounds. After that, you’ll have to pay more for reloading tools and supplies. You’ll then observe how a progressive push will speed up bulk reloading.

Even more money is spent on those presses. The cycle keeps going and is annoying to users.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 40

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 40. 

357 Smith & Wesson Magnum

It offers a potent cartridge suitable for hunting, self-defense, and target shooting. They shoot centerfire, rimmed cartridges that are often found in revolvers. You will love this smokeless shooter!

Springfield XDM 10mm

Unless you use poor ammo and never lubricate your XDM, I wouldn’t worry about dependability. It has fairly lesser slide breaking problems like other Springfield XDRs. If you have a larger hand, you will like it better than a Glock.

Ruger Blackhawk .41

For a 4 5/8″ tube, it is a nice back country choice. It will also be quite budget friendly with 100% reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to increase the accuracy of the Glock 40?

Try adding a Vortex Razor or a Vortex Venom on its slide.

What is the ethical issue with a Glock 40?

With this gun, you may likely hurt the animal but not kill it.

When to change the stock Glock 40?

Keep it stock unless you intend to reload for it or fire particularly hot 10mm, in which case you should purchase a KKM barrel.

Can I reduce the recoil on the Glock 40?

Yes. With a low-cost comp and a 7″ Nitride threaded KKM barrel, the recoil from a nuclear reload should be cut in half.

Which Holosun is best for Glock 40?

Any Holosun is great for it. But it’s better to use optics like RMR 2 and DeltaPoint.


You are welcome to purchase a Glock 40 as long as you have the correct ammunition. But you must have the necessary skills and an understanding of what dispatches your white tail humanely.

The Glock 40 is a smooth shooter and can handle 10mm ammunition. Compared to the 20, it shoots more softly. Therefore, it can be pricey to turn it up. But I think this 10mm can handle most of the game.

So yes,despite having a few Glock 40 problems, it is a good gun. But take a more humane choice depending on what type of distances you are shooting from.

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