Common SIG P938 Legion Problems and Solutions

This SIG P938 Legion gun is a great value for the extra price than the P938 Nightmare, and for good reason. You will definitely be thankful for the SAS treatment of the slide, three 7-round magazines, a mag well, checkered G10 grips, checkering on the front and back straps, X-Ray 3 sights, and a flat aluminum trigger.

However, the gun is not without flaws. The most common problems with the SIG P938 Legion are cold start issues, ejecting issues, jamming issues and feed/extract issues.

You will discover the solution to these issues in this article. You will also find what the users of this product think about this one. To learn more, read the complete article!

Features & Specifications of SIG P938 Legion:

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum (P938) .22 Long Rifle (P938-22).
Barrel Length3 inches.
Weight17 oz.
Length5.9 inches.
Width1.1 inches.
Height4.3 inches.
SafetyManual, Ambidextrous.
SightsX-RAY3 Day/Night Sights.
Common SIG P938 LEGION Problems

Common SIG P938 Legion Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P938 Legion problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Cold Start IssuesTroubleshoot or call SIG to get a replacement.
Ejecting IssuesTroubleshoot.
Jamming IssuesTroubleshoot or use proper ammo.
Feed/Extract IssuesTroubleshoot or use proper ammo.

1. Guide Rod Issues:

Disassembling the gun may cause the guide rod’s tip to stick out. It may do so about 1/8 inch. It may still fire alright.

The Fix:

The takedown lever can be improperly fitted. The base of the two-piece guide rod may be unscrewing, and the rod is disassembling.

Try putting the thread back together after applying red locktite. Disassemble the guide rod and use gun scrubber to clean the oil. Next, apply some red loctite to the threads.

If that doesn’t work, call SIG CS and ask for a replacement. Or use a one-piece guide in its place.

2. Ejecting Issues:

The last round would immediately eject from the handgun when the second-to-last round is brought into battery. The final round may not be properly placed in the magazine.

The Fix:

Make sure the rim of the casing is positioned over the little projection on the magazine follower since this may be causing the ejecting failure. If this does not work, call SIG.

3. Jamming Issues:

The magazines may cause some jamming problems. Seating it into the mag well becomes difficult when loaded to capacity. They may not lock into the 938 unless you hit it in really hard. The slide jams halfway, when the magazine is in.

The Fix:

SIG Vcrown ammunition comes with no problems. One type of hollow point from the same pistol could work better than another in the same firearm. No jamming failures are seen with Sig Sauer ammunition.

Moreover, all sorts of FMJ ammo – Federal, Blazer, Remington, etc run in the gun without issue.

4. Feed/Extract Issues:

The Sig P938 Legion may have several feeding problems when using different FMJ rounds and Federal HST 147gr. It also had several failures to feed and failure to extract problems when using the three magazines that come with it.

The issue usually happens at or near the same location with a few magazines. The magazine follower usually hits the magazine release tab, causing misfeeds and other problems.

The Fix:

Insert each empty magazine and place a pencil eraser down through the ejection port. Keep the slide open during this and the weapon unloaded. Check to see if the magazine follower hangs up at all as it travels.

Clean up the follower edge by applying a file. The Hornady with the rubber tip is one of the ammunition that causes problems. Using the HST micro ammo is safer.

5. Accuracy Issues:

There can be some issues of missing the target with the P938 significantly. The paper targets can be constantly high and to the left at a distance of 7 yards. The sights may be off as well.

The Fix:

Check the front and rear sight numbers. If they are okay then collect the target and firearm sight images, front and rear sight numbers, etc. and call SIG.

User Feedback on SIG P938 Legion

The grip frame is wide enough for three fingers to fit comfortably. The rifle feels extremely secure in the hands too.

The trigger pull is usually the major complaint as it is heavier. It weighs more than 8 pounds. However, the mag well and back strap are made of MIM rather of plastic. This increases both their weight and durability.

Users rarely experience any accidental magazine drops with the Legion, unlike with the range gun, thanks to the robust magazine release spring. Although manual safety is incredibly beneficial, using just the thumb to operate it can be challenging.

Moreover, between a non-legion and legion, owners tend to go for the legion! The two piece guide rod on the Legion has a black finish. However, the complaints of GR separations appear to be increasing.

The advantages of the Legion over a P938 Extreme are the mag well, Xray sights, 3- to 7-round magazines, and the metal trigger. This gun is strong according to the users.

The pistol points fairly naturally and the slide cycles extremely smoothly. Three magazines are included with this variant, although they are not the typical P938 mags. To accommodate the mag funnel, they have a separate floor plate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Between the P365 and a P938, which one is better for CCW? 

Despite having virtually equal sizes, the 365 can contain 4 to 6 more rounds (depending on the magazine). The P938 is a tiny bit more compact.

What should the maximum effective range be?

This is dependent on the shooter. The criminal would need to be no closer than 21 feet for the typical shooter at the range. However, a typical 100 yards can be taken.

Does the Legion take the same 7-round mag that the non-legions SIGs?

No. It has a different base plate.


In a nutshell, it is a very well designed gun. The rifle fits your hands perfectly and has a beautiful Cerakote finish. The G10 grips are fantastic.

Compared to regular Siglights, the x-rays are slightly greater. Some holster fitting concerns could result from this. The only jarring thing is the safety.

You need to pinch your hand on the right-side lever twice or three times while disengaging. To ensure that doesn’t happen in a terrible situation, you need to practice a lot, or you could switch it out for a single-sided safety.

Other than this, I will definitely recommend the gun to you guys!

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