SIG P229 Enhanced Elite Problems and Solutions

The Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Semi-Auto Pistol is a more compact variant of the storied P226 pistol. It is equipped with the SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT).

This gun in the .40 can be your go-to EDC. Anodized aluminum frame? Bring it on with this one! The gun is as nice and light as it gets.

Nevertheless, it also comes with a few drawbacks. The most common problem with the SIG P229 Enhanced Elite are trigger issues, magazine/feeding issues, decocker rubbing on the frame, bottom feed ramp issues and trigger hammer problems.

I will give you the solution to these common issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG P229 Enhanced Elite:

Cartridge9mm Luger.
Capacity10/15 round.
Barrel Length3.9 inches.
Weight32 oz.
Length7.1 inches.
Width1.5 inches.
Height5.5 inches.
SafetyManual built-in safety features.
Common SIG P229 Enhanced Elite Problems
SIG P229 Enhanced Elite

Common SIG P229 Enhanced Elite Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P229 Enhanced Elite problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Trigger IssuesTroubleshoot.
Magazine/Feeding IssuesTroubleshoot and lubricate.
Decocker Rubbing on FrameTroubleshoot.
Bottom Feed Ramp IssuesTroubleshoot; get rid of the bottom depositions.
Trigger Hammer ProblemTroubleshoot.

1. Trigger Issues:

The trigger may be jerky, won’t reset, and won’t fire another round. It may get locked in the back position. You may also notice that the trigger spring’s back end is misaligned (like in the picture).

The Fix:

As per SIG, they often don’t mention the type of trigger that will be included. So, they simply send the gun with whatever trigger they have in stock. An odd business practice honestly.

The issue may be the trigger return spring. Look underneath the right grip panel to check if it has fallen loose.

If it has, it needs to be replaced or is being obstructed in any way by the grip. It’s a simple fix if all that has to be done is replace the spring.

If the trigger can be moved back and forth, the trigger bar might be to blame.

Trigger Issues
Trigger Issues

2. Magazine/Feeding Issues:

Failure to extract and failure to feed are common. In barely 20% of cases the slide locks back. The mag release will typically release easily and without difficulty, but occasionally it will get stiff and resist coming out.

The Fix:

Firstly, disassemble the gun, fully degrease it, and clean every nook and cranny. An ultrasonic bath would be ideal. Many gun shops will perform it while you wait for a modest cost.

All moving parts, including the slide stop, should be lubricated. Added factors to think about are replacing the recoil spring, ruling out steel-cased ammunition, then trying a fresh SIG magazine. The last thing on the list is to fiddle with the extractor.

Use Remington Rem-Oil or Outer’s Tri-lube, a thin, penetrating oil with Teflon, and massage it into the magazine catch. This will fix the stiff magazine.

3. Decocker Rubbing on Frame:

There will be wear on the frame where the decocker is rubbing and hitting. This happens every time you use the decocker. There’s a lot of play going on in this lever.

This leads to the decocking lever being compromised.


The Fix:

The part of the decocker that stops on the frame may be insufficiently bent. It may be bent at other places than where it needs. This allows the decocker to go up past its stopping point.

This is a factory issue and SIG should be able to solve this under warranty.

Additionally, check to see if the slide, locking block, and decking lever has been twisted inwards by removing them all. If so, simply bend it outward to address the issue.

4. Bottom Feed Ramp Issues:

The bottom of the feed ramp strikes the locking block. You will especially notice this when reassembling the slide onto the frame.

When it reaches the point where the feed ramp’s bottom must pass over the locking block, the slide should simply glide back on.

The Fix:

Pull the slide back off and inspect the ramp bottom. You may notice some burs on the feed ramp’s bottom. This can be a carbon deposit that can be scraped off.

Take the slide back to the store and get the burs removed. The slide may still be very difficult to put back on.

Ensure that the slide’s ejection port has the barrel properly seated up (before you install the recoil spring and guide). It might be somewhat seated.

5. Trigger Hammer Problem:

The hammer would be drawn back by pulling the trigger, but it would release at various times. Hold the trigger as far back as it would go and then wait while doing so. The hammer would fall after a pause of about 30 milliseconds.

The Fix:

The MK25 triggers have an outdated design with a pin inserted into the trigger bar. The trigger bar pin is fitted into a hole in the old-style trigger’s top that prevents the trigger bar from flexing too inward.

The pin is press-fitted into the top of the trigger in the new version, which features a hole in the trigger bar. Therefore, without a magazine in the mag well, the trigger bar is free to flex and displace into the mag well.

The design of this is terrible. The repair is simple but quite pricey. The extreme flexing will stop after installing a new trigger and purchasing an old-style trigger bar for $30 to $60.

User Feedback on SIG P229 Enhanced Elite

The gun receives mixed reviews. You can certainly shoot 250+ rounds without an issue with JHP and FMJ. This also includes Remington, UMC, Federal, and Hornady.

The gun is precise, has a small amount of recoil, and is simple to reacquire the target on subsequent shots. Despite being made entirely of metal, the gun’s size makes carrying it convenient. Additionally, it is similar enough in size to a P220 Carry Elite to fit in the same holster.

The gun has a short reset trigger system or SRT, and the trigger pull is excellent. Additionally, it has SIGLITE night sites, which in dim light appear to be incredibly brilliant. The Elite model of the gun’s beavertail aids in control.

When users choose this one as their first SIG product, they couldn’t be happier. The wisest choice they could make! The SRT may have caught them off guard often but they got used to it.

Users, however, hate the way the new E2 grips on this rifle looked when they were displayed in a magazine. They provide just the right amount of texture to offer a secure grip. They may grow to enjoy them, but frequently decide to switch to aluminum or G10.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much wider are Crimson Trace laser grips?

Compared to grips like the factory polymer or Hogue G10, Crimson Trace grips are a tad bit thicker. They need to make them slightly stiffer in some places so that the circuitry has room. But they don’t really increase the grip’s size.

What is the trigger pull of the DA/SA on the SIG P229 Enhanced Elite?

The trigger has a 10-pound trigger pull in double-action and a 4-pound trigger pull in single-action, according to Sig Sauer.


All in all, it is a great pistol! It is undoubtedly light. Compared to the P30, which has the same characteristics, it feels lighter.

It’s gorgeous. The 229 series is, in my opinion, the most attractive of all the SIG pistols. It undoubtedly lasts longer than 6,000–8,000 flawless rounds.

Comparable models include the P226 Navy design. Historically, it has been a very wise investment given that it includes three magazines.

Yes, the pricing may be a little too much. But based on your geographical location, it varies.

In my opinion, you should certainly buy a SIG P229 Enhanced Elite! If not this one then what?

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