6 Taurus 608 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus 608 is a long barrel revolver. There are two variants available with either a 4-inch or 6.5-inch barrel. These lengthy barrels aid in sight alignment while improving accuracy.

However, there can be some issues with the revolver.

The most frequent issues with Taurus 608 revolvers are cylinder locking on the same chamber, problem shooting .38 ammo, though to put in ammo, unnecessary porting, low accuracy, and faulty transfer bar.

Read on to learn more and get your Taurus 608 problems fixed.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 608 Gun:

Taurus 608 Specs
Cartridge38 Special + P, 357 Mag
Capacity8 Rounds
Barrel Length4.0/6.5 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)45.0/51.0 Ounces or 1275/1445 Grams
Length9.67/11.67 Inches
Width1.80 Inches
Height6.0 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Adjustable

Common Taurus 608 Problems and Solutions

Common Taurus 608 problems

Let’s take a deeper and more detailed look at the Taurus 608 troubleshooting methods.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 608Solutions
Cylinder Locking on Same ChamberFile properly to increase the gap.
Problem Shooting .38 AmmoInstall shims and clean the gun.
Tough to Put in AmmoPolish and reinstall the ejector.
Unnecessary PortingClean the ports regularly with the mentioned tools.
Low AccuracyAdjust the sights using the manual.
Faulty Transfer BarReplace the transfer bar. Send the gun to Taurus.

1. Cylinder Locking on Same Chamber:

The hammer on the back of the slide sometimes gets stuck while pulling or pushing. The cylinder eventually stops rotating as a result of this.

You may turn it manually with your hands. However, if you press hard enough on the hammer, you can free it. The cylinder will work normally, but the issue will reoccur.

The Fix:

The Taurus 608’s cylinder lock is the main problem. The cylinder lock timing is very small. The lug becomes locked up before the cylinder can turn.

You must file the interior of the locking lug to stop it from locking in the same chamber. You should specifically file the area where the locking lug attaches to the pin.

2. Problem Shooting .38 Ammo:

The accumulation of dirt inside the gun chambers is the main cause of this problem. The cylinder and the forcing cone may become lodged.

The .357 cartridges may be shot flawlessly by the revolver. But you will find it difficult to shoot any of the .38 unique shots though because of this problem.

The Fix:

First of all, you should always keep the gun clean. But you must install two shims to permanently resolve this problem.

You must first create two shims with 0.05-millimetre thickness. Stainless steel will produce better results.

Install the shims now to prevent the forcing cone and the cylinder from tangling with one another. The spinning hand will be nearer the cylinder. By filing the pieces smoothly, you may improve the procedure as well.

3. Tough to Put in Ammo:

The chambers might refuse to accept the ammo you are entering. This issue might occur with specific chambers.

The issue happens mainly due to faulty ejectors. Also, if the ejector does not line up with the chamber you may have difficulty putting the ammo inside the chambers.

The Fix:

First of all, you have to uninstall the ejector. Then, polish the ejector properly. Using the user manual, you have to line up the ejector with the chamber while installing it.

You can use this product from Amazon to help you polish the ejector.

4. Unnecessary Porting:

Many people find the porting on both of the Taurus 608 models unimportant.


Fig 1 – Porting

The holes on top of the barrel are called ports (Fig 1).

These reduce the recoil. But many people have difficulty cleaning the gun due to porting. Porting also produces loud noise while shooting.

The Fix:

You have to clean the small holes using small cleaning rods. After any shooting session, you should clean it with a tube cleaner and a tiny wire brush.

You can also use this Port Cleaning Tool to clean the ports very easily.

To get rid of the noise, you should always use earmuffs while shooting at the range.

5. Low Accuracy:

You might have an issue with the accuracy of the Taurus 608. You might notice that the bullet is hitting the target lower than you are intending to.

The problem is with adjusting the sights. Sometimes, the stock gun has an adjustment problem. As a result, the bullet drifts away.

The Fix:

You have to adjust the sights of the gun since both front and rear sights are adjustable. To get the point of impact precise, you have to move the rear sight in the direction

Follow this video tutorial on YouTube to adjust the rear sight of your Taurus 608 properly. You should also follow the manual for this procedure.

6. Faulty Transfer Bar:

You might notice that your Taurus 608 is producing rattling noise from the inside. If you look closely, you may notice that the transfer bar is broken.

You can also find broken parts inside if you pull the hammer.

The Fix:

The only solution to this issue is to replace the transfer bar. You can go to the nearest gunsmith to have this Taurus 608 problem fixed.

But the best choice would be to send the gun back to the company. Since Taurus provides a lifetime warranty service, they can fix the issue by replacing the transfer bar with a new one.

User Feedback on Taurus 608

The Taurus 608 is a great gun according to many websites and forums. But some customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the gun.

Most of the reported issues on the Taurus 608 are regarding the cylinder. The most common problem is the cylinder becomes jammed.

On The High Road forum, many people said that they were very satisfied with their 608 revolvers. Some people are not a big fan of the porting since it is tiresome to clean the barrel.

You can see some mixed reviews on this post from The High Road. Some users had faced issues while others didn’t

In this post from the Taurus Armed, a user has specified his experience with the safety lock falling out due to a missing spring. He also faced a problem with a jammed cylinder like many others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Taurus 608 cost?

The official cost is $852.75.

What special features are available with the Taurus 608?

Taurus Security System (TSS), Ported Barrel, Scope Mount.

What is the action type of the Taurus 608?

Double-action/single-action action type.

What kind of material is used to construct the Taurus 608?

The gun is entirely made of stainless steel with a matte stainless finish.

What kind of warranty does Taurus 608 have?

Taurus 608 has a lifetime warranty.


The Taurus 608 is a great gun if you are looking for a mid-sized barrel revolver. The gun also works great with both .357 and .38 cartridges.

I have discussed some common Taurus 608 problems in this article. Follow my detailed guide for a smart solution.

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